ESEA-O 6’s – S21 Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

January 27th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S21

Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo

The season is finally upon us and open looks as uncertain ever, with one exception – sandbagging teams are going to going to take it all. I’ve compiled a list of my personal top 16 teams from open and sorted them into four separate tiers. Interestingly, this season of open features a lot of highlander players on top teams, some teams on this list such as im sorry, the decent dudes and big dirty squad feature 3 or more hl players on their roster! A lot of these highlander players joined open after the call for more players in open was put out by KevinIsPwn, so we should all be thankful to them for answering the call to keep competitive tf2 alive. It’s really encouraging to see highlander players becoming interested in playing 6’s at a more competitive level. Expect to see a lot of upset longstanding open players, as they lose to teams full of some of highlanders best playing ESEA 6’s for the first time.

Whether the highlander teams live up to my expectations or not though, this should be an interesting season of open with plenty of talent new and old. Hopefully you find this list helpful when figuring out which teams to keep an eye on this season of open. Now, onto the rankings:


*Teams are sorted alphabetically within their tiers.

Sandbagging Tier:

Thai Guys:

Scout: Kaestic

Scout: Nick

Roamer: cloudmaker

Pocket: crunkmasterFLEX

Demo: safrix

Medic: mattb

This team is the weakest of the sandbagging teams. If any of the sandbaggers are going to get upset by an open team, Thai Guys will be the team.


Yin Yang Yompies:

Scout: grimm

Scout: bosh1

Roamer: zilly

Pocket: desca

Demo: PurpleShirt

Medic: delete

Team of Invite and high-IM players playing in open. That’s really all that needs to be said, expect to see them face off against wood pig black in grand finals.  


Wood pig black:

Wood pig black does not have a set roster

Although wood pig black doesn’t have a set roster, expect them to start playing the classes they’re most experienced at if the going ever gets tough in playoffs. Wood pig black will likely face yin yang yompies in grand finals.


Tier II:

the decent dudes:

scout: wish

scout: crossfire

roamer: super

pocket: messiah

demo: yipyapper

medic: rhy

Messiah on pocket? Super on roamer?  Fucking wish on scout?! Holy hell this team is scary! Wish and super are going to relentlessly pound the puny open flanks they face this season and decent dude’s combo isn’t too shabby either. I expect a lot out of this team, but I don’t think their roster is strong enough to compete with the sandbaggers.



scout: alder

scout: shamoo

roamer: GMK

pocket: crispy

demo: yuice

medic: raisin

This team has been playing together forever and it really shows. They’ve been improving rapidly since they started scrimming open teams and are likely to improve at an ever faster rate once the season starts. Shamoo is especially an up-and-coming player, but the rest of diexxxtracrispy are no doubt high-open players that are likely to find themselves performing quite well in IM by next season.


Hot Dads:

Scout: change

Scout: skyrolla

Roamer: Sideways Whoopi Goldberg


Demo: rupee

Medic: pascal

I think this team is the overall most well-rounded team in open (disregarding sandbaggers, of course), as they don’t have a single weak point on their roster. Everyone on this team is certain to perform, but they do lack an all-star player like the other tier 2 teams have, those being shamoo and wish. Still, I think change and skyrolla are the best scout combo in tier 2, which does give them a significant advantage over the other teams in open.


Tier III:

im sorry:

scout: bo4r

scout: SmileZ

roamer: american

pocket: crab_f

demo: procreative

medic: brulee

Disregarding the sandbaggers, this team has some of the best dm in open, if not the best. With sniper mains SmileZ and bo4r on scout, this team has plenty of aim but not much 6’s experience.  Their performance this season depends on their ability to adapt to 6’s, but if they polish up their game sense this team could easily rise above all of tier 3 and 2. Even if they remain a mostly brainless dm team, they’ll still make playoffs easily. Whether they’ll be able to beat tier 2 teams in playoffs though, is yet to be seen.


Team name tbd:

Scout: Literally a Panda

Scout: meddle

Roamer: defiance

Pocket: ry

Demo: jojo

Medic: egosok

Ry is one hell of a pocket and she and defiance are the main reason that team name tbd is a notable team this season. Sadly, with jojo on his (arguably) weaker class and literally a panda and meddle being not quite as strong as a lot of the other high-open scout combos this season, ry and defiance likely won’t be able to get this team past the first round of playoffs.



Scout: wags

Scout: big papa han

roamer : tojo

pocket: tron

demo:  throne

medic: redi

Although a solid team for sure NARUTO VS SASUKE seems to be, across the board, just not quite as good as the tier II teams. Perhaps they’ll prove me wrong, but I see them losing to the Tier II teams and possibly getting surpassed by multiple Tier III teams as the season goes on.



Scout: duke

Scout: SD

Roamer: nanimal

Pocket: P

Demo: Max

Medic: Smarty

This team has a lot of dm, but doesn’t play very well together. Their flank especially seems to be always trying to push, no matter the situation. If this team makes some major changes to how they are playing they might be more of a contender but for now they need Max to carry them to get much done. Max often does carry quite hard, so this team is better than the tier IV teams, but if Max ever falters this team is done for.


Sherlock Homies:

Scout: blinx

Scout: capnfapn

Roamer: tonii (aka thor)

Pocket: Unicorn Wizard

Demo:  grenadine

Medic: sbt

Sherlock Homies is another team that is going to shock a lot of high open players. With blinx, tonii and unicorn wizard all being relatively unknown ugc 6’s and/or hl players a lot of teams are going to underestimate this team and severely regret it. Blinx has been a great scout in ugc 6’s and highlander for a while now, plus with capnfapn and tonii on the flank with him, this team has one of the scariest flanks in tier 3. While their combo is relatively unproven in any format, I think this team has a lot of potential. This team is one of the tier 3 teams with the best chance against tier 2 teams, but it depends on how well their combo performs.  Don’t be surprised to see this team in top 8, but even if they don’t make it that far they’ll at least find themselves in playoffs.


The Westbrook Effect:

Scout: Madoff

Scout: Vlad

Roamer: Wilson

Pocket: Kevin Durant

Demo: Joe

Medic: Conner

Overall a very solid team, Madoff on scout especially stands out. Platinum sniper Vlad also is making his ESEA debut on this roster, look out for him clicking on some heads. This team has been performing consistently well in scrims so far and are almost certain to get into playoffs.


Tier IV:


Scout: Naajj

Scout: Feroaffer

Pocket: Marty

Roamer: Daffodil

Demo: Rightjustify

Medic: ЯOGUE

Another team of hl players makes it into my top 16 with Arstozka. Overall quite a solid team, but I don’t think they have the dm to compete with most of tier III and up. They have a good shot at making playoffs though, as long as their schedule doesn’t screw them over.


Big dirty squad:

Scout: eerie person

Scout: Angryofficer

Roamer: Jackster

Pocket: Invader

Demoman: Rolls Royce

Medic: Drake

With a few strong teams in open this season featuring multiple hl players, big dirty squad is more the typical type of open hl team we’re used to seeing. Although they are a well-coordinated team with good game sense, like many teams of hl players playing in open of the past they simply don’t have the dm to compete at the top of open. The fact that they’ve lost when they scrimmed the full roster of im sorry, a team that is playing almost entirely off dm currently, further suggests that big dirty squad simply won’t be able to keep up dm wise with the rest of high-open as the season continues. Expect to see them make it to playoffs at 16th-12th seed and bow out immediately.


Not Around Bears:

Scout: Zacice

Scout: KootyKat

Roamer: Mostlybacon

Pocket: Morin

Demo: Orbit

Medic: Differ

Not Around Bears almost made playoffs last season of open and come back looking to go far this season. They’re a solid team that is really dedicated to improving and probably the best of the tier IV teams. Not Around Bears is definitely a team to watch.


Tune Squad:

Scout: davidb

Scout: qisnot

Roamer: aiera

Pocket: sleeping life

Demo: windcubes

Medic: wonko

Although sleeping life and davidb are certain to perform on this team, I think the rest of the roster stops this team from being anything but a bubble team. They might get into the bottom of playoffs at 9-7, but that’s it. A 5-3 win against chex offenders where sleeping and davidb had to carry extremely hard for their first match seems to confirm this.



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