High IM see a small shake-up


This new batch of roster changes will result in a very lateral movement for Syops TF2, a potential downgrade for Kill Zill, and Gorillion Dollars picks up a player that gives them a better chance to breach the Highest of High IMs.

Syops TF2

Scouts: Tatuwah and Ghostac/Senor Alberto (new addition)
Pocket: KTB
Roamer: Sideways Whoopi Goldberg
Demo: Stalewaffle
Medic: Cheeriss
It would appear that Syops TF2 has filled their open scout spot by picking up Senor Alberto. Senior Alberto is no doubt a skilled scout that will be able to put some frags on the scoreboard for Syops TF2, and honestly a similar player skill-wise to Kairu and Knuckles overall. From my limited interaction with Ghostac, he is a calm player that follows comms well. He played last season on Pocket with Slowbr0s featuring Sigh where he played a very adequately as a secondary threat to Sigh’s colossal output of damage. His last full season on scout came in Season 15 on a LinkAy and the Meows team where his performance tended to depend heavily on the quality of other team’s scouts. He heavily struggled against the better scouts of IM, but where the other team’s scouts could not contain him he went wild. This pickup really presents itself as a lateral move for Syops TF2 overall, they will probably maintain their position at 9th in IM where their playoff chance will depend on a game with Mad Marx Revolution.

Kill Zill

Scouts: Botmode (change) and Sen
Pocket: Highfive (change)
Roamer: Tankman
Demoman: Habib
Medic: Ictus

Correcting down an egregious mistake that I made in an earlier roster change article where I wrote that H5 would be returning to IM as scout for Kill Zill. Instead he will be picking up the pocket role while Botmode will move over to scout. Highfive seems to be a generally gifted player when it comes to his DM and was breaking into the upper echelon of invite scout during his time with Cafe Monster, and time will tell how quickly he picks up on the smaller gamesense ques regarding pocket. Kill Zill maintains their monstrous DM with H5 on pocket. Botmode to scout is a downgrade from either H5 or Raytek, having only one season worth of ESEA of scout to look at but he played consistently well. He played in Open S14 with what would become IM the Grime, said season did not have a wealth of strong scout talent to try to match him up against but he played very well. This season is positively stacked with Scout talent but if scrims are any indication, that is no barrier as Botmode is performing far above average in games against extraordinary scouts. Why they have made this their particular set up of classes or if it will be sustained for the entirety of the season still remains to be seen, but it is overall a less optimal version of Kill Zill if only because H5 is such a monster.

A Gorillion Dollars

Scouts: Ex and Knuckles
Pocket: Mustardoverlord
Roamer: Liko
Demoman: Conductor (new)
Medic: Cookiejake

While those roster pickups are significant, the biggest roster change of this week comes in the form of Conductor/Kailey over to Gorillion Dollars. Conductor is an invite level demoman that has served as an impact player, despite not being the focus, on extremely strong teams such as Small and Soft and their earlier incarnation in Japanifest Destiny. He registered very strong performances in the most stacked two IM seasons to be fairly stacked in the form of strong teams before this current season. He put in these performances on a team that played profoundly scout focused where he was charged to put damage in the right places and bust wide open the space made by his double gunboat soldiers. Basically, he is used to being a 2nd or 3rd priority in team fights as the heal beam is focused elsewhere. He will be getting no more of the heal beam in fights on Gorillion Dollars as Mustard holds the lion’s share of the heals. Had Gorillion Dollars came into the season with this roster, and Six Guys Off had their current class mixups than Gorillion Dollars would have been placed 5th behind Bird Noises on the pre-season rundown. Conductor is a significant pickup that may ease Gorillion Dollar’s attempt to breach the top 3/4.

Meanwhile, something is happening with the Six Guys Off roster. I’ll have to try and gather some information on that later.


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