Week 4: My “Excuse” Week

Week 4: The sun rises on a new week

We take off our hats and press X to pay respects to two entities; first we must mourn the loss of Salty Spitoon to roster hijack rules, and we must again mourn Trippa’s sanity as he has lost to Mustardoverlord again. Some say that still now, from countries away you can hear him proclaim, “I didn’t lose, I played great what are you talking about”. He thought he escaped the stages of grief, but he is spinning his wheels in denial. The other major game played this past week was Snailed It vs. Dog1 where Dog1 managed to inch out the victory with the smallest of margins.

Coming up this week is Sunshine, one of the most “polarizing” maps in the rotation. There seem to be few people who feel indifferent to the map, the majority fall under a camp of blind hate to a map that is honestly one of the better in the rotation. This and probably next week’s writeup will be the most disappointing of the season (despite me saying that last week). I am going to try out something different and make individual articles for important games that happen in the next week and this past week. Give me about two weeks to figure out how I want that to function (and to finish mid-terms and 4 papers). Let’s a go.

#1: Dog1

scout Micah and Saam

pocket Ranga

roamer Liko

demoman Rikachu

medic Cookiejake

Maintaining their position at first for the fourth week in the row is Dog1, who is looking to make #1 a permanent fixture in their description. They managed to beat an extremely skilled Snailed It team who just could not put Dog1 away after going up with a huge lead. Dog1 once again showed that they are extremely resilient, refusing to say die despite large round deficits. Micah is rebounding from his earlier difficulties in the strongest way possible, putting up the second highest frags in the game and doing a good amount of damage for his team. Unfortunately Saam is not showing that same type of improvement, struggling throughout the game with an underwhelming 118 damage in a performance only matched by Skeez’s similar struggles. The big different for this game came in the form of the invite experienced members of Dog1, Ranga and Rikachu who continued to output damage and grab frags at a rate that the Snailed It boys were unable tokeep up with in the end. Liko again showed a strong performance. This will be one of the two games from this week that I will be taking a closer look at in the upcoming weeks. As for now Dog1 gets a more relaxing schedule for Sunshine, playing teams far below them in power. They should look to not get too comfortable, taking teams lightly is the easiest way to drop a game.

Last Week’s MVP: demoman Rikachu

#2: Snailed It

scout Skag and Skeez

pocket Shiki

roamer Rolling

demoman Glider

medic Peyote

Snail Squad Six gave Dog1 everything that they could possibly handle, swarming the lost puppy with all of their forces covering the poor creature in whatever goo comes off of a Snail. Unfortunately for them the Dog was just far too large, and eventually realized this, shaking off the Snails in a prolific way. Snailed It was just unable to put away Dog1, a similar issue that Chubby Ducks faced in the first week. Dog1 just does not know when to say quit and they keep fighting, if you are ill-prepared to go the full length of the match at your highest level they will march all the way back to victory. This game will be

the focus of an individual article so I will stop the conjecture and extrapolation here for now and look forward. At the time of this writing, Snailed It has already gotten a forfeit win against the now dead Salty Spitoon depriving us of what should have been an exciting game. This week they play Ziggurat Complex, and should be able to roll through this game in a highly efficient manner. The strengths of Snailed it align with and outshine the strong pieces of Ziggurat and thus I predict Snailed it to come out of Sunshine week cleanly.

Last Week’s MVP: scout Skag

#3: Netflix n Chill Yourself

scout Air and Wrech

pocket Mustardoverlord

roamer Connor

demoman Chriz_Tah_Fah

medic Bear

Clearly the takeaway from this week is that Mustardoverlord owns Trippa’s soul. No matter how well Trip plays, he is just an under-baron to Mustard’s overlord status. Thus the Netflix N’ Chill gang pull out another 5-4 victory over a good team. This match will be the other subject of an individual article that give a better rundown. Looking at the stats the Freakin Awesome Gamers ended the game with a damage and frag advantage over Netflix, but Netflix N’ Chill won out in the end. Chriz Tah Fah and Mustard carried the bulk of work for the team, putting out several seasons worth of damage and frags that was only matched by Trippa on the other team. Wrech did a minimal amount of damage, but definitely did his job as cleanup scout and cap scout picking up a large amount of frags and generally capitalizing off of the damage of his combo. It seems that this game Marxist was subbed in to play Medic again for the resident grizzly of the team and he played a very clean game.

Last Week’s MVP:  demoman Chriz_Tah_Fah

#4: A Very Merry Toothmas

scout Pie_hero and Split

pocket Tooth

roamer Hooli

demoman Mae

medic Topshot

This week the Lil Chubby Ducks just edge out Freakin Awesome Gamers as a result of them having “slightly better losses”. Their loses to Dog1 and Salty Spitoon, the #1 and #2 teams in IM at the time of having played the games. It’s a troublesome concept to call anything “good losses”, but with both teams having an equal amount of wins and losses, who they lost to and how has to come into play. In this case Freakin Awesome Gamers allowed two teams to climb back all the way to victory despite the Gamers having a large lead. Lil Chubby Ducks suffered a similar loss to Dog1, but Dog1 seems to be at least half cat because they have to have nine lives. Dog1 just does not die. Lil Cubby Ducks tried to make a comeback of their own against Salty Spitoon but was unable to bring it all the way to the finish in the end. So weighing the two losses in comparison, Lil Chubby Ducks just barely edges out the Gamers. Last week was fairly pedestrian for the duckies, as they handled Creative Juices fairly easily. Though they dropped two rounds, it was a 20 minute damage face as Pie_hero simply ravaged the competition. This week the Ducks play against Netflix N’ Chill in what should be the game of the week in IM.

Last Week’s MVP: scout Pie_hero

#5: Frickin Awesome Gamers

scout Yimi and dFlame

pocket Trippa

roamer Froot

demoman Odb

medic Luxor

In what must be the darkest timeline for Trippa, and at least the third time I directly reference this as part of the rankings, the Freakin Awesome gamers have lost to MustardOverlord. The Gamers were just unable to conquer the Chill crew, getting lost in seasons and seasons of random TV shows only to realize that during their daze the Netflix crew had increased the subscription fee and moved most of their favorites to DVD only. That is to say that Netflix n’ Chill climbed all the way back into the game,

defeating them in a most painful fashion. Continuing the trend of close games having one scout limp their way through the game, Yimi struggled to stay afloat only managing to grab 23 frags and failing to counterbalance his 26 deaths. The Freakin Awesome Gamersa are a skilled team, but they just need to iron out some of the kinks, kinks that normally come along with a team that does not have a wealth of experience playing at a higher level. Trippa and Mustard went heal for heal, with Trippa out healing and out-damaging his opponent but it just was not enough to pull out the victory in the end. dFlame put together a similarly impressive performance, dropping 44 frags and generally seeming to play very well. This week the Gamers play Sparkle Gang and should definitely be able to handle themselves and prepare for a Badlands week that will give the Gamers a chance at redemption against another top team.

Last Week’s MVP: pocket Trippa

#6: Young Hunters SocialClub

scout Ex and Blues

pocket Phelon

roamer Photon


medic Lucrative

Essentially maintaining their position, but moving up as a result of the death of Salty Spitoon, is YHSC. They have not played a strong team since they loss to Netflix N’ Chill, as until they play a team at a comparable level to themselves I will be reluctant to move them far up the list. However it must be stated that they are taking care of every team before them, and that is all that can be asked of them. Putting together crushing victories over team that they should destroy and moving on to the next match. Again YHSC will not be playing anyone of particular note, but looking just a bit further into the future holds a dark tunnel that they will have to fight through. As for now, YHSC is sitting on an extremely powerful roster with the ability to easily be top 3 at the end of the season. Keep firing boys.

Last Week’s MVP: pocket Phelon

#7: Flipper Skippers

scout Tatuwah and Mikey

pocket KTB

roamer Syath


medic Sash

Making their first appearance in the top 8 is Flipper Skippers who managed to make their appearance after a close victory over the #8 team in this past week. The Flipper Skippers have been flying just below the radar, playing teams around their level and winning those games, but finding themselves completely out of their atmosphere against some of the stronger teams in IM. As such, with Sparkle Gang getting upset and losing their demoman the Flipper Skippers jump onto the rankings. With the death of the salty Spitoon group they get a free rank promotion, going up to 7th. Overall with the fall of Sparkle Gang I feel that the level of IM teams have fallen off a cliff after YHSC. I hope I get horribly proved wrong, but I could conceivably stop the rankings at 6 because of the cavernous difference in skill after the Young Hunters. Let’s see if the Skippers can make me flip my position, but as for no I’m fairly pessimistic about the last two positions on the rankings.

Last Week’s MVP: pocket KTB

#8: Shadow Ninja Warriors

scout Glukkon and Vaati

pocket Meyy

roamer Megawac


medic Maev

Coming straight out of the 5th grade where this configuration of words might in some way sound cool is the Shadow Ninja Warriors. A team name which is redundant, seeing that Ninja’s generally are supposed to be associated with the shadows and Ninja’s are a type of “warrior”. There were about four teams that I considered to hold the 8th spot on the list, and I eventually settled on the warriors. This team and Flipper Skipper’s attempted to assassinate me with their match which I casted with Stochast1c last week, getting into fights which forced two to three minutes of continual play by play in the worst way. Either way the warriors have a few talented players on the roster, namely Glukkon and DC who should be able to take certain teams by surprise and carry more than their fair share of the weight. Megawac is an experienced and skilled player who will be instrumental in getting his teammates acclimated to play in IM. Overall I expect SHW to be a good team, but not a great team and that will hold them back against many of the better teams in IM.

Last Week’s MVP: pocket Meyy


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