Who’s the Champ?

top 5

Pre-Season Top 5

Throughout my pre-season rankings I made repeated refernces to an imagined top 5 for each class, only giving a vague idea of who fit in where. Becuase of the fact that scouts only have marginal differences in how they play throughout a game I decided to group them as combos. I did not do the same for soldiers because their roles are more defined. Medic is entirely a team-dependent class and therefore I grouped them with their pockets. Feel free to comment questions and I will answer with my reasoning.

Scout Combos:

1. Scizor + EvilMrMuffinz

2. Vand + Train

3. Yeeegz + Stochast1c

4. Highfive + Sen

5. dFlame + -Sal


1. Botmode

2. Trippa

3. Tooth

4. Air

5. Deathy


1. Rekuso

2. Fragg

3. Kanon

4. Tankman

5. Voll


1. Jarrett

2. Hassassin

3. Chriz Tah Fah

4. Sigh

5. Safrix

Pocket/Medic Combos

1. Trip + Saam

2. Botmode + Ictus

3. KTB + Cheeriss

4. Deathy + Skye

5. Air + Tron


6 thoughts on “Who’s the Champ?

  1. most of these rankings are fucking shit. yeeegz and stochapstick better than botmode and sen? hahaha. trip and saam the best combo? n1 dude. its Jarrett btw. u missed a “t”.
    bad top 5.


  2. btw retard. sigh is a better demo than washed up Chriz Tah Fah. just because hes on ur team and has more experiance doesnt make him better that the up and coming kid “sigh”. you fucking unknowing faggot.


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