Pre-Season Rundown #6: A Gorillion Dollars


Class Breakdown

Scouts: Ex and Knuckles

Pocket: Mustardoverlord

Roamer: Liko

Demoman: Odb

Medic: Cookiejake


IM has no shortage of scout talent and Gorillion Dollars maintains that status quo with a very strong scout combo in Ex and Blues. Ex has been on variations of Mad Lux Blue and the such for the last few seasons, but is the only continuity from his team that first entered IM with Demoted going off into the sunset again. He is a very talented Scout that has thrived in sub-par teams and played extremely well last season on Max Lux Blue with scout partner Slemnish. He tends to fall into the background when people talked about MLB last season but he was every bit as important to that team’s success as Mustard and Slemmy. He silently puts up numbers and gets his job done. For a week or two Gorillion dollars had paired up Ex with the superb scout Blues, but he seems to have been lost to the wind. They have picked up Knuckles in his stead, definitely a downgrade for this roster. Unlike Blues, Knuckles has not played with an entirely beam dominant pocket before and he may have some pains adjusting to the style of play which he will have to utilize playing with Mustard.

Picking up the soldier class will be MustardOverlord at Pocket and Liko on roamer. If Mustard carries over the momentum he gained from last season, he will continue to be hugging the heal beam and doing a ton of damage to make room for his scouts to pick up the kills and space. The main issue is that sometimes his heals may come at the expense of his teammates, normally his demoman, who may better be able to make use of the resources. Despite this complaint, and a couple of other small issues, he seems to get an astonishing amount of work done and finds the right ubers to take points and rounds.

I honestly know next to nothing about Liko, but he seems to be playing very well. His last ESEA experience under his account dates back to Seasons 10 and 11 where he played very well against competition that would eventually be at the top of IM and some invite players so skill shouldn’t be an issue. I have been informed by Rekuso that Liko was an unbelievable talent in his stint in open with nearly unmatched DM that moved to Brazil for some time and played at a high level there before coming back.

The young Old Dirty Bastard rounds out the fragging classes on Demoman for Gorillion Dollars. Coming from Great Nights Together with Cheesy (I hope they played it safe) where the team was essentially two main threats and throne for almost the entire season where if Cheesy didn’t drop 400 and Odb mid 300s they didn’t win rounds let alone games, but Odb regularly rose to the challenge. He has many seasons of Highlander Demoman under his belt where he seems to be supremely skilled but never got his opportunity to demonstrate his mettle in Platinum. He hits an astounding amount of his pills without sacrificing hi positioning in order to do so, but he has the tendency to jump every second in a fight which could lead to him getting juggled in very inconvenient ways. Either way, he had a standout last season and hopes to continue his rise with his first foray into IM this season.

Picking up medic is the man, the myth, the legend CookieJake. Nothing much needs to be said, and I don’t say that because I don’t know what to say, that would be a heinous accusation.

Overall Gorillion Dollars overall should just be a better version of Mad Lux Blue, which was good enough to topple last season’s Pizzagon and Max Lux Gold. They could easily have been the fourth seed, but I don’t know how well Cookiejake will perform and how his team will gel. So long as Mustard is calling they will continue to be a highly aggressive team no matter the roster though so look for that to being the crux of their identity. Mustard’s way may have its flaws in his pocketing and his general calling, but it works more often than it fails (Mad Lux Blue didn’t blow a lot of pushes or made stupid attempts though) and that is all that is necessary to win games.  


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