HighFunf Return to IM


(I’m testing this, would this be fine as a “Roster Change” logo?)

Two major roster changes have hit Intermediate in the past week. Both Unf and Highfive (see, that terrible title sort of makes sense now) have made a return to intermediate. The death of Cafe Monster scattered its players to the winds, and Highfive has landed on Kill Zill to cover for the lost Raytek. Unf returns from a season and a half worth of break from competing in ESEA in order to play demoman for Afro Magnums. Both players have experience playing in invite, but Unf has been around and playing ESEA since season 4 making him the TF2 equivalent of an octogenarian.

Highfive to Kill Zill

Scouts: Highfive (addition at scout) and Sen

Pocket: Botmode

Roamer: Tankman

Demoman: Habib

Medic: Ictus (returning to Medic)

The pickup of H5 on scout is a major upgrade for Kill Zill. First, H5 has better DM than Ictus while being an extremely intelligent player in his own right. Highfive and Yomps formed a fantastic scout pair in a season of invite where the scout position was positively stacked top to bottom. H5 will bring his DM and experience to a team that already has an abundance of DM but may be prone to making gamesense mistakes, mistakes I do not expect Highfive to make. Second and maybe more importantly, picking up H5 at scout allows for Ictus to make his return to medic. Back at the medic position, Ictus can maincall once again from a suitable position. With Ictus’ controlling the direction of Kill Zill during games, I expect them to play a far cleaner and quicker game then the clumsy turtle’s pace that Pizzagon exhibited last season.

Unf_ the Magic Black Man to Afro Magnums

Scouts: Bowswer5 and Catface

Pocket: Etney

Roamer: Maxhax

Demoman: Unf_ (replacing Gargleburry)

Medic: Kresnik

Meanwhile, at 10th in the pre-season rundown the Afro Magnums have made a massive upgrade at the demoman position. We shed a tear and pour out nondescript “xXx 1808” for our downed homie, Gargleburry, who didn’t quite make it to his first ESEA match. If Afro Magnums was looking for some way to make a vast improvement in a short time, then they succeeded. Unf has around 15 seasons of experience in ESEA playing a fairly high level Demoman, his last full season coming in season 16 as part of a Showstopper squad (Benk, Alec, Showstopper, Ranga, Unf, and Peyote) that came in 2nd place to arguably the strongest version of Meat Market to date (Cheesy, Yeegz, Broking, Sneaky, Hivemind, and Bl4nk). Unf in his more recent seasons has been akin to an “Invite Level Demoman Gatekeeper”, a title which I would say that he shares with Cosa, in that he is an extremely good demoman for IM but not quite skilled enough for Invite. Unf’s biggest weakness, one seen quite a few times in S16 IM Playoffs, is that he seems to have some shocking aversion to stickying off the point on last pushes that has aided in some beefed last pushes. As it stood, Gargleburry was the weak link on Afro Magnums and this pickup alone could catapult them up the power rankings. Only time will tell.

If any team has major roster changes of any sort, just post them in the thread or shoot me a steam message. I will preserve anonymity if one so wishes. 


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