Pre-Season Rundown #8. Mad Marx Revolution Road by Shdowpuppet


Class Breakdown

Scouts: Yeegz and Stochast1c

Pocket: Xan

Roamer: Gatanater

Demo: Chriz Tah Fah

Medic: Marxist


It speaks volumes about the talent present in IM this season (and of Xan’s humility) that a team like this only clocks in at #8. Yeegz has made quite a name for himself over the last two seasons, helping Meat Market to Intermediate playoffs two seasons in a row. Though he didn’t accompany the team to invite, he brings incredible talent to Revolution Road’s roster and will hopefully force Xan’s hand in moving their team up in rankings.

Newbie Mix coach regular and long time Revolution Road leader Stochastic has the brains and the aim to keep up with Yeegz, if lacking in the name recognition and recent success. His play on scout probably won’t make or break this team in terms of playoff hopes, but he will help determine exactly where they get placed in the rankings. If there was a roster that Stochastic would be able to shine on, it will be right here, with the support of the serious talent sitting on this team.

Picking up the sticky bomb launcher and putting down the AK-47, Chriz Tah Fah makes his return to the auspices of TF2 after a, completely uninteresting, two season stint of CS:GO. He brings with him the team’s only Invite experience, and the team will really need that depth of knowledge if they aim to challenge a top 5 spot. I do not know how rusty Chriz is after almost a year slumming it in CS:GO open, but I am excited to see his return. The demoman playing field isn’t exactly overflowing with exceptional demomen, and if Chris can return to his former form, I can really see him leading the killboards and shouldering the weight of his team. Or he may end up just being another IM demoman, competent but not incredible, neither disappointing nor amazing us.

Reprising his Season 18 role as pocket, Xan is the true question mark for me on the team. I remember him crushing my team, Wu Tang Club, on metalworks that season, though whether that says more about him or us is left as an exercise for the reader. He has been haunting IM for a while now, 5 seasons in a row and 6 overall, and that experience has made him a pocket force to be reckoned with. In a field of amazing players like Deathy, Air and b0tmode, I fear Xan might have a hard time shining, but I expect him to be there, round after round, protecting Marxist from the equally diverse and talented pool of roamers and scouts hanging around the upper half of IM this season.

All eyes will be on Gatanater this season to prove he belongs in Intermediate. Like a direct foil to Chris, Gat has no previous experience north of open, and only two seasons of that. Though perhaps underappreciated, roamer is a crucial element of a team, and with the tight combos and powerful scout combos that abound this season, making space will be difficult. I don’t want to piss on Gat’s parade, he has a real opportunity to get experience and prove to everyone that he can be an IM roamer. Like Katy Perry, Gatanater is a dark horse, but that means he has plenty of room to surprise us all.

Marxist, known for his informative videos that have helped countless newbies, brings a healthy amount of The real question is if his intelligence and knowledge about the game will transition well into a successful season in IM. This team will need a glue to bind them together and help coordinate movements, and I think Marxist is more than capable of filling that position. This season of IM will test his mechanics and reflexes, and if those match up with his knowledge and gamesense, he will prove to be the reliable, if not flashy, medic this team really needs to succeed.

On the outside, this team has a list of talented players that could be higher on this list. By the end of the season I suspect we will see them crawl up a position or two, definitely making playoffs, almost assuredly not making the money. There are just too many question marks to make a solid guess about how this team will do. Each player is capable of shining, but I fear all of them will need to, and at the same time, to really have any hope at a really breakthrough season. It will have to be a perfect storm of meshing and improvement, but with the experience and smarts present among these ranks, I have no doubt that they are capable of anything.


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