Pre-Season Rundown #2: Kill Zill


Class Breakdown

Scouts: Ictus and Sen (as of the writing, not posting)

Pocket: Botmode

Roamer: Tankman

Demoman: Hassassassassasassshssin (Hassassin)

Medic: None (as of writing, not posting)


The top of IM has no weak scout combos, and Kill Zill is definitely no exception. The raw DM of the team is impressive on its own level, but while they have incredible DM, they have some holes in their game-sense at times. This statement would have perfectly described the scout combo of Raytek and Sen, but with Raytek’s departure Ictus has stepped in to fill his role. Ictus is a fantastic scout that was cited by B4nny during Ictus’ stint on Show Me the Monet as a player most willing to learn and improve. Switching from Medic to Scout has instantly given Kill Zill the 2nd best singular scout in the division behind Yeegz. He seems to have the game-sense to match his DM as I heard from some players in ESEA pugs that they if they played with Ictus they would simply listen to his guidance over the game to succeed.Sen on the other hand has the DM to match some of the best scouts in the entire division, but there are moments (sometimes far too much of an occurrence) where he just forgets the importance of his life and throws it away going for a pick far too greedily and dying. If Sen can reign in his unnecessary deaths while still exerting his influence in fights I expect that they can contend for the best scout combo in the division. To clarify I don’t mean that Sen simply dies a lot, it is when and where he dies that sometimes hurts his team.

There is not much to say about Botmode other than he is the best pocket in the entire division. He has the DM to match any other soldier in IM, while avoiding the pitfalls of falling into one central comfort zone. He does not freeze up during transition fights and simply sit on his medic, he does not take unnecessary damage that slows his team down, and he does not make many bonehead mistakes. The same can really be said of Trippa from Exultance, but what I feel gives him the slight edge over Trip is the fact that he seems more apt to share his heals with this teammates, allowing them to succeed. He will defer his heals elsewhere. He did not have to do this very often last season with Cloudmaker playing demoman, but he will certainly have to do this far more often this season with Hassassin, who plays a more forward style of demo. Other than that Trip and Botmode could be interchangeable for 1st and 2nd best pockets.

The Kill Zill roamer, Tankman, is another player this season who has finally been emancipated from the chains that is demoman. Nine seasons a slave, he is finally free to play out roamer for this season. He made an appearance on the class 2 seasons ago where he played a very sufficient roamer, but being his first time playing the class at that level he was a little rough around the edges. While he generally performed pretty good bombs and hit very good rockets, he was sometimes a little early jumping in and may be lost prior to some pushes. I fully expect him to improve on this coming into the season.

With Raytek leaving and Ictus filling in his scout role, Kill Zill is currently looking for a new medic. Depending on the medic they pick up and how they fit with the team, Kill Zill can potentially drop in the rankings. It will be hard for any medic to fill the shoes of someone like Ictus, and the field of players looking isn’t exactly promising.

Overall this team has a lot of potential to challenge Pizzagon for the number one spot in IM and if they can improve at a rate similar to what is expected of Pizzagon they can definitely take the first place check. Depending on the pickups made by Kill Zill, they can take a swing at Pizzagon for first place in IM.

I am aware of their new pickup, I am putting that in a roster change update. 


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