ESEA-O 6’s – S21 Week 4 Top 16 Rankings


February 23rd, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S21

Week 4 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo

With esea matches cancelled for Thursday this week and a lot of forfeit wins coming through as low and mid-Open teams die, there’s a lot less to talk about this week than normal. Still, a couple of teams that I didn’t even have one the rankings have proved themselves to be much more capable than I thought and several teams have completely dropped out of the rankings. As a result, things have moved around quite a bit this week. Hopefully this time they prove a bit more accurate than in the past. Anyway, onto the rankings:

#1: Wood Pig Black

Wood pig black does not have a set roster.


As usual, there’s not a whole lot to say about Wood Pig Black. They’re number #1 unless some open team can prove that assumption wrong. They have an upcoming match against yin yang yompies, but it seems unlikely that either of these teams will be trying until playoffs so we won’t really learn much about what team is likely to win open.


#2: Yin Yang Yompies

Scouts: grimm and bosh1

Roamer: zilly

Pocket: desca

Demo: yeremy

Medic: delete


There’s nothing to say about Yin Yang Yompies that hasn’t already been said, just like Wood Pig Black. Man, sandbagging teams do make my job easier.


#3: Hot Dads

Scouts: DanceNumber and skyrolla

Roamer: Sideways Whoopi Goldberg


Demo: rupee

Medic: pascal


I don’t think anyone expected an upset over the sandbagging teams so early in the season, but Hot Dads have managed to beat Thai Guys in an extremely close 5-4 game. Picking up DanceNumber on scout may have something to do with this upset, but dm wise DanceNumber has actually been performing worse than the rest of Hot Dads so far. His High-IM and invite experience is probably a great asset game sense and coordination wise for Hot Dads though.


Whether or not DanceNumber played a role in their win, Hot Dads definitely played a really good game and are now looking like serious contenders in open. Although beating Yin Yang Yompies and Wood Pig Black will be a much taller order than beating Thai Guys, it’s definitely not looking outside the realm of possibility.


#4: diexxxextracrispy

Scouts: shamoo and alder

Roamer: GMK

Pocket: crispy

Demo: yuice

Medic: raisin


There’s not a whole lot to report about diexxxextracrispy. Since last week they’ve beaten a mid-Open team 5-0 and got two forfeit wins, putting their record at 9-0. Although they move up above Thai Guys, I’m keeping them at #4 because right now Hot Dads is looking really impressive. I honestly don’t really know if extracrispy or Hot Dads should be #3, but having scrimmed both teams myself Hot Dad felt like the better team. However, extracrispy seems to have a history of performing worse in scrims than matches…So, it’s really all just speculation.


#5 Thai Guys

Scouts: jeff and Nick

Roamer: zheep

Pocket: crunkmasterFLEX

Demo: safrix

Medic: cloudmaker


After losing 5-4 to Hot Dads, Thai Guys have lost both ash on scout and mattb on medic. With an unimpressive 32 kills and 52 deaths on roamer in their match against Hot Dads, cloudmaker has been moved to medic and zheep has been picked up to roam and with ash gone to 20b, Thai Guys has picked up jeff to play scout for them. Although jeff is a good scout, I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that he’s a downgrade from ash. With their loss to Hot Dads and their new roster, Thai Guys are no longer looking like a contender for top 3 in open and may drop further in the rankings as the season continues.


#6: the decent dudes

Scouts: wish and crossfire

Roamer: messiah

Pocket: super

Demo: yipyapper

Medic: rhy


With only a forfeit win since the last article, there isn’t a whole to say about the decent dudes. They’re still looking like a strong open team, but their 5-1 loss to extracrispy makes me doubtful about putting them in the top 5.


#7: Zoo-Wee-Mama

Scouts: wags and big papa han

Roamer : tojo

Pocket: tron

Demo: throne

Medic: redi


With a relatively easy 5-2 win against Sherlock Homies on sunshine, Zoo-Wee-Mama move back into #7 as im sorry takes a big drop. Although everyone on Zoo-Wee-Mama got out fragged by a mile by sherlock homies’ scouts, blinx and saturn, they took advantage of Sherlock Homies weakness after yet another (and hopefully the last) roster shuffle and won the game fairly quickly. This was actually Zoo-Wee-Mama’s first match against a notable open team, so it’s the first confirmation that Zoo-Wee-Mama is really high-Open. How badly blinx and saturn tore into them though, even though they lost, is perhaps a sign of significantly weaker dm than the teams in 1st through 6th. Time will tell, but I kind of have the feeling I’m overrating Zoo-Wee-Mama at #7.


#8: Yugioh Gaming v4

Scouts: Better and mc

Pocket: tambo

Roamer: nanimal

demoman: moxie

medic: Pops


I’ll confess to being unfamiliar with yugioh gaming’s roster. I’ve played with tambo a few times, I’ve seen mc in pugs and I know nanimal from renegades, but that’s about it. Looking at their history, it appears that the majority of the team are more or less new to esea, so please excuse this oversight on my part. Anyway, with 5-0 wins against both blasty blast and lf 2d gf on sunshine, they’re looking like quite a strong team. Yugioh Gaming doesn’t face a single of my 1st through 7th ranked teams for the rest of the season, only having a 4-0 loss to yin yang yompies in week two, so it’s going to be hard to say exactly how well they compare to teams like Zoo-Wee-Mama and the decent dudes. With both those teams looking a little weaker than I expected, I wouldn’t be shocked if Yugioh Gaming actually belongs in 7th or 6th.


#9: The Baddies

Scouts: ether, DrZoidy

Pocket: mirrorman

Roamer: Kryptonite

Demo: exile

Medic: Boog


Another team I completely underrated, The Baddies come into the rankings for the first time at 9th with a 5-1 over im sorry on sunshine. Although I think the reason their win was so heavily in their favor was partially because of im sorry being fairly lost on how to play sunshine, there’s no denying that The Baddies outplayed them.


I’ll admit that part of the reason I overlooked The Baddies was mirrorman and ether. I knew from hl that exile is a really strong demo and zoidy, although a bit inconsistent, is also a very good scout. However, with both mirrorman and ether being new to esea, I thought they would counterbalance exile and zoidy’s skill. Furthermore, I was biased against mirrorman because he plays silver hl. Really, I should know better, seeing as just two seasons ago I was playing with smilez and mae in Silver hl and now they’re a top Gold sniper and high-IM demo, respectively. Mirrorman seems to be a strong soldier in 6’s and is doing the exact opposite of holding his team down, having done great in their match against im sorry. Ether was having ping issues in their match against im sorry, but he still held his own and seems to be improving quickly. This team is definitely one to look out for with a lot of up-and-coming players and my apologies for underrating them previously.


#10: team name tbd

Scouts: meddle and Literally a Panda

Roamer: defiance

Pocket: ry

Demo: jojo

Medic: egosok


As seems to be a theme this week, team name tbd has only had two forfeit wins since my last article. They move up one spot because of renegades roster changes and my complete overestimation of blasty blast.


#11: im sorry

Scouts: SmileZ and bo4r

Roamer: american

Pocket: procreative

Demo: crab_f

Medic: brulee


Im sorry was dealt their first loss last week, a 1-5 against The Baddies. Im sorry definitely seemed lost on how to play sunshine, with both their soldiers playing extremely aggressively. Most mids were over in the blink of an eye, with crab_f and american being the first to die almost every mid and the rest of im sorry backing out or wiping shortly after. Perhaps because of this, the decision to switch crab_f to demo and procreative to pocket was made. Time will tell if procreative is able to give his team of hl players more direction while on pocket rather than demo, but for now im sorry drops down several spots on the rankings.


#12: Team Vanilla Love


Scouts: Angryofficer and eerie person

Roamer: Jackster

Pocket: Rolls Royce

Demoman: Invader

Medic: Drake


With the team they previously lost to, chefs, suffering a shocking 5-0 loss to the mid-Open team Pizzagon eSports (no relation the actual Pizzagon) it appears Team Vanilla Love’s loss against chef’s was only a fluke. With chefs dropping out of the rankings as a result, TVL moves up one spot on the rankings. They’ve yet to play any notable open teams besides diexxxextracrispy, but they have some interesting matchups coming up in the last two weeks of the regular season.


#13: Not Around Bears


Scouts: Zacice and ?

Roamer: Mostlybacon

Pocket: Morin

Demo: Orbit

Medic: Differ


NAB has had a tough schedule so far and currently their record is 5-4. Although they were unable to even take a round off Hot Dads in their match on sunshine this week, they did beat The Westbrook Effect in a 5-2. They’re currently looking for a scout and who they pick up will make a big difference in the rest of their season. Still, no matter what happens, I think these guys should make it into playoffs at the very least.


#14: Renegades

scouts: duke and SD

roamer: ?

pocket: P

demo: Neonightmare

medic: Smarty


Losing Max to Sparkle Gang is a huge blow for Renegades. Furthermore, their roamer vipa has has also left, leaving them down their best player and looking for a roamer replacement. With a lot of teams proving less impressive than I thought however, Renegades does remain on the rankings but drops down five spots. I still see this team possibly making playoffs, but they’ll need to pick up a good roamer and make some huge adjustments to their play style now that they’ve lost Max.


#15: Sherlock Homies

Scouts: blinx and saturn

Roamer: tonii

Pocket: Unicorn Wizard

Demo:  catgroove

Medic: sbt


For the time being, Sherlock Homies finally have a set roster with their pick up of catgroove on demo. Tonii is finally on his main, but both he and catgroove struggled heavily in their match against Zoo-Wee-Mama – with tonii going 15-32 with 198 dpm and catgroove going 14-24 with 185 dpm.


However, despite some weakness on their roster, blinx and saturn both did extremely well in their match against Zoo-Wee-Mama. Both blinx and saturn far out fragged everyone on the opposing team, going 42 – 20 and 45 – 12 respectively. Because of their great performance, something which is not an isolated incident for blinx I might add, Sherlock Homies was able to take two rounds off Zoo-Wee-Mama. Personally, I think taking two rounds off Zoo-Wee-Mama, a team that is quite far ahead of the 12th-16th ranked teams, is a pretty good sign that Sherlock Homies is on the path to turning their season around. I also expect better performances from tonii as he gets back in the groove of playing roamer. How this team will fare in the rest of the season is uncertain, but things seem to be looking up for them.


#16: Arstotzka

Scouts: Feroaffer & Naajj

Pocket: Marty

Roamer: Daffodil

Demo: Rightjustify

Medic: Kresnik


With my removal of chefs, blasty blast and The Westbrook Effect from the rankings, Arstotzka finds their way back on. Although their scouts, feroaffer and naajj, still seem like weak points on their roster and their 5-0 loss against im sorry is worrying for their chances against high-Open teams, there simply isn’t really any other teams that deserves the 16th spot in my opinion.


Teams right outside top 16: my b, The Westbrook Effect, lf 2d gf, blasty blast, Tune Squad


8 thoughts on “ESEA-O 6’s – S21 Week 4 Top 16 Rankings

  1. yeah man beating thai guys without their full roster on sunshine def puts hot dads at #3 LOL
    if anything diexxxtracrispy should be #3. hot dads fuckin BLOW LMAO


  2. It’s not that you undervalued The Baddies (who are a decent mid-high team). It’s that you seriously overvalued im sorry, who haven’t beat a team better than Arstotzka (also not top 16) yet this season.

    but I guess you’ve gotta stand by your “best non-sandbagging team in open” comment before (Diexxxtracrispy own that title, 2/3 of Hot Dads have played in IM)


    • sigh…that comment on their profile was clearly meant in a joking manner. I’ve never had im sorry ranked in the top 6.

      Yes it’s clear I overrated them but I’m not so stupid to think they’re better than teams like crispy and decent dudes.

      Oh, and it’s pretty clear from the very log that you linked that bo4r’s performance has taken a very, very sharp dive since the beginning of the season. All the hl players on im sorry except smilez have been quickly losing interest in 6’s and it shows. You really can’t compare the im sorry from the first two weeks that had bo4r getting 61 frags on viaduct and carrying in a 5v6 to the current im sorry.

      but feel free to continue to make snarky comments without even thinking about the team’s history.


      • Yeah ur right, coincidentally their performance drops the second they stop playing low open and newbiemix teams

        You still have them at #11, which doesn’t match a) their actual results or even b) what you just wrote


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