UGC Platinum HL Season 18 Week 3


Week Three is here, bringing us one third of the way to completing the regular season. As many have predicted and discussed in the past, Platinum has been looking really good this season. The lower ranked teams are going toe to toe with some of the higher ranking ones, with many teams shifting in rankings simply because on any given day, they’re better or worse than their neighbors. While there’s still potential for a simple 9:0 8:1 7:2 scoreline throughout the division, expect a few circles to pop up – meaning, Team A beats Team B, but Team B beats Team C, who had beat Team A.


Silly estimations and explanations aside, we’re heading to Gullywash this week, the only 5CP map to make its way into the rotation, the community-decided ‘best 5CP HL map’. Whether or not that’s a compliment or a compromise, expect a fair bit of flanking, wrap-arounds, and stalemates.

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UGC Gold Highlander Season 18 Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview – Puns Aren’t Sustainable

January 29th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview – Puns Aren’t Sustainable

by VoxDei and whymeo

We’ve officially closed the doors on Week 2 of Highlander this season, which was home to a lot of one-sided matchups. They mostly went the way you would anticipate.


Last week we published a gigantic stats page for you to compare and benchmark the rest of the league and I omitted our normal Top 10 stats. Those are back and can be found at the bottom of the article. If you’re interested in seeing the full stats, you can check them out here! You can sort using the (Sortable) sheet. If you sort the regular ‘Week’ sheet, you’ll temporarily break some of the other pages for yourself. I’m still really, really working on the season player stats, so I’m sorry for the delay!

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ESEA-O 6’s – S21 Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

January 27th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S21

Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo

The season is finally upon us and open looks as uncertain ever, with one exception – sandbagging teams are going to going to take it all. I’ve compiled a list of my personal top 16 teams from open and sorted them into four separate tiers. Interestingly, this season of open features a lot of highlander players on top teams, some teams on this list such as im sorry, the decent dudes and big dirty squad feature 3 or more hl players on their roster! A lot of these highlander players joined open after the call for more players in open was put out by KevinIsPwn, so we should all be thankful to them for answering the call to keep competitive tf2 alive. It’s really encouraging to see highlander players becoming interested in playing 6’s at a more competitive level. Expect to see a lot of upset longstanding open players, as they lose to teams full of some of highlanders best playing ESEA 6’s for the first time.

Whether the highlander teams live up to my expectations or not though, this should be an interesting season of open with plenty of talent new and old. Hopefully you find this list helpful when figuring out which teams to keep an eye on this season of open. Now, onto the rankings:

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ESEA IM 6s- S21 Week 1


Now that the move-up teams have been officially announced, it opens up the opportunity to create this season’s preliminary power ranking. The fact that Bird Noises have been pushed up to invite lends a level of parity that should make the IM playoffs that much more exciting. Even if Titanium White and The Bugs were also in IM, I did not envision either team really giving Bird Noises a run for their money. The biggest weak points of Bird Noises would have been mostly buttressed by the addition of several time invite medic Indust, as long as his hidden team murdering ability didn’t take hold.

Unfortunately I am not actually playing 6s this season and so I won’t have the benefit of actually playing the teams themselves to get a strong idea of how they function, but I’ll have more time to watch demos instead so hopefully it will all balance out. In this upcoming season, based off the rosters I can find it seems as if there is a massive drop-up in the strength of the teams past the top 4. Even among the top four, the top 2 could be considered a step ahead of the competition in IM assuming the players play up to their ability and find some team cohesion. Because there seems to be such a clog at the bottom of IM that I will need to see in matches I have elected to make this into a top 8. Without further ado let’s make some long-form inflammatory, scarcely researched comments that will sustain Morton’s next quarter.

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UGC HL Season 18 Week 2


Week 1 has passed, setting the pace for this season of Highlander. It honestly looks to be one of the best we’ve had in recent memory, with only a handful of teams looking to be way too far ahead or behind of the pack. We visit Ashville this week, a KOTH map that has more than its share of controversy for being a common HL map. With it being regarded as a strong flank map, we should see a strong showing from the Scouts that were so sadly disregarded on Upward, as well as excellent plays from Soldiers and Spies.

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UGC Gold HL Season 18 Week 1 Review and Week 2 Preview – Ashville to Ashes

January 23rd, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 1 Review and Week 2 Preview – Ashville to Ashes

by VoxDei and whymeo

Week 1 comes to a close and we’ve officially christened a new season of UGC Highlander. For all those uninformed, last week’s map was pl_upward and the results look like this


Something interesting, but pretty much entirely unimportant, only two home teams managed to snake together a win.

In lieu of our normal Top 10 list from last season, I’ve created a giant stats database in a Google Spreadsheet. If you’re interested in seeing this week’s stats, you can check them out here! You can sort using the (Sortable) sheet, if you sort the regular ‘Week’ sheet, you’ll temporarily break some of the other pages for yourself. I’m working really hard on getting the player stats in there, so hang tight! If you would prefer the old method, please let me know in the comments and we can pick it up again next week! (Strawpoll)

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UGC HL Season 18 Week 1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Pyros, welcome to Season 18 of UGC Platinum Highlander. It’s been a little while, but an off-season tournament by Daynife wet that Highlander appetite just enough to hold us through the extension. Everything certainly looks different, having parted ways with TeamFortressTV on this project. Welcome to The Killer Exclusive for those new!

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UGC Gold HL – Season 18 Week 1 Preview: Upward Momentum

January 15th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 1 PreviewUpward Momentum

by VoxDei and whymeo

It is official. The match schedules have been posted. Barring any team deaths or admin intervention, the matchups are below.


As you can see from the above image and the name of the article, our first map of the season is pl_upward, a standard in UGC Highlander.

With any staple map, it’s developed its own meta throughout the course of its life in competitive. Will teams play with that standard in mind, or will they break the mold and challenge their opponents to counter a new style of play? We’ll know Monday night.

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Class Wars Preview

P-pyros? A… a team of Spies? Nine players on a team? Where’s my matchmaking metagame? What happened to competitive TF2? Everything looks… different…


Oh right. Hello again! Last time I did something like this, it was with a tearful farewell and a hope for no uproar. Yet, uproar there was, and here I find myself again, writing about the “gamemode with no future.”


But, let’s leave our opinions and theorizing at the door, and enjoy some good old-fashioned… writing about bashing skulls in. Damn, it’s good to be back.

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UGC Gold HL Team Rankings – Season 18

January 9th, 2016

UGC Gold Team Rankings – Season 18

by whymeo, VoxDei, and hungry

Hey there everyone! I’m really excited to be writing for TKE and to bring you these team rankings for Gold, along with VoxDei and hungry. I was already planning out my team rankings for the season when VoxDei, who was also working on a team rankings article, contacted me about working with him on TKE, so the choice for my first article was a rather easy one!

We’ve made a sort of “tier list” of all the teams in the upcoming season of Gold. The teams have been split into four different tiers, Tier I being the highest rated teams and Tier IV being the lowest rated. Please note, because of how early on it is making it hard to determine the exact skill level of a team, this is not a ranking of #1 to #17. Each separate tier is one skill group; the order of the teams within a tier is not based on their skill.

Well, now that we have that out of the way, onto the rankings…

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