Power Ranking Week 8: Viaduct

Hello and welcome to what will inevitably by worst written and most rushed power rankings for the entire season, I’ve got little time and a lot of work to do so this will be extremely short. I’ll try to make up for it with detailed analysis of the playoff matchups.

The brownest map since Dust2 has finished and was relatively benign in terms of marquee matchups. Most of the teams simply took care of thier business and are getting ready to move on to the next week. Viaduct week is absolutely stacked this week in what I’m going to just call revenge week for the sake of catchy names. Sadly this week would have been the one I would like to make the most amount of ridiculous pre-week predictions butttttt I’m not. Sorry. Maybe.

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The Exultance Enigma


Well, tonight Exultance has managed to upset another top 3 team in FAT Gaming. I have not been able to watch this game just yet so I can not quite ascertain just how Exultance pulled it off. My immediate reaction was that this game was a realization of their wildcard status, that a team has such incredible highs and lows game to game and even round to round. Now, it would seem that some people have taken up issue with that designation. Someone does not seem to quite understand the English Language in regards to rhetoric. I understand, rhetoric isn’t the easiest thing to grasp sometimes. For some, it was years ago but for others who haven’t quite reached the eleventh grade yet it can be a mysterious entity beyond their understanding. You see, sometimes Rhetoric spreads around and creates its own storylines. Maybe I intended for Exultance to be considered a wildcard time because it may be more interesting than alternatives. Refer to the term “Clemonsing” which has got out of hand, I’ll explain what that is. Clemsoning refers to the phenomena that the Clemson Tigers (a college football team) suffered as a highly ranked team losing to veritable nobodies. They haven’t actually done that in about 3 years now so it is fading away. But you see, you get rid of these stigmas by proving them wrong. Exultance hasn’t done it. But some people don’t like me using “wildcard” ,mostly one person in particular but I’m not a name dropper so let’s just refer to them as Azuls.

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Power Rankings Week 7: Badlands


Welcome to the Badlands, where the Oregon trail and untold riches await. But also an exceedingly brown map that is almost as synonymous with competitive 6s as pain is with Highlander. Because of ESEA delays, almost all of the games important to the power rankings on Gullywash were forced into Metalworks week. Then this was followed up my Metalworks gifting the select chosen teams to only play one game on what is almost the most disliked map in the rotation. Finally the factor which lead me to delay power rankings into this point is the fact that a couple of the Metalworks games were pushed into this week. So clearly, I am entirely blameless for the delay in the power rankings and made my decision through logic and doing what is best for the community. Praise me.

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Power Ranking Week 5: Gullywash

Power Rankings: Gullywash Week

Process was a fairly pedestrian week, almost all of the games went as expected. All that is, except for two major examples. Happy Schnapps (now Shekel Shakedown), my glorious Heimdall, gatekeeper of mid-high IM fell to the treacherous Syops TF2. Meanwhile in the most surprising game to date, A Groillion Dollars decimated Exultance in a game that may need to be investigated for collusion as the result of the game can only be explained as a massive payoff. Process saw a lot of teams not grasp the basics of mid, and teams where all people went to the same side of mid and moved forward as a team gave them a massive advantage in the game.

We now move to Gullywash, a map prone to some stalemate games but overall a very solid map. The schedule of games for this week is rather stacked as there are evenly matched games in mid-high IM. This week should give me a better idea as to the general hierarchy of IM for the future.

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