Week 3: The “Shrug” Week

Viaduct passed almost entirely without incident, an entirely pedestrian event. A Very Merry Toothmas brought another top team to the very brink before losing it in the end; very much resembling the classic Yomie curse of only losing to highly ranked team in the final moments of games but giving said teams a heart attack in the process.

Speaking of process, that is not the map coming up next. Next up to bat is actually that map with the vaguely impenetrable last and one of the strangest area names of the entire map pool in nipple, Gullywash. After a week lacking close matchups, Gullywash looks to make it up to use by jamming it full of great matchups. Many of the teams that will appear on this power rankings will end up playing each other or even Ziggurat who are just outside sitting at rank 8.5. Without further ado, lets begin this power rankings which will look remarkably similar to last week.

#1: Dog1

scout Micah and Saam

pocket Ranga

roamer Liko

demoman Rikachu

medic Cookiejake

Maintaining their spot for the third week in the row is Dog1. They absolutely decimated the first team before handily taking care of The Sparkle Gang. This week was most definitely a rebound week for Micah as he tore through both teams this past week topfragging by quite a bit overall and generally sewing terror into their opponents. Saam seems to have went to the sniper well a couple of times this week to marginal success but it is not always the frags that determine how a sniper did If a sniper forces a team to completely adjust the way they want to play the map then that is successful as well. Overall there is not much to say, the power class players played well as expected. Micah’s play this past week was fantastic but he and Saam will have to keep improving for Dog1 to start to feel secure in their spot. This week the dawgs face another big challenge this week when they play Snailed It in what should be the MATCH OF THE WEEK

Last Week’s MVP: scout Micah

#2: Salty Spitoon

scout Tri and Ringo

pocket Sureshot

roamer Sneaky

demoman Schnell

medic Ictus

Sitting in second place, but precariously so is Salty Spitoon. It would seem that despite having an ESEA admin on their team, they have violated one of the most dangerous rules this side of trying to pay with E-Checks. By not playing with enough members from last season’s team in 3 out of the first 4 games, they have violated the roster hijacking rules and will lose their roster. The Rowdy Bar Boys appear to be scrounging for any life preserver they can find to keep themselves afloat but it may be a dangerous situation. I decide keep them in second mostly because I’m lazy and last week proved so little game wise that I don’t feel the need to move people around so much.

Last Week’s MVP: scout Ringo

#3: Snailed It

scout Skag and Skeez

pocket Shiki

roamer Rolling

demoman Glider

medic Peyote

Snailed had a half week, they only had to play Incredibly Mediocre and took care of them about as fast as humanly possible. Describing this past game in comparison to expectations would be like describing the sky on a clear blue day; Skeez and Skag killed people, Rolling made plays, and Glider hit things. The only thing of note was that Shiki played extraordinarily well, top-damaging for his team in the only match they played. This week they play Dog1 in what should be the match of the week. Snailed It’s scouts have performed better overall in matches and is one of the teams that I have picked up who will be able to take advantage of Dog1’s biggest, and possibly only, weakness roster-wise. Outside of the scouts Dog1 should have the power class advantage overall as the triad of Ranga, Rikachu, and Riko are ruff and ready for battle at all times. Moving on from what had to be the worst thing I’ve written in about 14 years, this game could go either way and it will be interesting to see how the two teams attempt to play to their advantage If at all.

Last Week’s MVP: pocket Shiki

#4: Netflix n Chill Yourself

scout Air and Wrech

pocket Mustardoverlord

roamer Connor

demoman Chriz_Tah_Fah

medic Bear

Maintaiing their spot in 4th is Netflix N’ Chill Yourself who played a fairly clean game against Ziggurat Complex. They generally played well aside from allowing an incredible three minute long hold that brought Ziggurat Complex all the way back from the brink of a loss to give Netflix a slight scare. Unfortunately a bevy of micro and macro mistakes from Ziggurat Complex were continually exploited by the Stream Team who repeatedly took the treasure and ran out of the temple. Ziggurat just made too many mistakes that Netflix were readily willing to exploit. There was some rough spots towards the end of the match where Netflix decided that they should just troll at the end for no apparent reason, maybe it was MustardOverLord showing his alternate universe counterpart who exactly was the overlord and the underlord. Either way, Netflix and chill get to play another team at the fringes of the power rankings this week in Sparkle Gang. While I expect Sparkle Gang to put up a better fight than Ziggurat Complex, the Netflix n’ Chill should come out of Gullywash week feeling fine.

Last Week’s MVP: demoman Chriz_Tah_Fah

#5: Frickin Awesome Gamers

scout Yimi and dFlame

pocket Trippa

roamer Froot

demoman Odb

medic Luxor

By virtue of getting another win, and because I feel that I absolutely have to reward wins, the Frickin Awesome Gamers move up to fifth this week. They played a solid fringe top 8 team in the Flipper Skippers who seems to have backed off from having the worst aliases in the history of ESEA to being only slightly horrific. For a single game the Blue Elephant scouts were reunited in love once again as Kev2019 had to come in for dflame in the second game of the week. Playing and defeating what I consider the 8.56 team in Flipper Skippers gives Frickin Awesome Gamers the ever so slight boost to fifth. This week should provide some actual interest as the Gamers will go over to Mustard’s house for some Netflix n’ Kill. Probably the match this week with the second highest potential to be fairly good. I’d give the overall DM advantage over the Frickin Awesome Gamers as they seem to possess that in spades, meanwhile Netflix N’ Chill have a strong mix of gamesense and experience. The new school of players versus some of the oldest players in IM, the geriatrics versus the toddlers. Welcome to the newest death battle.

Last Week’s MVP: demoman Odb

#6: A Very Merry Toothmas

scout Pie_hero and Split

pocket Tooth

roamer Fragg

demoman Mae

medic Topshot

Moving down one spot, but doing so in the most valiant way is A Very Merry Toothmas. They seem to have spontaneously contracted the Yomie Syndrome as they take each and every top team they play to the brink of defeat only to fall a part in some cataclysmic way in the end, their hopes dashed like so many children playing in the road. The story for Toothmas continues to be that Pie_Hero and Mae_Lad tear into the competition putting up obscene numbers of frags and damage only to be thwarted by superior overall teams. Split again plays a strong game, but not quite up to the level of Pie_Hero, which

isn’t entirely fair because few scouts are playing anywhere near his level. This game Salty Spitoon had Ringo match Pie_Hero frag for frag out-murdering the Toothmas scout by 2 with a total of 53 frags. Were one of the Toothmas soldiers able to pull off a performance in the same atmosphere of Mae and Pie_Hero it seems likely that Toothmas could be undefeated right now and sitting atop the throne of IM but they just aren’t quite able ot reach it. This isn’t to say that Tooth is playing awful, they seem to be adjusting to a Pie_Hero and Mae_Lad heavy team with those two getting a large amount of the heals. If Toothmas can make a few adjustments expect me to shoot them far up the rankings, even if it seems undeserved. I was heavily tempted not to move them down at all but winning needs to be rewarded and they didn’t win.

Last Week’s MVP: scout Pie_hero

#7: Young Hunters SocialClub

scout Ex and Blues

pocket Phelon

roamer Photon


medic Lucrative

The Young Hunters Social Club had were going to play the original viaduct, but inclement weather led both games to be canceled (I blame those darn Ice Giants from the north, also known as Canadians).The Young Hunters Social club faced incredible opposition though but managed to pull out ahead. This week they play an Incredibly Mediocre team, and Incredibly Medicore (HA). The YHSC gang (whom I heard have recently been dissed by Meek Mill) should come out of this week 2-0 and looking forward to another off week basically on Sunshine.

Last Week’s MVP: The Grim Reaper

#8: Sparkle Gang

scout Spamfest and Fuzion

pocket P3nguin

roamer June

demoman Dash

medic Gandalf

Maintaining their spot at 8th because it fits my narrative of nothing happening last week is the Sparkle Gang who get the Disney Celeb award for toughest schedule possible in the first half of the season playing Salty Spitoon and Dog1 in successive weeks. After putting up a good fight against Salty Spitoon in the first week they get absolutely mauled by the Dawg Pound in the viaduct week. Sparkle Gang maintain their position in the rankings because their only losses are to the top 2 teams in IM currently and because the others vying for their position lost games as well. This next week should be more telling for whether or not they deserve to be in or on the fringes with a few other teams as they play a few of those teams. I still currently project the Sparklers to end the season 9-7, losing to the teams above them but sneaking away from the teams below them with a few wins.

Last Week’s MVP: demoman Dash


One thought on “Week 3: The “Shrug” Week

  1. enjoyed the rankings as usual, just gonna add a few comments about teams despite it only being a few weeks in.

    #2 hope they stay alive somehow, not much else to say.

    #3 really good teamplay with snailed, they play very cohesive and i think a lot of that is owed to pey’s calling and organization. even if he may not be always right, he is decisive and that’s always helpful. shiki is their strongest fragger i think, but don’t wanna compliment them too much as we play them tonight.

    #4 scouts are stronger than expected, they play well. not yet crazy scary, but def not pushovers. bear is the best, his civ strategies will come useful one day. if you try to push their demo in an even push or one on one, youre gonna have a bad time regardless of class. mustard’s jumping means the other team can’t get punished a lot, but his comms probably make up for it.

    #5 have a lot of potential, odb is absolutely insane and hits every pipe. i love pipe demos, and he’s one of the hardest demos to jump at. their scouts have the raw dm, but i feel like they just go do whatever they want and when the strongest class (imo) does that, you’re gonna be on the backfoot. trippa knows what he wants to do on ubers, and it feels like the scouts know what to do then. but in transitions they go wild. luxor is quite annoying to jump, and has some good surfs, i see this team trending up.

    #6 pie_hero is always around, and their sollies have tons of experience, so you need to be careful pushing them. mae has good demo skills, continuing the trend of really good demos in IM this season. topshot gets caught out a lot, but i find med hard so don’t blame him.

    #7 a lot of experience, and also streaky. have a good schedule as you mentioned, which i think isn’t so great, as it may allow them to not want to improve.

    #8 dash is best, the original pango.


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