Playoff Preview: #4 vs. #5

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#4 Not Fast Food vs. #5 Liko and the Manlets

Sen                      Ex

H5                       Slemnish

Zilly                     Mustardoverlord

Botmode              Liko

Hassassin           Carolina

IcTus                  Cookiejake

The battle of the 4 and the 5 is an interesting matchup, if only for the map selection more than the actual way the two teams lineup. Not Fast Food is better at almost every position, I only think soldiers are close and that is becasue of the switch around the Not Fast Food Soldiers are, and were more than capable of rolling Liko and the Manlets last they met on Snakewater. This was before Liko and the Manlets picked up Slemnish on scout, but that was against a NFF that was in roster incarnation 18 of 31. This is perhaps the strongest version of NFF possible with H5 returning to scout alongside Sentient.

Liko and the Manlets, like usual, will have their performance depend on how much room Mustard is able to make. By this I do not just mean the amount of damage he does, because he manages to post up gaudy stats despite some pretty devastating rolls to his side. It’s more of a matter of how much room he is able to consistently make with his ubers and pushing to make the post fight that much easier for his team. The key issue with this matchup is the fact that there is just far too much fire power on Not Fast Food for Liko and the Manlets to really stand up. Not Fast Food pulled off a remarkable win against Bird Noises a few days ago on Granary, bringing them to 2-0 against Bird Noises for the season and showed some iron tight holds behind their flank and traps by Habib.

First Map: Sunshine

This map is far too open for Liko and the Manlets to really shine, the lanes through which Mustard is going to have to try and force himself through are just too long and his jumps to terrible to proper reach Not Fast Food on the 2nd points. Not Fast Food showed some exploitable weaknesses against Pizzagon on Sunshine earlier this season, but I don’t see the concistent overextension of the flank happening with any of the possible roamers NFF may pull out aside from Tankman (the main pick). As long as NFF focuses the correct targets on mid and show some similar cohesion as they did on Granary mids, I expect this to be a quick and painless game.

NFF wins 5-0

Second Map: Granary

This may be where the match may get a little bit more interesting. Although NFF seems to have a strong sense of how to play Granary, at least against Bird Noises that is, and can pull it off I think that Granary plays a little bit more to the skillset of Liko and the Manlets than Sunshine. In such a congested combo focused map I believe that Liko and the Manlets may this into a hotly contest map. Granary mid even works a bit better than Sunshine for Liko and the Manlets, you only truly need one solider to do any form of nice jump in order for it to work out well. NFF over the course of the season, aside from some of the issues they showed on Sunshine, has shown a considerable ability to adapt to teams and the ability to put together some phenomally clean pushes. At first sight I gave Liko and the Manlets a chance to possibly take the 2nd map and force a Metalworks decider but on further thought I think that NFF is just too complete a team right now to fall. I’ll still give Liko and the Manlets the ability to

NFF wins 5-3

2-0 Not Fast Food


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