Power Rankings Week 4: Process

Snakewater has come and gone, and it has left a trail of bodies that murks up my power rankings quite a bit. “Bloody Thursday” as I am going to call it had almost every single IM and Invite match played go to the maximum amount of time and end with a single round victory. Teams were upset, others were nearly upset, and finally some games led me to scratch my head at the result.
Up next is Process, one of the subjectively best maps in the entire rotation. On process every class has the ability to shine and exert a heavy amount of influence on the result of a game. There are not any huge blockbuster matchups for the week, but there are quite a few that I would characterize as “trap games”.

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Power Rankings: Week 3

Power Rankings: Week 3 Snakewater

Sunshine has come and gone, and with it some major matches in high IM as teams with a claim to win the IM clashing. Pizzagon Esports simply took care of business in against Kill Zill in a game that revealed some worrying deficiencies for Botmode and friends. There were a few upsets this week with Rocked By the Dragon toppling Exultance TF2. A few not so convincing wins by teams in mid-IM shows that either IM has more parity than ever, or that I simply overrated a few.

Next map up is Snakewater, a n extremely familiar map that has been in the rotation for quite a few seasons. This week features a few big games across the different tiers of IM that can produce close, competitive matches. I skipped power rankings for last week because I wanted to give these teams some extra time to have watchable results (and because most of the granary demos weren’t completely functional). Either way, power rankings from now on will be Top 8 instead of 10.

Sadly I have not figured out a fancy formatting to make this not look like a wall of text so, HERE IS YOUR WALL OF TEXT.

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Who’s the Champ?

top 5

Pre-Season Top 5

Throughout my pre-season rankings I made repeated refernces to an imagined top 5 for each class, only giving a vague idea of who fit in where. Becuase of the fact that scouts only have marginal differences in how they play throughout a game I decided to group them as combos. I did not do the same for soldiers because their roles are more defined. Medic is entirely a team-dependent class and therefore I grouped them with their pockets. Feel free to comment questions and I will answer with my reasoning.

Scout Combos:

1. Scizor + EvilMrMuffinz

2. Vand + Train

3. Yeeegz + Stochast1c

4. Highfive + Sen

5. dFlame + -Sal


1. Botmode

2. Trippa

3. Tooth

4. Air

5. Deathy


1. Rekuso

2. Fragg

3. Kanon

4. Tankman

5. Voll


1. Jarrett

2. Hassassin

3. Chriz Tah Fah

4. Sigh

5. Safrix

Pocket/Medic Combos

1. Trip + Saam

2. Botmode + Ictus

3. KTB + Cheeriss

4. Deathy + Skye

5. Air + Tron

HighFunf Return to IM


(I’m testing this, would this be fine as a “Roster Change” logo?)

Two major roster changes have hit Intermediate in the past week. Both Unf and Highfive (see, that terrible title sort of makes sense now) have made a return to intermediate. The death of Cafe Monster scattered its players to the winds, and Highfive has landed on Kill Zill to cover for the lost Raytek. Unf returns from a season and a half worth of break from competing in ESEA in order to play demoman for Afro Magnums. Both players have experience playing in invite, but Unf has been around and playing ESEA since season 4 making him the TF2 equivalent of an octogenarian.

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Pre-Season Rundown #1: Pizzagon

First, because Shadowpuppet so graciously wrote it your quick pre-preview.

“When S19 ended and S20 started forming up, it was looking to be a disappointing, low tier experience for all involved. Fortunately for the fans at home, we have been delivered an abundance of teams that will make the race to playoffs look competitive. Sure the top 3-4 are fairly insular, no real challenger looks likely to break into the top of the league, the bottom half of playoff spots are really up for grabs. This season is shaping up to be a thriller for the middle of the road IM teams, with last second playoff dream upsets and usurps entirely possible.”

And now IM’s pre-season number 1 team, PIzzagon cheeeeeeeeesports


Class Rundown

Scouts: Scizor and EvilMrMuffinz

Pocket: Deathy

Roamer: Rekuso

Demoman: Jarret

Medic: Skye

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