Midweek update- UGC HL

Welcome to the first Midweek update for Highlander!

It’s been a while since new content was posted due to the holidays, so I wanted to include some updates from the past couple weeks.

A new article with more interviews and content is on its way this weekend, so stay tuned for more.

TKE News:

TKE now has a Steam group! Join it to stay current on articles posted by our contributors. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thekillerexclusivetf2

Joining the ranks of The Killer Exclusive is whymeo! He will be working on Gold content with me as well as his own articles, so get hyped for that.

whymeo: I’m really excited to be working on TKE and bringing more content to Gold. Make sure to check back for an article soon.

Power rankings are on the way! The first batch of pre-season rankings are coming, with an extra twist. Joining me in this effort will be whymeo and hungry. Future weeks will include some basic Elo Rankings and a public ranking poll.

UGC Teams:

Seven Years Dungeon closes its doors as the team disbanded while still in progress. Players will now be looking to fill spots in other teams.

According to brulee and hungry’s spreadsheet, BBL is on his way to forming another team, possibly under the Wu Tang moniker as new players have joined the UGC roster in the past week.

We currently have 17 readied teams for Gold this season, which is within a comfortable place of 16-20 teams. Results from Part 1 of the Offseason writeups suggest this is a popular size for Gold, with ~35% of people agreeing in a survey posted.

UGC News:

The start of the UGC season for ALL formats is pushed back by one week to allow teams more time to ready up for the season. This means the new start date for Highlander is January 18th. Read more

To combat spam, the UGC forums now require a Steam account linked to your forum account. Read more

The map rotation for Season 18 Highlander is set. Match schedules are TBD. Whitelists and configs have been updated. “Unofficial” info here, although most has been confirmed.

Week 1: pl_upward

Week 2: koth_ashville_rc1

Week 3: cp_gullywash_final1

Week 4: koth_product_rc8

Week 5: cp_steel

Week 6: pl_swiftwater_ugc

Week 7: koth_lakeside_final

Week 8: pl_badwater_pro_v9

Only one 5CP has made the list, Gullywash, which is viewed as the least egregious CP map for Highlander. Note that cp_steel uses the stopwatch (payload) config.

Community News:

DayNife, Spy for Corn Ducks, has organized an event with the help of Rogue of (the team) EVL Gaming. The event is called “Class Wars” where players who main the same class in Platinum and Gold can play against teams comprised of the other class mains in TF2. For example, team Medic would be a standard Highlander team comprised of Medic mains. Read more

For those not aware, I will be casting UGC Gold this coming season from my personal Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/voxxxxxxxxxx 

I have been casting scrims throughout the offseason and I have been overwhelmed by the support, so I really appreciate that. I have spent some more time working on my config, Twitch broadcast settings, and spectator config to provide a better viewing experience. Follow me if you are interested in watching Gold matches or scrims!

There’s certainly been a lot on my plate through casting, writeups, stats projects, rankings, etc. but I have had a lot of help on the way!

Thanks so much to: whymeo, PlzPuddngPlz, Jackawa, Kris18, american, DrZoidy, hungry, Sunfire, Vipa, Kansas, brulee, and all of the Gold leaders I have periodically bugged throughout the offseason.

If you’re at all interested in casting or doing camera work for matches, please add me.



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