Playoff Preview: #1 v #8

98254.1446818405 vs 103189.1443506710

#1 Bird Noises vs. #8 Ice Road Terror HD Remix

Train                       Will

Vand                      Mgib (????)

Voll                        Ranga

Hellbent                 Waldo

Sigh                      Megawac(?)/Sleeping(?)/ Randy Orton outta nowhere(?)

Matt                      DistraughtParent 

Despite a painful loss once again to Not Fast Food, Bird Noises is able to maintain their number 1 seed. That game only came down to a matter of pride in the first place, not much could have changed no matter the result. Bird Noises showed some strange difficulty with traps, switching between paralyzing fear and lemming-esque cliff diving repeatedly from the same trap on the exit from garage to yard. Throughout the game I think that Hassassin got around 8 or 9 kills from the single trap. Bird Noises either assume he wouldn’t detonate on the first person through or kept suffering from head trauma inbetween rounds that gave them 50 First Dates level of short-term amnesia, 50 First Dets.

Although this should be an entirely one-sided affair based off results throughout the season, Ice Road Terror never goes down without a fight and managed to pull off a stunning upset just two weeks ago on Viaduct against Six Guys Off. Ice Road Terror is one of the 3 teams utilizing the confusion strategy roster wise, but no matter what they are a tough team that will always take a few rounds of the opposition (usually).

Map Breakdown

For the sake of not repeating myself for every individual map, I’m going to put what I think will happen overall here. Ranga is a monster across multiple classes and roles and I expect him to be a sort of stopgap that repeatedly plagues Bird Noises attempts to roll through and give them a shocking wake-up call if they aren’t careful. Waldo was spotted on Viaduct week turning in a monster game. I expect the two of them in combination with their highly talented scouts, Will and possibly Mgib(?), to take a few rounds off Bird Noises on both maps but I can not help but feel Bird Noises just has too much strength overall. It’s hard for me to bet against Bird Noises in this matchup and I expect them to take care of business, but do not be surprised when Ice Road Terror makes the path hazardous. I will be willing to watch just for the possibility of seeing some ridiculous DH airshots on Sunshine and Granary mids

Bird Noises 5-2 Sunshine and 5-3 Granary.

2-0 Bird Noises


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