Pre-Season Rundown #10. Afro Magnums


Class Breakdown

Scouts: Catface and Bowswer5

Pocket: Etney

Roamer: Maxhax

Demoman: Gargleburry

Medic: Kresnik (Bobby)


Afro Magnums is a team that seeks to follow the legacy of teams comprised mostly of formerly HL only players who have made the transition over to 6s. While these players aren’t quite at the level of old R5 or the open version of Street Hoops, they seem to have some very talented players. All 6 players have exceptional mechanical talent on their classes between the high DM of their fragging classes and Kresnik’s ability to surf damage. As long as they are able to adjust to 6s play and the incredible divergence in how to read certain situations they will find a good amount of success. My only fear for the team would be that they may give up after a few too many bumps or missteps (in the vein of Hotel Moskau), however that is a near impossibility with Kresnik on the team. Kresnik was the team captain and main in-game leader of .KND for many seasons where he held them together and helped lead them on the path to consistent improvement via talking things over and watching demos. He has the consistent ability to keep his teams focused and on the same page in the most tense of games and through the most adversity possible in this cartoon explosion game. If Cheeriss is the glue that holds SYOPS together, then Kresnik is the veritable general leading his team on the field.

In the interest of not repeating myself, most of the players of this team only have around two seasons of ESEA 6s under their belt aside from Maxhax. Maxhax has actually played quite a few seasons in open, normally but also tragically with Jaguar. He was more or less the standout player in every team he was on despite multiple stints on different classes. From the early scrims of Afro Magnums, Maxhax seems to be their primary playmaker and the second highest source of their damage. The actual bulk of their damage comes from Etney who has made the transition from many seasons of HL soldier at a very high level to Pocket for Kresnik as his medic, a player he has played many seasons with. The two of them seem to have already have put together strong teamwork and are able to take over a game against lesser teams. Overall I expect this team to improve at the same rate as Pizzagon, and maybe even like Getawhale Fanclub from last season. This is a rather rough, new to 6s team that I expect to make big strides in improving.  


4-3 For their Scheduled Games

Compared to some of the other teams, the Afro Magnums have an extraordinarily easy schedule. They only play three other teams that made the pre-season Top 10, and while they may be able to grab an upset over Happy Schnapps and/or Mad Marx I don’t think they will. Despite assuming they will lose to the other top 10 teams, I expect every game to be rather close.

all credit for the preview image goes to daesdemona


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