UGC Gold Highlander Season 18 Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview – Puns Aren’t Sustainable

January 29th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview – Puns Aren’t Sustainable

by VoxDei and whymeo

We’ve officially closed the doors on Week 2 of Highlander this season, which was home to a lot of one-sided matchups. They mostly went the way you would anticipate.


Last week we published a gigantic stats page for you to compare and benchmark the rest of the league and I omitted our normal Top 10 stats. Those are back and can be found at the bottom of the article. If you’re interested in seeing the full stats, you can check them out here! You can sort using the (Sortable) sheet. If you sort the regular ‘Week’ sheet, you’ll temporarily break some of the other pages for yourself. I’m still really, really working on the season player stats, so I’m sorry for the delay!

Last week’s Rankings have been updated with the public poll. You can also vote for this week’s rankings here! We are still awaiting final confirmation of some rankings before we release this week’s set, so sit tight and check the UGC Forums!

Let’s get into the review of last week’s matches

Note: There are some issues with the logs of cNd vs -aa-. The stats spreadsheet is fixed as the true logs have been uploaded, but the article has not been edited.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Alphabet Alliterations vs Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Final result: cNd won 4-0

meo’s Prediction: cNd wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: cNd wins (4-0)

meo’s MVP: Sweeto spy -aa-

VoxDei’s MVP: eagle sniper cNd

Match length + Logs: 23:06 //

meo’s WriteupAnother predictable matchup, cNd took this game without breaking a sweat. Eagle (sniper, cNd) especially did well for cNd, putting out a lot of frags and damage. Despite his team’s performance, sweeto did an amazing job on spy, out fragging his entire team and most of cNd. Minti (pyro, cNd) also deserves a shoutout for out fragging both flanks, on pyro!

VoxDei’s Writeup: cNd was able to pick up a quick 4-0 over -aa-. This is just the first of many matches of its kind where one team was just completely outmatched in terms of DM and experience. -aa- still had some solid performances from their team, most notably Sweeto who was second in frags only to eagle, putting up 28 with 5 Med picks and a drop.

No.2 Pencils vs Team Jeebus 2.0

Final result: Jeebus won 4-0

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (4-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (4-0)

meo’s MVP: Kairu scout Jeebus

VoxDei’s MVP: Kairu scout Jeebus

Match length + Logs: 22:12 //

meo’s Writeup: Ugh! Another 4-0 match. This was quite a boring week for matches in Gold. Well, No.2 did their best here but they simply weren’t able to contest the high-Gold Team Jeebus. Kairu especially tore through No.2, although zuchima (scout, No.2) put up a good effort in contesting him on the flank.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Kairu gets the nod on MVP this week because of his work to keep the flank of No.2 at bay, picking up 9 Scout kills and 6 Soldier kills. Jeebus took this game handily, as expected, giving No.2 their first loss in Gold. Comanglia (sniper, Jeebus) also put up some great numbers to help lead his team to a 4-0 win.

The Syndicate: Reborn vs Wu Tang Killa Bees

Final result: -ts- won 4-0

meo’s Prediction: -ts- wins (4-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins (4-0)

meo’s MVP: DrZoidy scout -ts-

VoxDei’s MVP: DrZoidy scout -ts-

Match length + Logs: 22:18 //

meo’s Writeup: The expected result for The Syndicate vs. Wu Tang Killa Bees takes place with -ts- winning the match easily, 4 to 0. DrZoidy dropped a ridiculous 41 frags in only 22 minutes, topping his record for kills per minute of 1.77 from from last season with an astounding 1.84 kills per minute. Out of the entirety of the last season of Gold only one player had a higher kills per minute in a match, that being odb with 1.96 kills per minute in cNd vs. GN. What a way to start off a season from DrZoidy! Stats aside, with everyone in top form on -ts-, wu^ simply stood no chance.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Keeping with the weekly trend of 4-0 wins and outmatched opponents, -ts- flexes their muscles. In fact, -ts- put up 215 frags to wu^’s 111. Almost double the amount of frags and nearly 10 kills per minute and only 6 seconds away from the fastest match of the week (Jeebus won in 22:12.) DrZoidy was a huge performer in that game, with 41 frags and 1.84 KPM, the most of any player this week.

Papa’s Peddlers vs Baited by Rhy

Final result: DOES IT won 4-3

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: ££ wins (4-2)

meo’s MVP: heisen soldier ££

VoxDei’s MVP: super soldier DOES IT

Match length + Logs: 54:53 //

meo’s WriteupWhen I looked at the combined logs for our match I couldn’t believe my eyes- sixty-three frags! Sixty-three more frags! How did we manage to lose with with 63 more frags and 13,000 more damage than the other team? Well, the answer is pretty obvious – we weren’t playing like…well, much of a team at all. If you want the details: for the entire first half we did this weird hold inside shutter that we had never practiced in scrims or discussed. We can’t even remember who was making the call to hold there during the match and if anyone even did make a call to hold there or if we just flocked to the shutter like insects to a bright light. Anyway, during the half-time a voice of reason, tiptoes, finally said “why aren’t we holding doing our normal hold guys?” and finally returning to something a little more normal we managed to take three rounds a row in the second half. In the last round, crucial medic picks at the right time from super and water (spy, DOES IT) won DOES IT the final round.

A shoutout should go to heisen, who did his absolute best to keep us in the fight. He matched super in medic picks (both of them got a ludicrous nine medic picks) while dying more than twenty times less than super. In short, heisen held ground when we needed him to and got in there and got the pick when we needed.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Papa’s in trouble. In week 1 they gave up a round to a team they were supposed to outmatch easily, and this week they find themselves at the bottom end of a 4-3 loss. DOES IT simply took the meta game while ££ focused solely on frags; a good start to a match, but not a decider. Crucial picks by DOES IT as well as focusing down the mistakes and miscues of ££ were big enough to score them a victory at the end of the final round including a huge wipe of the point by this week’s MVP.

Social Justice Warriors vs SPACEBEARS

Final result: sJ won 4-0

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins (4-0)

meo’s MVP: Goldfish demoman sJ

VoxDei’s MVP: Goldfish demoman sJ

Match length + Logs: 23:33 //

meo’s Writeup: Social Justice Warriors took this match in an easy 4-0. This win was due in no small part to goldfish dropping a ridiculous 700 dpm. SPACEBEARS simply wasn’t able to keep up with someone putting out that much damage.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Another week in a row, Goldfish absolutely overshadows the enemy demo, as he would with most in the division. A monstrous 704DPM later, sJ walk out 2-0 with clean victory over All Washed Up (formerly SPACEBEARS.) b1am (scout, aw^) was the only glimmer of hope for his team, but couldn’t perform well enough to carry them to a victory or a round win. sJ look poised to really take Gold by storm this season.

Meme Stealers 2.0 vs appel by VoxDei

Final result: appel won 4-2

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (4-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (4-3)

meo’s MVP: rob scout KILLME

VoxDei’s MVP: rob scout KILLME

Match length + Logs: 36:55 //

meo’s Writeup: Of all the matches to NOT be 4-0 this week, this is not the one I would have expected. Yet again, meme stealers has shuffled their roster around and this time they’ve improved their roster quite a bit. Notably, they’ve picked up rob on scout, who dropped 55 frags and was likely the main reason KILLME was able to take 2 rounds in this match. Besides the flank, everyone on KILLME found themselves getting outplayed which resulted in a relatively comfortable 4-2 win for appel.

VoxDei’s Writeup: KILLME manages to put up a respectable game with their most recent roster changes. Most notably, their pick up of rob on Scout, which should be seen as a positive move going forward. Unfortunately for them, as I’m sure there wasn’t much time or focus on being able to practice with this new setup, appel takes advantage of this roster inexperience with a 4-2 win, putting themselves on the board this season. KILLME’s flank actually outperformed the monster flank on the appel side, but the game went to the team that came prepared.

Shadowball vs U$A

Final result: Shadowball won 4-3

meo’s Prediction: Shadowball wins (4-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Shadowball wins (4-2)

meo’s MVP: zoey sniper

VoxDei’s MVP: zoey sniper

Match length + Logs: 46:10 //

meo’s Writeup: What a good game! Both teams performed quite well here, but in the end Shadowball was able to take the match by the skin of their teeth. An impressive feat, considering that the flank, a very important part of the team on Ashville, of U$A outperformed Shadowball’s flank. Unicorn Wizard (soldier, ) was able to hold his own with keeg (soldier, U$A), but lui (scout, ) merely matched kezia (scout, U$A) on frags while dying 23 more times than him! If zoey hadn’t stepped up and sniped like crazy, this match certainly would have gone to U$A. As it is, zoey won the SvS against moof (sniper, U$A) by a landside, 18 to 5, and out-fragged everyone. Thanks to her, Shadowball takes home their first win in Gold.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Watch a cast of the game here! This was a great game to watch, because there was so much solid play from start to finish. U$A started the game down 0-3 in the first round, before coming back around and taking a clean sweep of the second half 3-0. As the teams entered the final round, it again went down to the final seconds before Shadowball could claim victory in a closely matched 4-3. This is an important game for mid-Gold this season as Shadowball has proved their skill against some strong teams, and U$A proved they can swing with them. Both teams have a chance to sneak in an grab a playoff spot if people sleep on them.

-quail noises- vs Independent Fighters Alliance

Final result: / ^ )> won 4-0

meo’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 4-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: N/A

meo’s MVP: pie_hero sniper IFA

VoxDei’s MVP: mae demoman / ^ )>

Match length + Logs: 23:33 //

meo’s Writeup: Quail Noises played this match with a slightly different lineup than normal, with erynn (medic, / ^ )>) filling in for mir (medic, / ^ )>) and vand (soldier, / ^ )>) filling in for voll (soldier, / ^ )>). This seems to have not affected quails’ ability to play at all and with their massive dm they were too much for IFA to handle on ashville. Pie_hero was the only player to outplay his counterpart on quails, no small feat considering IFA lost the match quite heavily.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Watch a cast of the game here! Initially, I had expected a 4-3 in the favor of Quails on stream, but the stat lines show a completely different outcome. This was the match of the week for a lot of players, but it actually didn’t amount to much as Quails dominated in almost every aspect. From the spectator view, you could see the raw DM of their flank shine and really impressive strategic gameplay that completely toppled IFA’s preparation.

Mature Dads Only vs LOCAL TOP GUN

Final result: #TOPGUN won 4-2

meo’s Prediction: #TOPGUN wins 4-2

VoxDei’s Prediction: #TOPGUN wins 4-2

meo’s MVPcynex scout #TOPGUN

VoxDei’s MVP: fatswimdude soldier #TOPGUN

Match length + Logs: 40:07 //

meo’s WriteupOn koth maps, DM means a lot and Top Gun simply had the dm advantage here. Cynex and fatswimdude went off, outperforming Mature Dads Only’s flank significantly. WiLLmaTiC (sniper, #TOPGUN) and lennon (demoman, #TOPGUN) also had much better games than their counterparts on Mature Dads Only. With all the best classes for Ashville performing on Top Gun, it’s no surprise they took this game.

VoxDei’s Writeup: A battle between some of the wildcard teams this season ends in favor of #TOPGUN. Mature Dads was not without some fight in them, pulling 2 rounds in the first half, but #TOPGUN came through in the second half to finish the win. There were some really impressive fragging stats on father‘s side, but #TOPGUN was too much to handle and improve to 1-1.

Secretly We Are Kawaii vs BYE Week 



The article continues with our preview of next week’s matches.


Next up in this season in UGC is cp_gullywash, to the dismay of much of UGC Highlander. Despite the fact that it is 5CP in Highlander, Gullywash is definitely the best one you can play 9v9. Expect long match times, stalemates and a lot of failed pushes into the last point, but hopefully a lot of strong flank and Sniper plays.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs vs. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (5-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (5-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: Jeebus – Kairu scout, Comanglia sniper cNd – mintipyro, eagle sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: Jeebus – Mini soldier, Comanglia sniper | cNd – flick scout, Benn soldier

meo’s Writeup: I think this matchup has potential to be closer than I expect, but Jeebus simply has too much talent on their roster for cNd to deal with despite the fact that they have more experience as a team. On a map like Gullywash, kairu will be way too much for cNd’s flank to handle. Combine this with the fact that Comanglia is likely to out-snipe eagle and it seems that Jeebus has this match in the bag.

VoxDei’s Writeup: cNd will try as hard as they can to stop the red-hot Jeebus, but I believe that they are outmatched on quite a few levels here. I don’t think Jeebus can take this cleanly and cNd will probably snag a couple rounds if they can really play off of any advantages or mistakes by Jeebus, but they will have to play out of their minds to be crowned here. Watch out for cNd’s flank of flick and Benn who will clean up on some damage, but Jeebus’ coordination should thwart most attempts. Jeebus takes this 5-2.

The Syndicate: Reborn vs Social Justice Warriors

meo’s Prediction: -ts- wins 3-2

VoxDei’s Prediction: Tune in Monday to find out!

meo’s Player(s) to watch: -ts- exile demoman, beanie heavy, vinny sniper | sJ – crab_f soldier, Goldfish demoman, carcin heavy, evil spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: -ts- DrZoidy scout, TMP pyro, Kris18 spy| sJ- crab_f soldier, Goldfish demoman, DynamoVic sniper

meo’s Writeup: Like any matchup between two good teams on a 5cp map in hl, this game is likely to be staaaaaaaalemate-y and I don’t expect either team to get the full 5 rounds here. Although evil will put in a huge amount of work to break stalemates and goldfish will likely top damage, I think -ts’- experience and strong teamwork will help them win this match, but only barely. Who knows though, I’ve certainly been wrong before about sJ…

VoxDei’s Writeup: This is it. This is way too early in the season, but this is going to shape the remainder of the season for both of these teams. Whoever walks out on top becomes the undisputed #1 team in UGC Gold this season and I can’t believe I will have the honor of bringing it to you live. Each team boasts impressive flanks, a strong combo, and deadly pick classes, but who will be the one to take the game and secure their place as Top Dog? Watch live at 9:30pm EST this Monday on to find out. Cast starts at 9!

appel by VoxDei vs Baited by Rhy

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (5-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (4-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: appel – blinx scout, ZZ  demoman, SmileZ sniper | DOES IT – juicy scout, Super soldier 

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: appel – blinx scout, bunny soldier | DOES IT – Super soldier, water spy

meo’s Writeup: Although appel did show some weakness last week, dropping two rounds to meme stealers, I think their DM is too strong for them to lose to DOES IT on a 5cp map. ZZ will put out enormous amounts of damage on midfights, which blinx and bunny will find easy to clean up on. The fact that the majority of midfights this match should end in appel’s favor will be enough to win them the game, coordination issues notwithstanding. As long as appel manages to keep brulée safe from super this should be an easy game for them.

VoxDei’s Writeup: This is going to be a really awesome game. Appel is here to prove that their struggles throughout the offseason were a fluke and DOES IT is here to prove that their victory over ££ last week was not one. Both teams are going to be out to make sure that the division knows where they stand, which is why I believe this is going to take the full hour of match time. They won’t give each other any ground, but they cannot play scared. I still think appel ends up taking this overall, but Baited by Rhy is going to make it a close fight.

Papa’s Peddlers vs -quail noises-

meo’s Prediction: N/A – meo plays for ££

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 5-2

meo’s Player(s) to watch: N/A

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: ££ – meo scout,  max demoman, watterson sniper | / ^ )> – yimi scout, vand soldier, pomf spy

meo’s Writeup: N/A

VoxDei’s Writeup: Papa’s Peddlers can’t catch a break. They lose 4-3 last week in a game they are kicking themselves over and then come in to their toughest opponents yet, Quail Noises. Notably, Vand will be taking over the Solider position and Voll will be moving to Medic in Mir’s absence. However, these two teams are filled with players who have plenty of 6s and HL experience and on a map like Gullywash, they should thrive. This won’t end well for ££, but they’re going to keep it competitive.

Alphabet Alliterations vs Shadowball

meo’s Prediction: ● wins (5-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: ● wins (5-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch:  – lui scout, Unicorn Wizard soldier, zoey sniper | -aa- – naknak demoman, sweeto spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch:  – Unicorn Wizard soldier, zoey sniper | -aa- – naknak demoman, sweeto spy

meo’s Writeup: Shadowball’s flank and sniper zoey are simply going to be way, way too much for -aa-. Although naknak will probably put out some decent numbers, coco (demoman●) won’t be far behind. Shadowball is a simply a much more solid team, player by player and coordination wise. I’ll be surprised if -aa- take any rounds here.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Shadowball is impressing me at every turn. Zoey last week went absolutely huge to help pull ahead in a 4-3 victory over U$A. -aa- put some decent frags up against cNd last week, but they are simply outmatched by Shadowball. I was leaning towards giving them a round, but I don’t think Shadowball will make a big enough mistake to let -aa- cap last. Expect some good numbers from the -aa- side, but Shadowball will have the numbers where it counts, a 5-0.

Wu Tang Killa Bees vs No.2  Pencils

meo’s Prediction: wu^ wins (5-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: wu^ wins (5-3)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: No.2 – zuchima scout, egwat sniper | Wu^ – Duke em scout

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: No.2 – zuchima scout, egwat sniper | Wu^ – Duke em scout, huynhy pyro

meo’s Writeup: This game should be a close one and it really could go either way. Zuchima is certain to do a lot on the flank for No.2 and will probably be the player to perform the most this match. However, the combined Gold experience of wu^ gives them the edge here and I think as a result they’ll take this match

VoxDei’s Writeup: This game has the opportunity to be competitive as both teams want to move themselves away from a 1-2 start considering they will continue to have struggles throughout the remainder of the season. These teams are on a pretty even field when it comes to divisional placement, but wu^ has more experience in higher ranks. 5-3 wu^

LOCAL TOP GUN vs Secretly We Are Kawaii

meo’s Prediction: #TOPGUN wins (5-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: SWAK wins (4-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: #TOPGUN – cynex scout, fatswimdude soldier, WiLLmaTiC sniper | SWAK – Rupee soldier, Zabi demoman

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: #TOPGUN – cynex scout, sprok spy | SWAK – Rupee soldier, Zabi demoman 

meo’s Writeup: After a disappointing loss to No.2 and a bye week, SWAK likely want to take this game and get back on their feet. Sadly, facing fatswimdude and cynex on the flank will prove no easy task for SWAK. If WiLLmaTiC goes off like he’s done before, this match will be over before you can blink. Otherwise, it should be a little closer but still comfortably in TOPGUN’s favor. 5-3 for TOPGUN.

VoxDei’s Writeup: #TOPGUN is looking up after their last win against Mature Dads Only. However, they will be fighting a group of players very experienced on Gullywash. #TOPGUN’s flank is scary, as are their pick classes, but SWAK will come ready to rumble. Watch out for Sprok though, because timely picks could shift the game in #TOPGUN’s favor. 4-2 SWAK.

All Washed up vs Meme Stealers 2.0

meo’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (5-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: KILLME wins (5-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: Aw^ – b1am scout, sithreis soldier, sharpshot heavy | KILLME- rob scout

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: Aw^ – b1am scout, doxed sniper |  KILLME – rob scout, JJslim soldier 

meo’s Writeup: Meme Stealers have faced some tough opponents so far this season and it doesn’t look like they’re catching a break quite yet. Meme Stealers haven’t gone out without taking some rounds yet and I don’t think this game will be any different, but I still don’t see them winning quite yet. If rob is still playing scout for Meme Stealers he will be a huge help in this match, but b1am can keep up with him. Overall, Aw^ roster just seems a lot stronger than Meme Stealers and Aw^ should be able to take this match, although it will be a close one.

VoxDei’s Writeup: KILLME saw a marked improvement from their Week 1 performance on Ashville despite losing 2-4 to appel. The reason for this rise in talent was their pickup of rob on Scout and some changes to their roster formation. Aw^ are going through some struggles right now, particularly their Sniper, doxed. However, I think he has a chance to bring it back in some fashion against KILLME. Still, I think KILLME’s roster shakeup has them on the edge for this victory and they will take it 5-2.

Universal $ Association vs Mature Dads Only

meo’s Prediction: U$A wins (5-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: U$A wins (5-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: U$A- Campy demoman, moof sniper | father – caboose heavy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: father – phone soldier, meatball sniper, ixton spy | U$A – kezia scout, keeg soldier, Campy demoman, joshcash spy

meo’s Writeup: With their matchup being against U$A this week, Mature Dads Only will likely be joining Meme Stealers as the two 0-3 teams after this week. Although caboose is a great heavy sadly heavy simply isn’t as important as sniper and demo in highlander, and U$A has both a stellar Sniper and Demo. With moof likely to win the SvS and Campy almost certain to out damage his counterpart on Mature Dads Only, this match looks like an easy win for U$A.

VoxDei’s Writeup: U$A definitely did not plan to start their season off 0-2. Even so, they’re on their way up as they had a very, very good matchup against Shadowball last week. However, father cannot be counted out as they gave #TOPGUN a run for their money on Ashville as well. In the end, I believe U$A has more weapons on their roster and experience on their side as well. If tex (medic, U$A) can do half as well this week as he did last, then they should be able to take this victory,

Independent Fighters Alliance vs BYE Week 


Below you’ll find Week 2’s stats and the Team of the Week

Week 2 Stats

Match length

Papa’s Peddlers vs Baited by Rhy – 54:53
Shadowball vs Universal $ Association – 46:10
Mature Dads Only vs LOCAL TOP GUN – 40:07
Meme Stealers 2.0 vs appel by VoxDei  – 36:55
-quail noises- vs Independent Fighters Alliance – 23:33
Social Justice Warriors vs SPACEBEARS – 23:33
Alphabet Alliterations vs Cadillacs and Dinosaurs  23:06
The Syndicate: Reborn vs Wu Tang Killa Bees – 22:18
No.2 Pencils vs Team Jeebus 2 – 22:12

Team Kills per Minute (TK/M)

The Syndicate: Reborn – 9.64
Social Justice Warriors – 8.37
Quail Noises – 7.47
Team Jeebus – 7.43
Papa’s Peddlers – 7.23
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – 7.01
appel by VoxDei – 6.93
Mature Dads Only – 6.76
Universal $ Association – 6.69
Meme Stealers 2.0 – 6.69
Shadowball – 6.43
Baited by Rhy – 6.09
Alphabet Alliterations – 5.71
Independent Fighters Alliance – 5.69
No.2 Pencils – 5.23
Wu Tang Killa Bees – 4.98

Team Damage per Minute (TDA/M)

Social Justice Warriors – 2748.45
appel by VoxDei – 2682.97
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – 2642.60
LOCAL TOP GUN – 2625.42
The Syndicate: Reborn – 2558.97
Quail Noises – 2504.29
Team Jeebus – 2453.51
Papa’s Peddlers – 2426.02
Independent Fighters Alliance – 2407.90
Universal $ Association – 2404.79
Meme Stealers 2.0 – 2388.09
Shadowball – 2359.93
Alphabet Alliterations – 2335.76
Mature Dads Only – 2309.87
Baited by Rhy – 2198.01
No.2 Pencils – 2124.37
SPACEBEARS – 2121.70
Wu Tang Killa Bees – 1903.05

Individual Stats – Overall

Top 10 Kills per Minute (K/M)

scout DrZoidy – 1.84 (-ts-)
scout Kairu – 1.53 (Jeebus)
demoman Goldfish – 1.53 (sJ)
scout rob – 1.49 (KILLME)
sniper Comanglia – 1.49 (Jeebus)
scout über – 1.44 (sJ)
sniper zoey – 1.41 (●)
heavy beanie – 1.39 (-ts-)
sniper eagle – 1.39 (cNd)
scout cynex – 1.37 (#TOPGUN)

Top 10 Kills+Assist per Minute (KA/M)

scout DrZoidy – 2.65 (-ts-)
soldier SpecDeck – 2.60 (-ts-)
heavy beanie – 2.11 (-ts-)
demoman Goldfish – 2.08 (sJ)
scout Kairu – 2.03 (Jeebus)
scout rob – 2.00 (KILLME)
medic Affliction – 2.00 (sJ)
demoman exile – 1.93 (-ts-)
engineer kainoa – 1.88 (-ts-)
scout über – 1.83 (sJ)

Can you see why we’re so excited for -ts- vs sJ?

Top 10 Damage per Minute (DA/M)

demoman Goldfish – 704.50 (sJ)
demoman Lennon – 583.67 (#TOPGUN)
demoman Campy – 546.98 (U$A)
demoman Arzt Hispanian – 542.60 (cNd)
demoman MAX AND CHEESE – 529.76 (££)
demoman mae – 520.93 (/ ^ )>)
demoman naknak – 514.81 (-aa-)
demoman ZZ – 509.42 (appel)
demoman Brick Hughouse – 469.86 (No.2)
demoman Mini – 466.08 (Jeebus)

Least Deaths per Minute (D/M)

medic Couches – 0.09 (Jeebus)
medic Affliction – 0.17 (sJ)
engineer rosario – 0.30 (sJ)
medic the overseer – 0.30 (-aa-)
engineer Uncle Dane – 0.30 (-aa-)
medic Vavlie – 0.30 (cNd)
medic Jerrrr – 0.32 (●)
engineer shiny mudkip – 0.32 (●)
heavy Burtillian – 0.35 (cNd)
medic erynn – 0.38 (/ ^ )>)
pyro bubs^ – 0.38 (/ ^ )>)

Individual Stats – Class-specific

Top 10 Heals per Minute (H/M)

medic Couches – 1347.52 (Jeebus)
medic Vavlie – 1316.28 (cNd)
medic the overseer – 1217.97 (-aa-)
medic abriss – 1197.93 (father)
medic brulée – 1197.40 (appel)
medic pascal – 1161.19 (IFA)
medic tex – 1159.50 (U$A)
medic Jerrrr – 1148.45 (●)
medic Sparhawk – 1136.60 (Aw^)
medic Hidi – 1122.73 (#TOPGUN)

Top 10 Ubercharges per Minute (U/M)

medic Affliction – 0.64 (sJ)
medic Vavlie – 0.61 (cNd)
medic erynn – 0.59 (/ ^ )>)
medic Jerrrr – 0.54 (●)
medic the overseer – 0.52 (-aa-)
medic Sparhawk – 0.51 (Aw^)
medic tex – 0.50 (U$A)
medic Couches – 0.50 (Jeebus)
medic brulée – 0.49 (appel)
medic pascal – 0.47 (IFA)

Top 10 Headshots per Minute (HS/M)

sniper Comanglia – 1.58 (Jeebus)
sniper watterson – 1.51 (££)
spy pomf – 1.32 (/ ^ )>)
sniper zoey – 1.28 (●)
sniper SmileZ – 1.25 (appel)
spy joshcash – 1.23 (U$A)
sniper WiLLmaTiC – 1.22 (#TOPGUN)
sniper eagle – 1.21 (cNd)
spy evil – 1.10 (sJ)
sniper Kevin2019 – 1.06 (/ ^ )>)

Top 10 Backstabs per Minute (BS/M)

spy Vipa – 0.85 (IFA)
spy ixton – 0.62 (father)
spy Kris18 – 0.58 (-ts-)
spy sinister – 0.48 (●)
spy Sprok – 0.45 (#TOPGUN)
spy MoonDoggy – 0.45 (wu^)
spy Proto – 0.38 (££)
spy ExplosiveDeer – 0.38 (KILLME)
spy evil – 0.34 (sJ)
spy Yonnie – 0.32 (No.2)

Team of the week



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