UGC Gold Highlander Season 18 Week 3 Review and Week 4 Preview – koth_prowhat?

February 5th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 3 Review and Week 4 Preview – koth_prowhat?

by VoxDei and whymeo

Week 3 is now in the books as we do away with 5CP for the remainder of the season. Only about half the matches were 5-0 which isn’t too bad…


Everything is now 100% functional with the stats page. You can check them out here! You can sort and add filters so you can see which Snipers or Demomen this week wreaked the most havoc on enemy players. Season stats for players are now working and the Team Stats have been fixed and updated.

Last week’s Rankings have been updated with the results from public poll. This weeks rankings are also live. You can also vote for this week’s rankings here! I’m looking for a new release cycle for the rankings since the public polls get sent out only a couple before the next set of matches. 

Anyway, let’s get into this week’s review!

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs vs. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Final result: Jeebus won 5-0

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (5-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (5-2)

meo’s MVP: ezrik demoman Jeebus

VoxDei’s MVP: ezrik demoman Jeebus

Match length + Logs: 27:53 //

meo’s WriteupTeam Jeebus 2 had their first real test in this match and passed it with flying colours, gaining an easy 5-0 win over cNd. Ezrik, kairu scout, and comanglia sniper all proved too much to handle for cNd. The easy matchups are about to end for Jeebus though, as they’re set to face sJ next week…

VoxDei’s Writeup: Jeebus was able to romp through cNd, proving themselves as one of the best in Gold, further improving to 3-0 with no rounds dropped. They found frags in all the right places on Gullywash with their Demo, Scout and Sniper putting up about 20 kills each. cNd was unable to get anything going on offense only capping 5 times to Jeebus’ 18. A message has been sent by Team Jeebus to the rest of the division with this win.

The Syndicate: Reborn vs Social Justice Warriors

Final result: sJ won 5-4

meo’s Prediction: -ts- wins 3-2

VoxDei’s Prediction: N/A

meo’s MVP: DrZoidy scout -ts-

VoxDei’s MVP: crab_f soldier sJ

Match length + Logs: 37:42 //

Cast: VoxDei + Mime:

meo’s WriteupThis game couldn’t have been any closer, eventually ending 5-4 in sJ’s favor. Truly a great game, with some unexpected performances. Exile (demoman, -ts-) was able, perhaps in part due to some short circuit shenanigans, to significantly outfrag goldfish (demoman, sJ). Besides the demo matchup though, things went mostly as expected. Evil (spy, sJ) was able to outperform kris18 (spy, -ts-) by a mile, puffalo (pyro, sJ) died significantly less than TMP (pyro, -ts-) while outfragging him and crab_f  (soldier, sJ) put out a lot of kills and damage for sJ. With this win, sJ is now the team to beat in Gold and it’s not looking like anyone can.

Also, carcin (heavy, sJ) deserves a shoutout for ringing heavy for sJ and actually out fragging and out damaging beanie (heavy, -ts-)! This is the second time he’s filled in for a team as heavy this season and absolutely owned.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Damn. That’s all there is to say. Daaaaaamn, what a game that was. Warning if you only saw the outcome of the game but haven’t watched the cast, I’m going to go into some detail.

From the start of the game, the momentum was completely in sJ’s favor. Strong mid-fights lead by their Demo, Goldfish, helped propel sJ into an early rhythm. The Syndicate’s inability to keep their med protected and players alive during these first fights are what sent a lot of the round over to sJ’s way. Teddy (medic, -ts-) died within 23 seconds and the round lasted a meager 1:26. This was a recurring theme in 3/4 of the first half rounds that sJ won. Their keen eye for the enemy medic put them up 4-1 at the half. However, their momentum could not be sustained as -ts- recovered with a blitzkrieg offense which lead them to 3 straight round wins in under 7 and a half minutes off the backs of their flank including Spec Deck and DrZoidy. We now sat tied 4-4 and completely awestruck at the comeback and the crumbling defense of sJ. The 9th round began with a mid-cap for -ts- who showed no signs of stopping their steamroll into a 3-0 record. Just over a minute into the final round, -ts- used their Ubercharge on the last point of sJ poised for a comeback that would secure their spot as the best team in Gold this season… Except they made a fatal mistake as they couldn’t bring the numbers in to contest sJ who had gotten a fair defense setup on last. Now, with the Ubers exchanged, sJ jumped on the opportunity to push out, getting as far as mid until a key pick came as DrZoidy took out Affliction, sJ’s Medic. However, in reply, rosario (engineer, sJ) killed Teddy and the Medics were neutralized. Some more back and forth and scrappy fights occurred, until another Uber trade ended wildly in the favor of sJ, with Teddy going down again, this time to Puffalo, sJ took the time to sit back on their Uber and with one final push, crossed the threshold of last, regaining control of the game they almost lost.

Daaaaaamn, what a game that was…

appel by VoxDei vs Baited by Rhy

Final result: appel won 5-0

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (5-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (4-2)

meo’s MVP: SmileZ sniper appel

VoxDei’s MVP: SmileZ sniper appel

Match length + Logs: 33:47 //

meo’s Writeup: This match was a clean 5-0 win for appel. DOES IT just doesn’t seem to have the DM to contest teams like appel and no one on their team was able to put up much of a showing in this match. SmileZ won the SvS 7 to 2 and led his team in frags, with blinx (scout, appel) not far behind.

VoxDei’s Writeup: appel is back in business. After a really shaky offseason and a slow start to the regular season, appel is able to distinguish themselves again as a force in Gold. Coming in against the red-hot DOES IT, fresh off the heels of a nail-biter against Papa’s Peddlers last week, they manage to dominate every aspect of the game, putting up 200 frags and securing a 5-0 victory.

Papa’s Peddlers vs -quail noises-

Final result: / ^ )> won 5-2

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins (5-2)

meo’s MVPvand soldier / ^ )>

VoxDei’s MVP: vand soldier / ^ )>

Match length + Logs: 23:28 //

meo’s Writeup: Although Papa’s Peddlers was able to grab a couple rounds here, Quails’ DM proved to be too much for them and they took the game in a fairly easy 5-2. Despite watterson’s (sniper, ££) valiant efforts on Sniper, Quails’ flank of vand and yimi (scout, / ^ )>) did too much work for Quails’. Juss (engineer, / ^ )>) also put out a surprising amount of frags for Engineer, outfragging almost everyone on ££.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Unfortunately, there was really only one way this could go for Papa’s Peddlers. Despite notching up a 1-0 in the first round in just under 2 minutes, they could do the same for the remainder of the game. -quail noises- fired back with an even faster time, and kept piling on the victories, losing only one more on the way to victory. meo and watterson, try as they might, could not lift the rest of their team to perform as well as most of -quail noises- and take a 5-2 loss, marking them at 1-2 this season.

Alphabet Alliterations vs Shadowball

Final result: ● won 5-0

meo’s Prediction: ● wins (5-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: ● wins (5-0)

meo’s MVP: Coco demoman ●

VoxDei’s MVP: Coco demoman ●

Match length + Logs: 33:12 //

meo’s Writeup: Another very one-sided match, Shadowball’s teamwork and dm is just miles ahead of -aa’s-. Coco put out a huge amount of frags and Shadowball’s flank also walked all over -aa-.

VoxDei’s Writeup: There’s not too much to say here as Shadowball walks in and takes the victory as many believed they would. With a 5-0, Shadowball is now proving themselves to be a serious contender for playoffs this season. Although once slated to squeak in, if they keep at this pace, they will make their way loudly. Shadowball’s top 4 performers snagged 138 kills in this game, nearly matching the 149 that all of -aa- mustered.

Wu Tang Killa Bees vs No.2  Pencils

Final result: No.2 won 5-0

meo’s Prediction: wu^ wins (5-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: wu^ wins (5-3)

meo’s MVP: Zuchima scout No.2

VoxDei’s MVP: egwat! sniper No.2

Match length + Logs: 46:36 //

meo’s Writeup: In a shocking result, No.2 completely rolls over wu^ in a 5-0 victory, proving they really do belong in Gold. Zuchima and egwat! did huge amounts of work for No.2 here and it’s no surprise that wu^ wasn’t able to contest the amount of frags they were putting out.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Color me surprised. No.2 absolutely smash wu^ in this game. No.2 might be happy to stay in this “sleeper” role for the remainder of the season, because clearly they shine brightest when people underestimate them the most. Egwat! threw down huge numbers and managed to get 7 med picks on their way to their 2nd victory in Gold. With this win they begin to separate themselves from the lower tier of Gold this season, where most people had initially pegged them.

LOCAL TOP GUN vs Secretly We Are Kawaii

Final result: SWAK won (5-1)

meo’s Prediction: #TOPGUN wins (5-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: SWAK wins (4-2)

meo’s MVP: fatswimdude soldier #TOPGUN

VoxDei’s MVP: rupee soldier SWAK

Match length + Logs: 34:27 //

meo’s Writeup: Despite losing 5-1, fatswimdude was only 1 frag off from the top fraggers of SWAK, jolte0n sniper and Rupee. However, the rest of TOPGUN didn’t have the same performance he did. Things are looking up for SWAK and it will be interesting to see how they perform next week and if this the start of yet another 4-4 season.

VoxDei’s Writeup: SWAK is back and in full force. After their disappointing 0-2 loss in Week 1 against No.2 Pencils, SWAK had a Bye Week, which seems to have done them well. With a little extra practice and a bit of R&R (and 6s) SWAK take the game on the familiar territory of Gullywash. SWAK manage to put up a respectable 6+ KPM this week which was 5th overall. Perhaps with a little bit of the rust gone, SWAK can make a push towards breaking the 4-4 barrier this season.

All Washed up vs Meme Stealers 2.0

Final result: KILLME won 5-2

meo’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (5-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: KILLME wins (5-2)

meo’s MVP: rob scout KILLME

VoxDei’s MVP: rob scout KILLME

Match length + Logs: 47:46 //

meo’s Writeup: With rob dropping a ridiculous 55 frags in only 47 minutes, it’s hard to not attribute most of this win to him. Jaaay (sniper, KILLME) outsniped doxed (sniper, Aw^) and shotaway (spy, KILLME) had a very good game too, but this game might have been much, much closer without rob. Either way, it’s interesting to see BOTTOMGUN’s roster evolve throughout the season and with pickups like rob and shotaway they’re starting to like quite a scary team.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Okay, I’m sick of rob. The dude rings Engie in the last week of S17 and earns Engie of the Week. He joins KILLME in Week 2 as Scout and gets the nod for another Player of the week title. And now, in week 3, he puts up 55 frags- the second highest KPM of Scouts this week and MVP from both meo and I. KILLME is on their way up in the division after their most recent roster moves and prove that with a 5-2 victory over the washed up SPACEBEARS (get it??) Clearly these guys are just starting to get in sync, so watch out for a couple weeks, until they inevitably implode.

Universal $ Association vs Mature Dads Only

Final result: U$A won 5-0

meo’s Prediction: U$A wins (5-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: U$A wins (5-2)

meo’s MVP: phone sniper father

VoxDei’s MVP: keeg soldier U$A

Match length + Logs: 38:33 //

meo’s Writeup: In a perhaps desperation play by Mature Dads Only, we see prior soldier, phone, switch to sniper for this match and absolutely own. Sadly, phone wasn’t able to carry his team hard enough and the match ended in a 5-0 win for U$A, with campy (demoman, U$A) and keeg going off.

VoxDei’s Writeup: U$A finally put themselves on the board this season with a big 5-0 win over father. Despite a well-rounded performance on the U$A side, over on Dad’s side of the family, phone crushed everyone else in the server with a big 48 frag performance. However, they were unable to take a round off of the back of their one star player. On a side note, joshcash (spy, U$A) put out the most headshots per minute of any player this week.

Independent Fighters Alliance vs BYE Week 




The article continues with our preview of next week’s matches.


Ahh, koth_product. Love it or hate it, it’s the quintessential competitive TF2 map. It’s one of the few maps that blends seamlessly throughout HL, 6s, and 4s, somehow providing the perfect balance of play no matter the size of the team. DM is largely what decides a victor on Product, but there is no substitute for playing smart. Expect big plays on the flank, 600+ DPM on Demos, and a lot of angry medics.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs vs Social Justice Warriors

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (4-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watchJeebus – Kairu scout, Comanglia sniper sJ Uber scout, crab_f soldier, Goldfish demoman, evil spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: Jeebus – Kairu scout, Comanglia sniper, Mr. DelDongo spy | sJ- Uber scout, crab_f soldier, Goldfish demoman

meo’s WriteupUp until this point Jeebus has had a relatively easy schedule. That’s about to all come crashing down though, as they’re set to play against sJ themselves – the team that has been picking off all of high-Gold one by one. Although kairu has been doing huge amounts of work for Jeebus and might even top frag yet again in this match, I don’t think Jeebus will be able to succeed where the rest of Gold has failed. Goldfish and evil are simply way, way too good to lose on Product.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Will Goldfish ever not be a player to watch? This is the matchup between our remaining two 3-0 teams this season. Jeebus walks in not having yet dropped a round and sJ come in right now as, in my opinion, the #1 team in Gold. I honestly debated not even predicting because of how close this game will be, but regardless I will probably be wrong. These teams are very evenly matched on a lot of levels, but Jeebus has the edge in regards to experience. Mini has won Silver twice whereas sJ has only done so once. That means they’re going to get twice the amount of rounds. 4-2 Jeebus.

appel by VoxDei vs The Syndicate: Reborn

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (4-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins (4-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: -ts- beanie heavy, vinny sniper | appel – blinx scout, bunny soldier, ZZ demoman, SmileZ sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: -ts- DrZoidy scout, TMP pyro, exile demoman | appel- bunny soldier, Jaydenspy

meo’s Writeup: The two teams de-throned by sJ now face off, hoping to prove that they’re not quite out of this fight yet. Appel seems to have finally hit their stride, obtaining a clean 5-0 against DOES IT last week, and they might finally be playing to the level one would expect with the skill of their roster. On a map like Product, the DM of appel is likely to just be too much for -ts- despite their great coordination. Appel’s flank of blinx and bunny will do huge amounts of work for appel and I don’t think DrZoidy and Spec Deck (soldier, -ts-) will be able to keep up. ZZ will also put out huge amounts of damage and SmileZ is likely to top frag. The Syndicate, although being a solid team, lacks the fragging power of a team like appel and I don’t see them winning on a map like Product.

VoxDei’s Writeup: appel is finally getting back into the swing of things, but -ts- is going to knock them right back out of sync. Although appel has the advantage on the flank, -ts- has the coordination to take a smooth victory here. The thorn in the side of -ts- will be keeping their Medic, Teddy, alive against Jayden and bunny who will be sure to take advantage of this weakness on the -ts- side. However, TMP will benefit from the close quarters of Product, meaning a lot of firepower will be in their hands. God, I’m funny.

No.2 Pencils vs Shadowball

meo’s Prediction: ● wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: ● wins (4-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: ● – Lui scout, Unicorn Wizard soldier, zoey sniper  | No.2 – zuchima scout 

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: ● – Lui scout, zoey sniper | No.2 – zuchima scout, egwat sniper 

meo’s Writeup: As long as zoey plays as well as she played on Ashville, this should be an easy win for Shadowball. Even if zoey doesn’t carry as hard as she’s done in the past however, although it will be a much closer match, Shadowball’s flank of Unicorn Wizard and Lui should be enough to win them this match.

VoxDei’s Writeup: No.2 is going to face their first realistic challenge in Gold. This matchup will define where they stand in the division this season. Their only loss so far came from Team Jeebus, who far outmatched them, but Shadowball will prove to be a team they have a chance to put some numbers up against. egwat! is going to be a factor, as he was so largely last week, so Jerrr (medic, ●) will have to watch his head. But the fight on the flank will go a long way in determining the outcome of this match. In the end, Shadowball has a roster that doesn’t look to be stopped just yet, but so far I’ve often been wrong about No.2.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs vs Secretly We Are Kawaii

meo’s Prediction: cNd wins (4-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: SWAK wins (4-3)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: cNd – minti pyro, eagle sniper, dave spy | SWAK – Rupee soldier, Zabi demoman, Jolte0n sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: cNd – flick scout/demoman, eagle sniper | SWAK – Rupee soldier, Zabi demoman, Jolte0n sniper

meo’s Writeup: I think this match will be a lot closer than people expect. cNd is coming off a 5-0 loss against Jeebus while SWAK is regaining momentum after a win 5-1 against Local Top Gun. Rupee is going to go absolutely huge here and zabi and jolte0n are going to put up a good fight against their counterparts on cNd. However, with eagle and dave on the pick classes for cNd I think cNd will be able to take this match. I really could see this game going either way though.

VoxDei’s Writeup: I think this has the potential to be one of the closest games of the week. cNd may be going through some roster troubles, which may put this match closer in reach for SWAK. However, Product very much does favor aggression, and there is no shortage of that on the SWAK side. Zabi, Rupee and Jolte0n are going to cause trouble for the cNd combo, but will they be able to answer back? Flick’s role is yet to be determined for this game, but expect him to perform in whichever role he chooses. I think this is going to come down to a 3-3 with the final round being a coin flip, slightly weighted on the SWAK side.

Baited by Rhy vs -quail noises-

meo’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins (4-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins (4-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: DOESIT – Super soldier | / ^ )> – yimi scout, Vand soldier, mae demoman, pomf spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: DOESIT – Super soldier, Rhy demoman | / ^ )> – yimi scout, Vand soldier, mae demoman

meo’s Writeup: Quail Noises DM will simply be too much for DOES IT in this match. Although super and juicy (scout, DOES IT) are a solid flank they simply won’t be able to contest quail’s flank of vand and yimi. Add on the fact that mae is an endless source of damage for his team on Product and I don’t see DOES IT even taking a round here.

VoxDei’s Writeup: The next team to roll the unlucky dice and play -quail noises- is DOES IT. Although DOES IT has proved themselves to be a strong mid-tier team, can you really argue otherwise against -quail noises-? They would probably have a chance against 90% of the division, but the DM of quails may prove to be too much for DOES IT to handle. DOES ITs best chance is if they can use their flank to keep pressure on the quail combo and keep Voll (medic , / ^ )>) off balance. But I don’t think they’ll be able to do so consistently enough to win this game.

Universal $ Association vs Papa’s Peddlers

meo’s Prediction: N/A – meo plays for ££

VoxDei’s Prediction: ££ wins (4-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: N/A

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: U$A – keeg soldier, campy demoman | ££ – meo scout, watterson sniper

meo’s Writeup: N/A

VoxDei’s Writeup: U$A is coming off of a great game. However, that game came off of Mature Dads Only, whereas they will be playing a much stronger roster in ££. On the other side, ££ has been otherwise underwhelming this season. They’ve allowed teams that they should beat handily keep games competitive (and even win) due to mistakes that were capitalized on. Keeg and Campy have been putting out insane damage numbers in each of their games, but their counterparts on the ££ will be expected to match those numbers. On a map like Product, which is generally more forgiving, I can see their DM outweighing any mistakes, but if U$A plays really on point, expect a few rounds in their favor to get closer to an upset.


meo’s Prediction: #BOTTOMGUN wins (4-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Find out Monday night on twitch!

meo’s Player(s) to watch: #TOPGUN – cynex scout, fatswimdude soldier, WiLLmaTiC sniper | KILLME – rob scout, Pwn demoman

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: #TOPGUN – cynex scout, WiLLmaTiC snipersprok spy | KILLME – rob scout, JJslim soldier, Pwn demoman

meo’s Writeup: If BOTTOMGUN is going to win this match, it all relies on rob. Thankfully for BOTTOMGUN, rob is one of the best scouts in Gold this season and has been carrying them ridiculously hard since they picked him up in the second week of the season. Although TOPGUN has a solid flank of their own and a good sniper in WiLLmaTiC, I don’t think they’ll be able to beat BOTTOMGUN with the amount of frags rob is likely to put out.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Welcome to Meme Kingdom, with your hosts Meme Stealers 2.0 and random luck with UGC Scheduling. Both teams walk into this match struggling to get their combo in full swing, but with a flank that can rip through most. We’re going to see epic clashes from the Scouts and Soldiers on either end. We’re going to have a really close matchup between these two teams which is going to end the only way you need it to on Product: raw DM. Come see the heralded “Battle of the Guns” live on hosted by Mime and myself!

All Washed Up vs Alphabet Alliterations

meo’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (4-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: Aw^ – b1am scout, sithreis soldier, sharpshot heavy | -aa- – naknak demoman

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: Aw^ – b1am scout, sithreis soldier | -aa- – naknak demoman, sweeto spy 

meo’s Writeup: Although All Washed Up has had a tough schedule so far, they’re finally catching a break with a match against Alphabet Alliterations. Having not taken even a single round in their last two matches, -aa- simply don’t look prepared to deal with Aw^. Expect a lot of frags from b1am and sharpshot.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Both of these teams are desperate to start winning. Both started their season 1-0, but have not managed to put together enough to take a victory in the last two weeks. Aw^ boasts some scary names, but -aa- does as well in their combo, with naknak sure to put out a fair amount of damage. However, unfortunately for him, they won’t be running the ETF2L config. In the end, b1am and sithreis will probably do enough to stop their teams current losing streak and post up a 4-2 win.

Wu Tang Killa Bees vs Independent Fighters Alliance

meo’s Prediction: IFA wins (4-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: IFA wins (4-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: IFA- wish scout, pie_hero snipervipa spy | wu^- lime scout

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: IFA- wish scout, TERRYCREWS demoman | wu^ – lime scout, MoonDoggy spy

meo’s Writeup: Neither of these two staple teams of Gold have been performing up to expectations. However, IFA has been losing to high-Gold teams they’ve been expected to beat while wu^ has been losing to low-Gold teams they’ve been expected to beat. IFA’s DM is simply leagues beyond wu^’s and IFA should find this match an easy first step in climbing their way back into the top 8.

VoxDei’s Writeup: wu^ draws the card of playing the best-worst team in UGC this season. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that IFA would end up so low in UGC rankings that they would earn themselves a Bye week and find themselves ranked 18th. IFA needs something to help them move past their struggles in the beginning of the season and a match against a damaged wu^ roster might be what they need. It’s hard to see this going any other way, but wu^ may have a few tricks up their sleeves to make it competitive.

Mature Dads Only vs BYE Week 


Below you’ll find Week 3’s stats and the Team of the Week.

In an interest of not delaying the article further, these stats are released as the logs display. However, it’s been brought to my attention that Jeebus vs cNd included a 6 minute pause which increased the overall map time and therefore lowered everyone’s Per-Minute stats. I will be fixing these.

Week 3 Stats

Match length

SPACEBEARS vs Meme Stealers 2.0 – 0:47:46
Wu Tang Killa Bees vs No.2 Pencils – 0:46:36
Universal $ Association vs Mature Dads Only 0:38:33
The Syndicate: Reborn vs Social Justice Warriors – 0:37:42
LOCAL TOP GUN vs  Secretly We Are Kawaii – 0:34:27
appel by VoxDei vs Baited by Rhy – 0:33:47
Alphabet Alliterations vs Shadowball  – 0:33:12
Team Jeebus vs Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – 0:27:53
Papa’s Peddlers vs -quail noises-  – 0:23:28

Team Kills per Minute (TK/M)

No.2 Pencils – 7.15
-quail noises- – 6.73
Universal $ Association – 6.51
Secretly We Are Kawaii – 6.12
Social Justice Warriors – 6.07
appel by VoxDei – 6.01
Shadowball – 5.99
Papa’s Peddlers – 5.75
Meme Stealers 2.0 – 5.72
The Syndicate: Reborn – 5.65
Mature Dads Only – 5.58
All Washed Up – 5.53
Wu Tang Killa Bees – 4.98
Team Jeebus 2.0 – 4.73
Baited by Rhy – 4.50
Alphabet Alliterations – 4.49
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – 3.23

Team Damage per Minute (TDA/M)

No.2 Pencils – 2425.34
appel by VoxDei – 2235.33
Social Justice Warriors – 2225.92
Secretly We Are Kawaii – 2194.08
Quail Noises – 2175.17
Universal $ Association – 2155.41
Papa’s Peddlers – 2086.02
Shadowball – 2072.32
The Syndicate: Reborn – 2034.77
Wu Tang Killa Bees -2026.44
All Washed Up – 1982.43
Meme Stealers 2.0 – 1967.46
Alphabet Alliterations – 1893.37
Mature Dads Only – 1891.36
Baited by Rhy – 1850.14
LOCAL TOP GUN – 1842.87
Team Jeebus 2.0 – 1663.36
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – 1465.39

Individual Stats – Overall

Top 10 Kills per Minute (K/M)

sniper egwat! – 1.46 (No.2)
scout Zuchima – 1.44 (No.2)
sniper phone – 1.25 (father)
soldier ExplosiveDeer* – 1.23 (KILLME)
demoman Coco- 1.20 (●)
soldier keeg – 1.17 (U$A)
demoman Campy – 1.17 (U$A)
scout rob – 1.15 (KILLME)
soldier Vand – 1.15 (/ ^ )>)
scout whymeo – 1.15 (££)

* ExplosiveDeer only played about 1/3 of the match

Top 10 Kills+Assist per Minute (KA/M)

soldier * ExplosiveDeer – 2.09 (KILLME)
scout zuchima – 1.97 (No.2)
scout yimi – 1.88 (/ ^ )>)
medic Affliction – 1.70 (sJ)
scout rob – 1.63 (KILLME)
soldier Vand – 1.62 (/ ^ )>)
demoman Campy – 1.61 (U$A)
demoman Coco – 1.60 (●)
scout whymeo – 1.53 (££)
sniper egwat – 1.52 (No.2)

Affliction has hit this list 2 week in a row. Respect.

Top 10 Damage per Minute (DA/M)

demoman Coco – 485.54 (●)
demoman ZZ – 448.45 (appel)
demoman mae – 447.06 (/ ^ )>)
sniper egwat – 439.89 (No.2)
demoman Rhy – 420.53 (DOES IT)
demoman Goldfish – 417.72 (sJ)
demoman doppel – 415.98 (Aw^)
scout zuchima – 414.48 (No.2)
demoman exile – 413.40 (-ts-)
sniper phone – 412.56 (father)

ExplosiveDeer was omitted from this list, but logged 445.39 DPM

Least Deaths per Minute (D/M)

medic Couches – 0.11 (Jeebus)
heavy WLLY – 0.18 (Jeebus)
medic brulée – 0.21 (appel)
medic Wall – 0.21 (●)
demoman Ezrik – 0.29 (Jeebus)
heavy Slice – 0.29 (SWAK)
engineer shiny mudkip – 0.30 (●)
medic tex- 0.31 (U$A)
medic Affliction – 0.32 (sJ)
pyro november – 0.32 (SWAK)

Couches man, the dude never dies… 2 weeks in the top spot.

Individual Stats – Class-specific

Top 10 Heals per Minute (H/M)

medic brulée 1368.84 (appel)
medic Discario – 1246.21 (DOES IT)
medic Affliction -1238.89 (sJ)
medic Wall – 1220.66 (●)
medic Teddy – 1207.80 (-ts-)
medic Sparhawk – 1156.39 (Aw^)
medic Gandalf – 1141.57 (SWAK)
medic tiptoes – 1139.15 (££)
medic the overseer – 1120.99 (-aa-)
medic Voll – 1115.80 (/ ^ )>)

Top 10 Ubercharges per Minute (U/M)

medic Affliction – 0.58 (sJ)
medic Teddy – 0.56 (-ts-)
medic Gandalf – 0.55 (SWAK)
medic Wall – 0.54 (●)
medic Abbott Jedi – 0.54 (No.2)
medic Couches – 0.50 (Jeebus)
medic Voll – 0.47 (/ ^ )>)
medic Hostile – 0.46 (KILLME)
medic tex – 0.44 (U$A)
medic Sparhawk – 0.42 (Aw^)

Affliction with his second week at the top.

Top 10 Headshots per Minute (HS/M)

spy joshcash – 1.43 (U$A)
spy pomf – 1.36 (/ ^ )>)
sniper SmileZ – 1.27 (appel)
sniper moof – 1.25 (U$A)
sniper watterson :3 – 1.11 (££)
sniper egwat – 1.05 (No.2)
sniper Kevin2019 – 0.98 (/ ^ )>)
sniper WiLLmaTiC – 0.93 (#TOPGUN)
sniper phone – 0.88 (father)
sniper zoey – 0.87 (●)

Top 10 Backstabs per Minute (BS/M)

spy Sanity Dance – 0.75 (SWAK)
spy MoonDoggy – 0.73 (wu^)
spy Proto – 0.51 (££)
spy Jayden – 0.47 (appel)
spy Yonnie – 0.47 (No.2)
spy evil – 0.37 (sJ)
spy sinister – 0.36 (●)
spy Sweeto – 0.36 (-aa-)
spy Sprok – 0.29 (#TOPGUN)
spy Dave – 0.25 (cNd)

Team of the week




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