UGC Gold Highlander Season 18 Week 5 Review and Week 6 Preview – Where is the Water in Swiftwater?

February 20th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 5 Review and Week 6 Preview – Where is the Water in Swiftwater?

by VoxDei and whymeo

cp_steel has closed its doors on the regular season for divisions below Platinum, but get to welcome it again later in the season. Will teams make the same mistakes as this past week?


Funny enough, only one Home team lost this week.

Unfortunately, time has been of the essence this week, so this is a rather barebones article. The remaining pieces are being filled in and the article will be updated accordingly.

Anyway, let’s get into this week’s review!

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Social Justice Warriors vs Shadowball

Final result: sJ won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP:  crab_f soldier sJ

VoxDei’s MVP: crab_f soldier sJ

Match length + Logs: 30:33 //

meo’s Writeup: A rather expected result, there’s not a whole lot to say here. Despite valiant efforts from lui (heavy, ) and Unicorn Wizard (soldier, ) Shadowball was heavily outgunned. Crab_f walked all over Shadowball’s flank, scoring a ridiculous 47 kills and 515 dpm, vinny (sniper, sJ) destroyed Hydroflouric (sniper, ) in the svs 9 to 3 and goldfish (demoman, sJ) outperformed coco (demoman, ) by a mile. A good effort by Shadowball, but this match was simply unwinnable for them, especially with their large number of sudden roster changes.

VoxDei’s Writeup: What had the chance to be a pretty exciting grudge match turned into something ugly as drama surrounded the Shadowball roster days before the match last week. Something that resembeled a pug team squared away against the best team in Gold in season and yeah, it was about as one-sided as it sounds. There were a few strong players on the Shadowball side, but they were completely outdone by sJ. Perhaps another week in the oven and there might be a finished product, but sJ are going to improve to 5-0 with ease.

Team Jeebus 2.0: Need for Jeebs vs appel by VoxDei

Final result: Jeebus won (2-1)

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: SmileZ sniper appel

VoxDei’s MVP: Ezrik demoman Jeebus

Match length + Logs: 45:41 //

Cast: VoxDei + Mime:

meo’s WriteupI really expected appel to take this game, but in the end they lose a close 2-1 to Jeebus. Appel actually out fragged Jeebus by 20 kills, suggesting that some misplays, likely a result of the map being steel, ended up losing appel the match and not dm. I think if we see this matchup again in playoffs on a non-steel map the result will be different. Appel’s new combo seems to be working out fairly well though, with brulée actually dying less than her counterpart, Couches, on Jeebus. Appel’s lack of coordination causing their medic a large amount of deaths was a huge issue for them at the start of the season, so appel’s clearly making strides in improving their coordination. Good performances from ezrik (demoman, Jeebus) and comanglia (sniper, Jeebus) and the map were just enough to make appel barely lose this match. Ah, but SmileZ even out-sniped comanglia, winning the SvS 8 to 5 and having a few more frags and a bit more dpm…appel really should have won this match. However, despite a disappointing loss I think appel’s performance here is a really good sign for the rest of their season, with some of their prior issues no longer showing up and their dm in top form.

VoxDei’s Writeup: This game had the chance to swing either way and Jeebus was out to prove that they want their loss to sJ last week to be their only one for the remainder of the season. Anything that I can really say would be overshadowed by the cast which you should take some time to check out. It was tightly contested around every corner and no one team was in control or dominant for too long, leading to a tug-o-war which finally landed on the side of Jeebus in the end. Jeebus shows their superior coordination despite getting outfragged which allowed them to take this win on Steel.

-quail noises- vs Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Final result: / ^ )> won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP: mae demoman / ^ )>

VoxDei’s MVP: sigh soldier / ^ )> 

Match length + Logs: 27:23 //

meo’s Writeup: Even more of a roll than sJ vs. Shadowball, this match was sadly over before it even really began. With zoey (scout, cNd) the only member of cNd able to go positive, cNd was clearly just completely out-classed dm wise here. Quail’s new member, sigh (soldier, / ^ )>) did extremely well, going 39 – 9 and hitting 450 dpm. Quails pickup of sigh makes their roster even scarier, if that’s even possible.

VoxDei’s Writeup: cNd is going to take my vote for the most volatile team this season. Every single match they’ve played has ended with 0 points for the losing team, which means they either play amazingly or disastrously. After smoking SWAK last week, they get blown out here by -quail noises-. However, the quails show why they are till one of the top 3 teams in the division. Insane level of play come from almost every single player on their roster as 6 players outfragged all 9 gamers on the cNd side. Quails will continue to dominate and cNd will have to spend a little more time figuring out how to prevent future meltdowns.

The Syndicate: Reborn vs Papa’s Peddlers

Final result: -ts- won (2-1)

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: Max demoman ££

VoxDei’s MVP: beanie heavy -ts-

Match length + Logs: 44:42 //

Cast: VoxDei, Epic, and Mime:

meo’s WriteupA close matchup for the first two halves, beanie went absolutely off and shut down Papa’s Peddlers in the third half. After Pepe capped C in only two minutes, beanie held lobby eventually reaching a ridiculous 20 killstreak before finally dying. At this point eight minutes had been wasted trying to dislodge beanie from lobby and Pepe capped E in 11 minutes. Unable to put up a defense for this long, Pepe lost the last round ending the game 2-1 in B»M’s favor. Max definitely deserves a mention here, going 55 – 18 despite being on the losing team and putting out 509 dpm, 99 more dpm than B»M’s demo exile. If Pepe’s overall performance had been just a little better, then Max would have undoubtedly carried his team to victory in this game.

VoxDei’s Writeup: This game really did come down to a few key moments and mistakes, which seems to be a common trend for ££ in their losses. Things looked great at the start, capping in the first round in a speedy 4:14, but they were unable to figure things out on defense, which led to about a 3:30 time for -ts- as they went up 1-0. Coming back in the second half off of the back of their Demoman, Max, ££ saw themselves with the game tied and on the way back to an offensive round. What started off clean quickly went awry as beanie had an absolutely monstrous 20 killstreak that left ££ guessing, only to be ended at the hands of a butterknife by Proto. With a disastrously long time, -ts- easily choked out the remainder of ££ for a 2-1 victory.

Meme Stealers 2.0 vs No.2 Pencils

Final result: KILLME won (2-1)

meo’s Prediction: KILLME wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: KILLME wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP: JJSlim soldier KILLME

VoxDei’s MVP: BazingaBarry82 demoman KILLME

Match length + Logs: 51:20 //

meo’s Writeup: This match was a lot closer than I would have expected, with the match going 2-1 in Meme Stealers’ favor. The match wasn’t close in frag count however, with Meme Stealers getting a huge 84 more frags than No.2. It seems Meme Stealers only dropped a round because of steel shenanigans and this match probably would have been a roll on any other map. As expected, JJslim and rob (scout, KILLME) carried Meme Stealers as hard as they normally do, getting a combined 104 frags.

VoxDei’s Writeup: An interestingly close match in the sense that it ended 2-1. although not surprising with the level of firepower No.2 has brought even with their losses this season. They will seem to struggle without Zuchima on Scout, but still manage to get some work done despite being outplayed by the flank over on the KILLME side. Aside from the normally stunning flank for KILLME, Jaaay sniper and BazingaBarry82 manage to put down some excellent numbers with Jaaay snagging 8 Med picks. Clearly KILLME is starting to hit their stride and will need to keep this up to guarantee a playoff berth.

Independent Fighters Alliance vs Alphabet Alliterations

Final result: -aa- won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: IFA wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: IFA wins (2-0)

meo’s MVPcaban -aa-

VoxDei’s MVP: Without logs it’s hard to tell what happened, but let’s just say -aa- as a whole.

Match length + Logs: N/A

meo’s Writeup: With no full logs or stats (I believe), what exactly went wrong this match for IFA is a bit of a mystery. I won’t venture to try and draw any conclusions about what happened in this match, but I think it’s pretty clear that IFA made some serious mistakes.

VoxDei’s Writeup: What can you really say here? IFA was supposed to win, but didn’t have anything behind them to pull out a victory. Rather than focus on their failures, I’d like to make note of -aa-‘s success, which places them at a respectable 3-2 and among the middle of the division. They’ve outgrown the perceptions of players from the beggining of the season and are determined to make a run for playoffs. Their 2-0 win over IFA is just further proof that they are where they belong.

Baited by Rhy vs Universal $ Association

Final result: DOES IT won (2-0)

meo’s Prediction: DOES IT wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: DOES IT wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: kezia scout U$A

VoxDei’s MVP: Rhy demoman DOES IT

Match length + Logs: 33:33 //

meo’s WriteupUnexpectedly, U$A loses their match to DOES IT 2-0. Glancing over the stats for the most important classes, the result at first seems confusing. Keiza and keeg (soldier, U$A) far out performed DOES IT’s flank of juicy (scout, DOES IT) and super (soldier, DOES IT) with more kills, more damage and significantly less deaths. Campy (demoman, U$A) had over 100 more dpm than Rhy and a couple more frags. Finally, moof (sniper, U$A) significantly out fragged conner (sniper, DOES IT). So what exactly went wrong? Looking at logs, pretty much everyone else on U$A did extremely poorly. Nick (heavy, U$A) went a dismal 10 – 20 and put out very little damage. Joshcash (spy, U$A) went 13 – 36 and didn’t really get anything besides a couple med picks. Frost and gaberz also went negative fairly hard on pyro and engineer. If U$A hadn’t cut their heavy, Ivan, he might have made the difference in this match, considering how poorly nick did. Kind of annoying that U$A very well might have killed their potential by cutting a good heavy for a really mediocre one, but it happens.

VoxDei’s Writeup: From what I could understand from talking to players on DOES IT and U$A, this game largely ended up in the hands of Rhy due to his Loose Cannon plays, even apologizing in the post-match writeup. Despite the apparent cheesy plays only a few people fell victim to the Loose Cannon. Still, the teams were matched pretty evenly in frags and damage, but clearly U$A lacks the cohesion that DOES IT had to walk away with the victory here.

All Washed Up vs LOCAL TOP GUN

Final result: Aw^ won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: #TOPGUN wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: sithreis soldier Aw^

VoxDei’s MVP: sithreis soldier Aw^

Match length + Logs: 26:44 //

meo’s WriteupThis match might very well be the end of TOPGUN. With fatswimdude (soldier, TOPGUN) having one last good game, after this loss he’s decided to call it quits. Willmatic, having tried his best for an entire half a season, seems to have no carry left in him and went 7 – 27 in this match. Sithreis and sharpshot (heavy, Aw^) found TOPGUN easy prey in this match and easily led their team to victory.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Aw^ are able to take a swift victory over #TOPGUN clocking one of the faster match times this week. With solid performances all around, they’re able to easily take this one and improve to a 2-3 record while pushing #TOPGUN down to the bottom of the division at 1-4. With a bye week on the horizon, perhaps #TOPGUN can figure something out, but the story here is that Aw^ still has the potential to contend with a fair number of teams in Gold.

Mature Dads Only vs Wu Tang Killa Bees

Final result: Mature Dads Only won with a FFW

meo’s Prediction: father wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: father wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: N/A

VoxDei’s MVP: cp_steel

Match length + Logs: N/A

meo’s Writeup: N/A

VoxDei’s Writeup: Honestly, quite unsurprisingly, Wu Tang bow out for the season, granting a FFW to Mature Dads Only. Wu Tang could come back in Week 7, but it would be a mere formality if that were the case.

Every week, my titles get worse, and Swiftwater is no exception.


This week probably includes some of the best matchups you’ll see all season, with the potential of close games for nearly every match. Unfortunately, I will not be able to cast this week, but taking my place as camera/play-by-play will be Mime, whereas newcomer Epic, will take Mime’s role. This will still be going down on the normal Twitch channel and no matter what game is casted, you can be sure it will be amazing.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Social Justice Warriors vs -quail noises-

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins (2-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watchsJ- goldfish demoman, DynamoVic sniper, evil spy| / ^ )>- yimi scout, sigh soldier, mae demoman

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watchsj- crab_f soldier, goldfish demoman, evil spy | / ^ )>- sigh soldier, mae demoman, pomf spy

meo’s WriteupThe face off against the two best teams in Gold is here! If this game was taking place on a 5cp or koth map I think quails would win pretty easily, but payload should be quite close. In the end, I think sJ will take this game. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself here, but it just makes sense that sJ would go undefeated in regular season. The team that goes undefeated in regular season never wins and sJ almost certainly will lose to Quails when they have to play them on 5cp or koth in playoffs. Well, speculation based on trends in what teams get 1st in Gold aside, it seems to me that sJ outclasses quails where it matters for swiftwater. Sure, quails flank of yimi + sigh is miles ahead of sJ’s flank (or any flank in Gold and low-plat for that matter), but that doesn’t matter a whole lot on Swiftwater. Unless I’m sorely mistaken though, DynamoVic should easily handle kev (sniper, quails) which is a huge advantage on Swiftwater. Combine this with the fact that sJ has had a much more stable and committed roster throughout the season, and as a result better coordination, and I think sJ should take this game.

VoxDei’s Writeup: This is going to be the clash of the top two teams this season and it’s completely wasted on Swiftwater. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Swiftwater to a degree, but it’s not the high-tension, action-packed map we’d like to see these teams duke it out on. Even another Payload may be more interesting, but this aside, the stars of the game are the one’s on the map, not the map itself. sJ has one final stop before declaring themselves almost undoubtedly undefeated, and this is the quails chance to become the undisputed #1. Expect a lot on the line for each team here, but still a rather relaxed game. The flanks for either side will be a huge factor, considering both sigh and crab_f put up monster numbers last week, but the cohesion within the sJ lineup just seems like it would prove too strong for quails. Not to mention that quails only loss this season came on a Payload map where they lost 2-0. Still, they’re nowhere near out of the fight and can still do some damage.

Beanies to the Max vs Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins (2-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watchB»M- beanie heavy, exile demoman | Jeebus – kairu scout, Couches medic, Comanglia sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: Jeebus- ezrik demoman, MrDelDongo spy | B»M- SpecDeck soldier, beanie heavy, kai engineer

meo’s Writeup: Although Beanies to the Max is a solid team, roster troubles definitely tilts this game in Jeebus’ favor. B»M has the better combo here, with beanie on heavy and exile on demo, but right now B»M doesn’t even have a sniper at all. I’m working with the presumption that comanglia will be a better sniper than whoever B»M manages to field for their match, which makes things much easier for Jeebus. Add on the fact that B»M may or may not have a medic and that they’ll be missing their scout DrZoidy for the match and this game is looking to be over before it even starts.

VoxDei’s Writeup: The team formerly known as The Syndicate: Reborn has memed their name into Beanies to the Max. Why V»X was not considered, one may never know. Despite their roster issues B»M is looking to get back on track after beating ££ last week. Although without a Med and a Sniper, with the roster they currently have, the difficulty to fill those slots with warm bodies will be non-existent. The trouble stems from the fact that their Sniper spot remains a question mark while going into Swiftwater. Comanglia may not be sitting in his Season 15 form, but with a familiar map like Swiftwater, his ability to go off at any point should instill fear in the combo of B»M. Despite the fact that the fragging power of DrZoidy will be missing this week, the hope is that it being a payload map (albeit Scout friendly) will not cause too much panic on the B»M side. Assuming B»M can find adequate players to fill the spots, they should take this game, but the uncertainty in their roster can turn ugly and put this game in Jeebus’ hands.

Shadowball vs Appel by VoxDei

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (2-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: appel- bunny soldier, drunk uncle demomanSmileZ sniper | ●- Unicorn Wizard soldier, Timeless sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watchappel- bunny soldier, Vipa heavySmileZ sniper | ●- Unicorn Wizard soldier, Coco demoman, Timeless sniper

meo’s Writeup: I don’t envy any team that has to play against SmileZ on Swiftwater. Unless, that is, you happen to have picked up Timeless to snipe for you. What is Timeless doing playing in Gold? I’m not entirely sure, but he’s sure to be one hell of a hard carry for Shadowball. Appel is by far the overall better team and SmileZ is one of the best snipers in Gold, so although Timeless is almost certain to out-perform everyone in this match I think appel will be able to get this win. Also of note on appel is that they’ve at last found someone to play heavy for them, vipa, so drunk uncle finally gets to play his main again. Their new combo seems to be working fairly well together and drunk uncle has been pounding on demo. Appel should still be able to get this win, but Timeless is going to make it hard.

VoxDei’s Writeup: I wasn’t giving Shadowball much of a shot here until their recent pick up of Timeless for this week at least. Timeless is going to bring a level of consistency to a roster undeserving of his skill in all honesty. Shadowball’s meltdown and subsequent resurrection allows them to continue their solid Gold season, however with additions of Plat players peppered into a roster that is still figuring things out. Timeless is sure to be a thorn in appel’s side, but they should still be able to take this with their flank and combo still outweighing Shadowball’s entirely.

Meme Stealers 2.0 vs Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

meo’s Prediction: KILLME wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: KILLME wins (2-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watchKILLME- rob scout,  JJSlim soldier, sullyy sniper | cNd – zoey scout, minti pyro, dave spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watchKILLME- rob scout,  JJSlim soldier, zuchima demoman | cNd – zoey scout, flickdemoman, eagle sniper

meo’s Writeup: Meme Stealers, with their new roster, are finally playing against another team trying to make it into playoffs at 8th-6th place. Although flank isn’t as important as sniper or demo on a map like swiftwater, it’s undeniable that Meme Stealers has one of the best flanks in Gold. Zoey was the only one on cNd to go positive in their match against quails last week, so it’s possible she might do well against rob, but JJslim is almost certain to outperform matthew (soldier, cNd) by quite a bit. Meme Stealers new sniper, sullyy, seems to be an absolute monster and is likely going to completely outsnipe eagle. With an advantage in demo and scout and a big advantage on sniper and soldier this match seems like it should go to Meme Stealers – when you go through player-by-player. However, both these teams have had numerous roster changes throughout this season, so exactly how well they’re going to perform as a team is a bit hard to gauge. Meme Stealers should have this game as long as they don’t mess up, but with their ever changing roster it’s not entirely impossible that some serious coordination issues could lead to a loss.

VoxDei’s Writeup: To be honest, this is going to be one of the better Mid-Gold matchup we’ll see, however, of all maps for it to go down on, it HAD to be Payload.
These two teams both have an incredible amount of skill on their rosters who are ready to duke it out for the chance to find their way to a solid 4-2 record. cNd started the season out 3-0 but have since lost two straight games to formidable opponents. KILLME is in the opposite boat, starting out 0-2 before winning 3 straight. With KILLME’s new Sniper pickup sully still unproven in a Gold match, I can’t vote against eagle, so I think cNd has the advantage on Sniper and in terms of coordination, but my gut tells me to vote KILLME. 2-0 KILLME.

Alphabet Alliterations vs Baited by Rhy

meo’s Prediction: DOES IT wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: DOES IT wins (2-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: -aa- – octa heavy | DOES IT – juicy scout, super soldier

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: -aa- – caban scout, milk sniper | DOES IT – super soldier, rhy demoman, water spy

meo’s WriteupI’m really uncertain about this matchup. -aa- kind of came out of nowhere, so I’m not entirely sure what to think about them as a team. The fact that they largely appear to be getting carried their heavy, octa, only makes me even more confused about them. I think I’m going to chalk up -aa-’s win against IFA as largely a fluke and say that DOES IT’s experienced players have the advantage here.

VoxDei’s Writeup: We actually have a really fair amount of awesome matchups this week, with the quickly improving -aa- going up against a strong DOES IT team. Both are coming off of wins on Steel, but -aa- took down IFA to get here. -aa- is a tough team to judge as they have been performing extremely well even when at a disadvantage, and DOES IT has proved their worth by taking down a weakened Papa’s Peddlers in Week 3. The sensible choice is DOES IT but -aa- cannot be counted out. The thing to note however, is that -aa- has begun making sacrifices to continue their strong season, benching naknak and Uncle Dane, however I’m unclear on who their mains will be for this week. -aa- clearly is willing to do what it takes to win, but how can I bet against triiiple and Rhy on a combo dominant map? 2-0 DOES IT.

Papa’s Peddlers vs No.2 Pencils

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: ££ wins (2-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: heisen is back to carry me on flank

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: ££- heisen soldier, max demoman, watterson sniper | No.2- Brick Hughouse demoman, egwat sniper

meo’s Writeup: N/A

VoxDei’s Writeup: No.2 has been a really strong team, keeping games close and winning against teams people believed they had no shot against. I think that No.2 will keep this game close too, but probably won’t be able to finish what they start. The story of this game will be egwat vs watterson, and despite egwat’s awesome season so far, I still believe watterson is the best Sniper in Gold this season. ££ may still be reeling after their loss last week, so they’ll be playing with emotion and the threat of being almost officially knocked out of playoffs. Whether this helps or hinders will remain to be seen, but it is 100% their game to lose.

Mature Dads Only vs All Washed Up

meo’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (2-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watchAw^- Sithreis soldier, sharpshot heavy | father- phone soldiercaboose heavy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch:  Aw^- Sithreis soldier, sharpshot heavy, doxed sniper | father- phone soldier, meatball sniper

meo’s WriteupSadly, phone’s time as sniper was apparently only a one time thing. Without him on sniper I don’t see Mature Dads Only having much of a chance here. Aw^’s roster simply has way more experience than father and overall seems like the stronger team.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Another great matchup. This one among two of the lower teams in the division, but will still be tightly contested nonetheless. Father has received wins off of a bye week and a FFW, so their 2-3 record is not a great determination of their skill, which mainly relies on phone to go huge at any given moment. All Washed Up however has a veteran roster that seems to be struggling a bit more than initially predicted. This will probably end up as a tossup because of the volatile nature of father, considering meatball should be able to do some work on a Sniper-friendly map like Swiftwater.

Independent Fighters Alliance vs Universal $ Association

meo’s PredictionIFA wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: IFA wins (2-0)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: IFA – wish scout, pie_hero sniper | U$A – campy demoman, moof sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: IFA – TERRYCREWS demoman, pie_hero sniper | U$A – keeg soldier, campy demoman

meo’s WriteupIFA shouldn’t lose this game. Whether they will or not however, I have no clue. IFA always seems like at least a mid-Gold team in scrims, but their record this season in matches just has not been good. Losing to -aa- has me scratching my head wondering what the hell is going on with IFA.

VoxDei’s Writeup: The last team we assumed to be easily smited by IFA, took the victory against them 2-0. U$A at this point is only fighting for a 4-4 spot and with a loss this week would become the only 1 win team left in Gold. IFA will have to be perfect from here on out to make playoffs, so they have a whole lot more to lose than U$A whose regular season is pretty much decided. IFA should take this 2-0.



Week 5 Stats

These will be added at a later date

Team of the week




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