Two Guys Offclassing


New Class Breakdown

Scouts: Phlps and Ringo

Pocket: Tooth


Demoman: Farnsworth

Medic: Topshot

Alright, so what?

First things first, Kig will no longer be playing for Six Guys off. It seems that Medic Fatigue set in and has claimed yet another medic main (when will they find a cure). Everyone remaining except Phlps and THE FRAGGA have moved down a class to accommodate. At least for the time being Topshot will be moving to medic to maincall, Farns to Demoman, Tooth over to Pocket, and Six Guys Off have elected to pickup Ringo “Catpanion” Starrystar at scout. Six Guys Off has played with various class setups as early as September 6th where they had Ibby ringing scout. It seems like they only had Ringo and Ibby as candidates for the scout position, the final decision was a close one but a lot of stock was placed into the communication which Ringo better provided.

As for how this will workout for the team, I predict a rather linear progression for the team. Ringo Clarke is a major upgrade at the scout position (sorry Tooth but it’s the truth) coming out of a very good season playing Scout on the 7-9 Attack of the Yomies in Invite opposite Freestate. Whether the upgrade at scout can overcome the loss of synergy with the Pocket/Medic combo and the definite downgrade at Demoman remains to be seen. This will be Farnworth’s first ESEA season on Demoman and it seems like his first week playing Demoman outside of pugs or DM. Topshot’s movement to medic seems just as sudden. Tooth’s movement to pocket will be a marginal upgrade, Tooth is one of the smartest pockets this side of Invite with the DM to match. He will have to build up synergy with his new medic, it takes time and demo reviews for a pocket and medic to get used to each other.

Checking the logs for how the team has preformed post shake-up honestly supports my prediction. They went from tying many of the other teams at their level to…still tying most of these teams. With such drastic changes I do expect strong teams to pick on Farns and Topshot as they make the transition into two classes that are highly nuanced in their execution. However such an angle has not been exploited yet, Six Guys Off have an extremely high ceiling.

Sources did not elect to choose whether or not they wanted to remain anonymous, so I will assume they choose anonymity. 

Picture is not of my own creation. 


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