Pre-Season Rundown #5: Rocked By The Dragon


(I’m pretty sure this is their team image. If not, honest mistake)

Class Breakdown

Scout: Train and Vand

Pocket: Hellbent

Roamer: Voll

Demoman: Sigh

Medic: Matt


I’m actually going to put the general team summary at the beginning this time because I fear that I’m just going to repeat myself ad-nauseum. This team has DM to spare across every class. Train and Vand in particular are absolute monsters at scout and this team can and will buzzsaw their way through teams with superior DM and the surprising amount of coordination that they already possess. They are an incredibly aggressive team that seems want to push off of any advantage and opportunity. However despite this wealth of DM I place them just below Six Guys Off because of a general lack of experience. While this team can just DM people into submission, they seem to make a large amount of calling errors and get overzealous with some pushes. It is their DM and coordination which can bail them out of these situations but making one too many bad pushes and calls will severely cost them against teams that either have better DM overall (Exultance, Kill Zill) or teams with at least even DM but better calling (Six Guys Off and Pizzagon). However, if they can overcome this weakness they can be an incredible danger to the hierarchy of IM.

Already highlighted, Train and Vand are going to actually win the majority of even fights with the best of scouts in this division. As they build up some coordination between just the two of them, they can potentially be the 2nd or 3rd best scout combo in the division. Train doesn’t seem to fall into making as many bad decisions as one may expect, but that could be shrouded by his ability to simply send people to respawn. Vand has more experience overall than his team, aside from Hellbent. He is extremely talented DM-wise and will generally be exactly where his team needs him to be. I fully expect these two to be the highlights of Rocked by the Dragon that can repeatedly make wishy-washy decisions into amazing choices.

The soldiers of this team, Hellbent and Voll, exemplify my summation of the team as a whole. Both of the players have phenomenal rocket aim (despite Hellbent’s sometimes looking like a cracked up Michael J. Fox has taken control of the mouse movement) but both tend to sometimes get into situations that make you wonder what they were planning in the first place. Having terrible gamesense isn’t about making bad decisions, it is making the same wrong decision over and over again. Gamesense is something you build up over time and Voll is fairly new, having played one season in open before taking a 3 season break until just last season with Bird Noises. Hellbent is more experienced but hasn’t had a wealth of experience with teams that played a more measured style. However as I have said before, it only takes the right group of people sometimes for someone to show that they were always better than advertised.

Sigh is arguably the 4th best demoman in IM, on a list that has 3 demomen with invite experience in Jarret, Chriz, and Topshot. Despite being 4th this is still a major compliment in its own way since he is also a much newer player to ESEA as a whole and it is his first season in IM. I watched a couple of Slowbr0 games last season and Sigh definitely stood out among his teammates and against any team he played with the consistent ability to out-DM scouts that made the challenge to him during a match. The only real negative I heard about Sigh is the accusation that he baits as a demoman, but in the same vein that Deathy may have played in a suboptimal way Sigh may have been pushed in this direction by the play of his teammates at times.

Matt rounds out the team at Medic and from the few games I watched of Slowbr0’s seems to be a perfectly adequate medic. Doesn’t rack up a ton of deaths and doesn’t pull the “I took 10 damage from a Chip-shot I’m out guys” issue that may plague more passive medics concerned with their own life. Time will tell if he matches up well with his teammates.


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