Playoff Preview: #2 vs #7

85721.1440979838 vs sypop

#2 Exultance TF2 vs. #7 Syops

Sal                              Tatuwah

dflame                         Senor Alberto de Alvarez de Santiago de Cuba y Castille

Trip                              KTB

Kanon                          Sideways Whoopi Goldberg

Safrix                          Kvn

Saam                         Cheeriss

Syops managed to solidify their 7th place in IM playoffs by once again conquering Shakedown in another game that I would describe as painfully almost good. Both teams showed a propensity to use their DM in useful and almost make good calls, but follow them up with some of the most disappointingly confusing decisions this side of Exultance. It is honestly to bad that they are south of Exultance. I picture Syops at this point in the season as Exultance’s little brother that just can’t matchup very strongly despite emulating them as closely as possible. Both are teams that are chiefly carried by their pocket that makes an astonishing amount of room with every push and uber. Both teams have a scout combo that alternate between very good and strange, with at least one have a particular affinity for offclassing to sniper. Both teams have demomen that have become reserved to their position as secondary to their pockets and have carved out their own sapce as skilled demomen. Both teams have very skilled medics. The issue is that Syops is just that bit inferior at each avenue.


Again I’ve neglected to look at the matchup at a map by map basis because of the fact that I just picture the games going the same regardless of the map. Syops has moments where they look pretty clean, but then several bad decisions stomp their way through the house with muddy shoes. The issues that Syops have come in at the worst times. Oftentimes they will have the other team in situations where if Syops decided to actualy make the aggressive move then they could solidify a round but they just take their foot off the gas. They leave openings at the absolute worst times that allow the other team a window. This is the absolute worst weakness to have against a team as aggressive as Exultance. If Syops become disconnected on pushes at any point where only one side is actually moving, Exultance will eat them alive. Exultance likes to keep it moving throughout the game and seem to like to try and utilize small advantages, a style that tends to switch between incredible and incredibly confusing. Either way trust the process, it has lead them to 14-2 and really 15-1 if you don’t count that absolute meltdown against Liko and the Manlets. Becuase that happened so long ago and they haven’t exhibited that aptitude to tilt off the face of the earth again I’m willing to pass off that game as an anomaly. I expect Exultance to take care of business overall but some of thier issues around mid fights to cost them a couple of rounds

Exultance 5-2 and 5-2

Exultance 2-0


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