ESEA-O 6’s – S21 Week 2 Top 16 Rankings

February 4th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S21

Week 2 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo

I hadn’t originally planned to make weekly articles about open, but with some interesting matches already taking place I couldn’t help but come back with an update to my top 16 rankings for week two. Sadly, the reality of Open is that with 58 teams in the division not every team on these rankings has played top Open teams in matches yet, or even will be anytime soon. So, some of these rankings unfortunately just have to be based on speculation for the time being. Now, onto the rankings:

#1: Wood Pig Black

Wood pig black does not have a set roster.

Wood Pig Black is sandbagging open. They haven’t played any notable open teams yet, but it’s pretty safe to say they’ll play either Yin Yang Yompies or Thai Guys in the grand finals. Interestingly, they did give one round to Blasty Blast in their first match, but it can probably be accounted to Wood Pig Black just not really trying that much.


#2: Yin Yang Yompies

Scouts: grimm and bosh1

Roamer: zilly

Pocket: desca

Demo: yeremy

Medic: delete

Like wood pig black, Yin Yang Yompies did give up one round in their first match against a mid-Open team, but once again it’s probably just because they’re not trying very hard. Besides, it was only one round. Who knows though, perhaps it’s a sign of weakness…


#3: Thai Guys

Scouts: Kaestic and Nick

Roamer: cloudmaker

Pocket: crunkmasterFLEX

Demo: safrix

Medic: mattb

Sadly, Thai Guys chose to take the forfeit win instead of playing their match against Zoo-Wee-Mama. It probably would have been an easy win for Thai Guys, but you never know. Anyway, like the rest of the sandbaggers I’ll be assuming they’re top 3 unless a team proves me wrong in a match.


#4: diexxxextracrispy

Scouts: shamoo and alder

Roamer: GMK

Pocket: crispy

Demo: yuice

Medic: raisin

A lot of people think diexxxextracrispy is the best non-sandbagging team in Open and I’d be inclined to agree. Shamoo is absolutely insane and the rest of diexxxextracrispy are really, really good as well. Sadly, they haven’t had any matches against high-Open or even notable mid-Open teams yet, so their placement is all speculation. They have some tougher matches coming up in week three against the decent dudes and big dirty squad, so we’ll have a better idea of where they stand after that.


#5: the decent dudes

Scouts: wish and crossfire

Roamer: super

Pocket: messiah

Demo: yipyapper

Medic: rhy

The decent dudes have had two easy 5-0 wins against low-Open teams so far, but unlike Hot Dads things are about to get a lot harder for them. Decent dudes has upcoming matches against The Westbrook Effect, Sherlock Homies and diexxxextracrispy. We’ll have a much better idea of where they stand in the rankings after those games, but for now I think it’s safe to say that their flank of wish, crossfire and super is good enough to put them in the top 5.


#6: Hot Dads

Scouts: change and skyrolla

Roamer: Sideways Whoopi Goldberg


Demo: rupee

Medic: pascal

Although Hot Dads did lose their first match to my b, it was a 5v5 for most of the game with Sideways Whoopi Goldberg being gone for the most of the match. Plus, Hot Dads had someone subbing in for TERRY CREWS, so I’m willing to write off that match as a fluke for now. After their disappointing 5v5 loss, Hot Dads has bounced back and beat both clan of POOTIS warriors and Chex Offenders without dropping a round. Hot Dads has a very easy schedule, so it’s going to be hard to place them for a while. Their matches against Thai Guys and Not Around Bears will be happening during Sunshine week and besides those two teams it looks like smooth sailing for Hot Dads. Good for them, bad for my rankings. Oh well.


#7: Zoo-Wee-Mama

Scouts: wags and big papa han

Roamer : tojo

Pocket: tron

Demo:  throne

Medic: redi

Zoo-Wee-Mama is definitely looking like one of the better teams in Open this season, but I still want to see them play the #6-4 teams before I move them above #7. In week two they gained an easy win over Tune Squad, with big papa han going off with 46 kills and 15 deaths and wags not too far behind. I might have underrated the scout combo of wags and big papa han, but I still have trouble seeing them being able to keep up with wish and shamoo of the decent dudes and diexxxextracrispy, respectively. If Zoo-Wee-Mama’s scouts can though, then they would have the potential to be one of the best teams in Open.


#8: im sorry

Scouts: SmileZ and bo4r

Roamer: american

Pocket: crab_f

Demo: procreative

Medic: brulee

Im sorry was able to win a match 5v6 against GAMERSLEEVES in week one thanks largely to bo4r going absolutely huge with 350 dpm, 36 frags and 15 deaths. Besides that match, this team is still relatively unproven, having only played low and mid Open teams. However, both bo4r’s and SmileZ’s dm is looking downright terrifying, with bo4r carrying in a 5v6 and SmileZ putting out 440 dpm and going 33 – 3 in their viaduct match against UnRefined Cleavage. I’m really looking forward to seeing if this team’s dm is enough to win their matches against other high-Open teams – and maybe even beat the teams currently ranked above them.


#9: team name tbd

Scouts: meddle and Literally a Panda

Roamer: defiance

Pocket: ry

Demo: jojo

Medic: egosok

A 5-0 win against The Westbrook Effect seems to suggest I was underrating team name tbd. In that match ry dropped an absolute ridiculous 49 frags while only dying 13 times. If she can continue to have performances like that against other top Open teams, then team name tbd is going to absolutely destroy open this season. However, I don’t want to rank a team in the top 8 based entirely off the skill of one player, so until they have good performances against the top 8 in my rankings they’re staying at #9.


#10: Sherlock Homies

Scouts: blinx and saturn

Roamer: tonii

Pocket: Unicorn Wizard

Demo:  grenadine

Medic: sbt

Although struggling to beat the mid-Open team We Love Randal, winning their match against them on viaduct only 4-3, Sherlock Homies roster is currently not their normal roster. With grenadine’s computer having issues, tonii has been moved off roamer to demo and fight has been brought in to sub on roamer for the time being. Although it’s not particularly kind to point out, there’s no getting around the fact that fight bottom damaging on his team and going 16 – 42 in their match against We Love Randal is largely the reason that match was close. Expect this team to do a lot better once they get their regular roster back.

Also of note is their match against yin yang yompies on snakewater. Although it was a 5-0 roll in yompies’ favor, blinx actually managed to out-frag all of yompies and drop 330 dpm. Blinx also went 41 – 24 in their close match against We Love Randal. Blinx is definitely one of the best scouts in open this season and teams should be sure to keep an eye on him.


#11: Not Around Bears

Scouts: Zacice and KootyKat

Roamer: Mostlybacon

Pocket: Morin

Demo: Orbit

Medic: Differ

Not Around Bears has gained close wins over both renegades and my b. While the fact that they’re struggling to beat teams that might not even make it into playoffs doesn’t bode well for their chances against the top 10 of Open, they’re at least a solid team and it still looks like they’ll be making playoffs.


#12: Arstotzka

Scout: Naajj

Scout: Feroaffer

Pocket: Marty

Roamer: Daffodil

Demo: Rightjustify

Medic: ЯOGUE

Arstotzka has gained two wins over teams that would probably be described as being at the top of mid-Open, SpaceGhost Coast 2 Coast and my b, and so far look like a strong team. However, it’s yet to be seen how they perform against more “high-Open” teams. Interestingly, in their 5-3 win against my b Arstotzka’s two soldiers, daffodil and marty, both out fragged their two scouts, naajj and feroaffer. It’s hard to call whether this was a fluke or evidence of weakness in Arstotzka’s scout combo yet and we’ll have a better idea as they play teams higher up in the rankings. Their match against im sorry during gullywash week is definitely one to look out for.


#13: Tune Squad:

Scouts: davidb and qisnot

Roamer: aiera

Pocket: sleeping life

Demo: windcubes

Medic: wonko

Although Tune Squad did lose 4-1 to Zoo-Wee-Mama on viaduct, I’m not ready to entirely give up on them yet. Sleeping and davidb obviously are the best players on this team and they had to carry Tune Squad very hard in their first match, however, aiera did a lot better in their match against Zoo-Wee-Mama. Windcubes and qisnot are still worrisome parts of their roster, with qisnot yet to reach 200 dpm in a match and both him and windcubes bottom fragging by quite a bit in all of Tune Squad’s matches. Still, I think these guys have a shot against teams close to them in the rankings, if only because of sleeping and davidb.


#14: The Westbrook Effect

Scouts: Madoff and Vlad

Roamer: Wilson

Pocket: Kevin Durant

Demo: Joe

Medic: Conner

A disappointing 5-0 loss against team name tbd knocks The Westbrook effect to the bottom three of the rankings. While madoff certainly performs for this team, out-fragging his team by a mile in their 5-0 loss, vlad so far is not making the transition to scout nearly as well as other sniper mains this season and the rest of Westbrook Effect doesn’t seem to be performing at a high-Open level either.


#15: SpaceGhost Coast 2 Coast

Scouts: Space Ghost’s Coffee and Dippidy

Roamer: Hooey

Pocket: Viper

Demo: Kay

Medic: radium

A 5-4 win against renegades in week one puts SpaceGhost Coast 2 Coast near the bottom of my list, but their stay on the rankings might be short lived. Their pickup of kay on demo at the last minute has certainly been hugely beneficial to them, as she had the best performance out of anyone on the team in their match against renegades. However, I don’t think kay will be able to carry this team on demo against much of the high-Open teams this season and a 4-1 loss against Arstotzka in week two seems to confirm this.


#16: Big dirty squad

Scoust: Angryofficer and eerie person

Roamer: Jackster

Pocket: Invader

Demoman: Rolls Royce

Medic: Drake

A 5-4 loss to chefs confirms what I was thinking: Angryofficer simply can’t carry his team of off-classing highlander players and parachute main soldiers by himself. The team did have a different roster than normal with drake moving to soldier, rolls_royce playing scout, invader on demo and coldster subbing on med so for now I’ll leave them in the rankings. If they fail to put up much of a fight with their upcoming matches against Not Around Bears and diexxxtracrispy they’ll find themselves dropping below #16 however. Besides, this iteration of their roster actually had one less off-classer, with invader playing his highlander main demo…and getting out damaged by the enemy demo…So, things aren’t exactly looking good for big dirty squad.


Right outside top 16: renegades, chefs and my b



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