UGC Gold Highlander Season 18 Week 6 Review and Week 7 Preview – koth_flankside

February 26th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Week 6 Review and Week 7 Preview – koth_flankside

by VoxDei and whymeo

So, we’re not yet done with Payload this season, with pl_badwater_pro being the final stop in Week 8, but it does mark a point in the season where we can safely assume our 5-1 teams will be granted a playoff berth. Technically, there are some disastrous scenarios where one or more get snubbed, but we’ll have to take stock of that next week.


Everything is back on track after last week’s lack of content. We have all the stats, rankings, etc. in order. I apologize profusely and I hope I can make it up to you.

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Anyway, let’s get into this week’s review!

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

Social Justice Warriors vs -quail noises-

Final result: / ^ )> won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: mae demoman / ^ )>

VoxDei’s MVP: Rue heavy / ^ )>

Match length + Logs: 49:10 //

Cast: Mime + Epic: Sorry for the Twitch VOD. Youtube failed to upload this over a dozen times.

meo’s WriteupI don’t think anyone expected this to be such a roll. After quails’ loss to -ts- on upward, a lot of people (myself included) thought that quails was solely a DM team and wasn’t taking the time to play Payload maps properly. 2-0’ing sJ with relative ease proves all that wrong however. Mae and rue combined to get 100 frags, with quail’s flank of yimi + sigh not too far behind. With not even goldfish (demoman, sJ) and carcin (heavy, sJ) able to keep up with quail’s combo, it’s not surprising that the game easily went to quails.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Well, I think it may be true. sJ is completely cursed by my predictions. In all but one match this season, excluding last week, I predicted them to lose. Now I predict them to win, and they are handed their first loss of the season 2-0 to -quail noises-. Now completely rebounded from their Week 1 loss to -ts-, the quails have found themselves toppling the #1 team this season on the road to 5 straight victories. A thrilling win which had much to do with the combo’s fragging power and sigh’s ability to get Med picks, of which he got 7. Despite this, I have to give Rue the nod as MVP for his stunning 52 kill performance, where he denied evil (as much as someone can) by killing him 12 times, only allowing 3 Med picks from the Spy, and allowing Voll to die ~33% less than fishylin.

Beanies to the Max vs Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs

Final result: Jeebus won 2-1

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: beanie heavy B»M

VoxDei’s MVP: Comanglia sniper Jeebus

Match length + Logs: 68:05 //

meo’s Writeup: This was a close game. So close in fact that both teams had exactly 372 kills. Beanies to the Max, despite losing, also had more damage than Jeebus. In short, it seems Jeebus won this off of being a more coordinated team then Beanies, which is not particularly surprising considering all of Beanies’ roster issues. If this matchup had taken place earlier on in the season, B»M probably would have won this game, but now Beanies is in the midst of dying. Despite great performances from Beanie himself and Jake (sniper, B»M) the game went to Jeebus, a sign of the beginning of the end for Beanies. No one on Jeebus even had a very stand out performance. Comanglia had more frags than jake, but jake won the svs. Kairu (scout, Jeebus) top fragged, but he also had 57 deaths. wlly had a good game on heavy, but it wasn’t as good as Beanie’s. Looking at the stats it definitely looks like B»M lost to themselves here more than anything.

VoxDei’s Writeup: This game honestly could not have been any closer. Each team tied with frags 372-372 and -ts- actually slightly out-damaged Jeebus snagging only an additonal 4000 damage in nearly 70 minutes of play. Comanglia gets the MVP spot with 62 frags, 3 med picks, and 1 drop to help his team improve to 5-1 on the season. -ts- has its fair share of issues, but their performance in this game bodes well for future weeks bringing Jeebus within an inch of their life. Jeebus is able to eke out the win with their coordination which has improved weekly and outmatches that of a frayed -ts- roster. Jeebus has pretty much guaranteed themselves a spot in playoffs with this win, being ranked #1 overall due to their Match Points, and -ts- still has a shot depending on how well they play the remaining two weeks.

Shadowball vs Appel by VoxDei

Final result: appel won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: appel wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP: Drunk uncle demoman appel

VoxDei’s MVP: Drunk uncle demoman appel

Match length + Logs: 48:14 //

meo’s Writeup: With none other than Timeless (sniper, ●) himself subbing in for Shadowball this week, I expected this match to be a lot closer. Although Timeless did top frag by a few kills and won the svs, SmileZ (sniper, appel) kept up enough that Timeless wasn’t able to have his way with appel. This is especially true in the second half, where Timeless only won the svs 7 to 6 and SmileZ actually out damaged him. With Timeless kept from dropping any ridiculous numbers and Drunk Uncle going 41 – 17 and top damaging with 463 dpm, appel was able to take this game. I’m not sure whether Shadowball losing this game when they had timeless ringing sniper for them is a good sign for appel or a really really bad sign for Shadowball. We’ll see soon enough I suppose!

VoxDei’s Writeup: An impressive performance out of appel, despite the prediction that came true with Timeless top-fragging while still losing 0-2. Frags and damage were in appel’s favor, mainly due in part to Coco and Unicorn Wizard being unable to compete with Drunk uncle and bunny, who are reunited again as the explosive classes for appel. Other than Timeless, the only beacon of hope for Shadowball was Lui, their Heavy, who put down a solid 282DPM and 40 kills. Still, no one can really be considered for MVP in my book besides Drunk uncle, who top-fragged for his team, top damaged overall, and tied with the enemy Spy for most Med picks with 4. Perhaps his switch back to Demo was the smart play all along.

Meme Stealers 2.0 vs Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Final result: KILLME won, FFW

meo’s Prediction: KILLME wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: KILLME wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP: N/A

VoxDei’s MVP: N/A

Match length + Logs: N/A

meo’s Writeup: N/A

VoxDei’s Writeup: Kind of a disappointing turn of events for a pretty hyped up match. This was my own personal Mid-Gold MOTW which turned into dust as cNd disband before the match. An unfortunate circumstance as well, with cNd vying for a playoff spot, but such is the nature of competitive TF2. Cheers guys, hope to see you back in action next season! 

Alphabet Alliterations vs Baited by Rhy

Final result: DOES IT won 2-1

meo’s Prediction: DOES IT wins (2-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: DOES IT wins (2-0)

meo’s MVPjuicy scout DOES IT

VoxDei’s MVP: unknown

Match length + Logs: N/A – Multiple, multiple issues with logs 😦

meo’s Writeup: Logs are messed up for this game and the sizzling stats are incomplete, so we don’t have the full picture of what happened here. It looks like Baited by Rhy was able to win a close game based off a great performance from their flank of juicy and super (soldier, DOES IT). Alphabet Alliterations were able to put up a good fight here, winning one half, and milk (sniper, -aa-) had a good game, out sniping conner (sniper, DOES IT).

VoxDei’s Writeup: DOES IT is going to pick up the win against a surging -aa- team, but the logs however are irreparable. Both teams at 3-2 were at a crossroads in guaranteeing at least a 4-4 season, but -aa- is going to have to wait another week to hit their goal there. They do manage to take a round with their newly improved roster, benching Naknak and Uncle Dane, so they clearly are still in contention to fight with the middle of the division, but they were not able to secure the win with DOES IT proving they are a cut above.

Papa’s Peddlers vs No.2 Pencils

Final result: ££ won (2-0)

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: ££ wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP: egwat sniper No.2

VoxDei’s MVP: whymeo scout ££

Match length + Logs: 42:47 //

meo’s Writeup: ££ was able to take this game in a clean 2-0, largely just from being the more coordinated team. Egwat had a great game on the No.2 side, matching watterson (sniper, ££) in frags and winning the SvS 16 to 13.

VoxDei’s Writeup: meo wasn’t lying when he said he loves playing Swiftwater as a Scout. Really the only thing to say here is that ££ clearly had the game far in their favor before it even began. ££ outfrag their opponents by nearly 60 and take both rounds pretty easily. The standout for No.2 is of course, egwat, who matched watterson’s kills, edged him out 16-13 on the SvS and did a fair amount more DPM. Despite egwat’s continued high performance, meo’s offensive-defensive Scouting proved more than No.2 could handle. Although only modestly above watterson for total kills, had he not been resigned to cart pushing roles, that number would surely be higher, which is why he receives the MVP for this week.

Mature Dads Only vs All Washed Up

Final result: Aw^ won (2-0)

meo’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (2-1)

meo’s MVP: Frank West spy Aw^

VoxDei’s MVP: Frank West spy Aw^

Match length + Logs: 34:59 //

meo’s Writeup: This match was a bit of a roll. No one on father was really able to contest Aw^, with even phone (soldier, father) not able to go positive with how badly father was getting rolled. Caboose (heavy, father) was the only one able to go positive on father, and a heavy going 25 – 21 isn’t exactly enough to win you a game, or even stop the game from being a roll. Aw^ was simply the better team here and it showed.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Unfortunately for father, they could not keep up in any aspect during this game. Getting outfragged by 65 and outdamaged by 13000 is not going to do you well no matter the map or context. Clearly Aw^’s experienced overshadowed the individual parts of the Mature Dads Only roster and they take the game handily. Every member on Aw^ put up some solid stats, lead by Sithreis, Doxed, and my MVP Frank West. I’m giving Frank the spot this week because of his strong performance on Spy with 32 frags and a good mixture of 19 knife kills (17 backstabs) and 12 Ambassador kills. Not only this, but he killed the enemy Sniper 10 times, which absolutely helped them as meatball tied for the most kills on his team, not to mention meatball’s 3 drops on Sparhawk.

Independent Fighters Alliance vs Universal $ Association

Final result: U$A won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: IFA wins (2-0)

VoxDei’s Prediction: IFA wins (2-0)

meo’s MVP: zoey sniper U$A

VoxDei’s MVP: zoey sniper U$A

Match length + Logs: 56:30 //

meo’s Writeup: IFA lost to zoey more than anything here. With zoey winning the svs against pie_hero (sniper, IFA) an astounding 33 to 16 and getting an insane 79 frags, it was rather hard for IFA to contest U$A. Campy (demoman, U$A) also far outperformed arzt (demoman, IFA) and keiza had a much better game than crossfire (scout, IFA), so it’s not entirely impossible that U$A would have won without zoey, but the majority of the credit for this win has to go to her. Some credit should also be given to joshcash (spy, U$A) and nick (heavy, U$A) who picked up their performance from the last two matches and did well in this match.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Okay, I’m kind of bored talking about IFA “throwing” week after week. Instead, I’m going to focus on what U$A did to earn this win- zoey. Zoey went absolutely gigantic for U$A with nearly 80 frags and 461 DPM. Zoey takes the SvS with an incredible 33-16 preventing pie_hero from carrying IFA to a victory here. It’s hard to mention anything else, but kezia also threw down on the fragging, picking up 63 kills in the midst of his 6 point caps, cleaning up on the damage put out by his Sniper and Demo.



VoxDei LF Pun writer. Must be able to make a joke based on UGC HL map rotation, weekly.


Ah, how I love the end of the regular season. I’m not excited that some teams’ seasons are going to end, but instead pumped for the great matchups you see in the last few weeks with the final top teams finally going up against eachother. It’s exciting to see this happen on Lakeside as well, which should provide a lot for every class to do. The combo gets to deny point, Scouts, Engies, and Pyros get to fight over the Bath house, Spies have a variety of places to watch, comm, and disrupt the enemy Snipers who have sightlines from end to end. Maybe Karl was right about Lakeside.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

-quail noises- vs Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs

meo’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 4-0

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 4-2

meo’s Player(s) to watch: / ^ )>– yimi scout, sigh soldier, mae demoman| / ^ )>- kairu scout, Comanglia sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: / ^ )>– yimi scout, sigh soldier, Rue heavy | Jeebus- kairu scout, Shea! engineer, Comanglia sniper

meo’s WriteupFor a while it was looking like this season of Gold wasn’t going to be free for Quails. With Quails loss to -ts- in the first week showing some weakness and sjw dominating all of Gold, it looked like we’d have one hell of a grand finals. Sadly, Quails has destroyed sJon a map that isn’t even as DM-oriented as most maps in rotation. All hope looks lost for anyone being able to stop Quails, and I really don’t see Jeebus being able to put up any fight against quails on a koth map. Trying to beat mae on lakeside would be bad enough, but trying to beat mae with yimi and sigh on the flank? It’s downright terrifying to have to play against that.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Okay, the first thing I want to talk about are my players to watch. The flank of / ^ )> is miles above anyone else, with the sole exception of the Meme Stealers, who still rank far behind in 2nd place. Pomf should be able to get a ton of work done as well with the long sightlines that Lakeside provides and his scary-accurate Amby aim. Over on the other side, MrDelDongo has been known to be one of the better Amby Spies in the division, which will keep the quails off balance. Comanglia should take this SvS, although I expect it to be within a few frags, but Kevin2019 will probably end up with more at the end of the day with Jeebus likely to feed a few more players into sightlines. The Medic matchup should be interesting as well, with Voll being well protected by his combo, and Couches having insane survival skills. Although this will be competitive each round, Jeebus showed their weaknesses against sJ on KOTH maps in Week 4 on Viaduct. Their roster is better suited now, but / ^ )> has the edge due to their high-power flank.

appel by VoxDei vs Papa’s Peddlers

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins (4-3)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: N/A

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: appel- bunny soldier, SmileZ sniper | ££ – Max demoman, watterson sniper

Cast channel:

Bet on Saloon!

meo’s Writeup: I will taunt kill SmileZ

VoxDei’s Writeup: Before anyone scoffs at the fact that I think ££ is going to put up 3 rounds versus appel, you do have to respect that ££ is in a near do-or-die situation. Sitting at 3-3 with losses to only two of the Top 4 teams, shows that they have weaknesses in coordination that are still being worked on. Despite this, with their season potentially on the line, I have no doubt they are going to do everything they can to keep this as competitive as possible. The flank matchup should be exciting, with blinx and bunny for appel going up against whymeo and safrix for ££. Appel’s flank has the edge here solely on chemistry, as whymeo and safrix have only played a few matches this season together. Within the combo, Vipa and Drunk uncle have a fantastic chance to prove their strength, but Teapot and Max on ££’s side have the edge, with Max’s fantastic DM and Teapot’s gamesense and awareness. Truth be told, the most exciting matchup has to be the Snipers, with the rapidly improving SmileZ going up against my undisputed #1 Sniper this season, watterson. Despite my personal opinion, SmileZ’s has been edging watterson out the past few weeks, so if he keeps the momentum, he should take the SvS, but it will be damn close. You can watch this all go down live on Monday night at 9:30 on!

Meme Stealers 2.0 vs Social Justice Warriors

meo’s Prediction: KILLME wins (4-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins (4-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: KILLME- rob scout, JJSlim soldier, Sullyy sniper | sJ- crab_f soldier, Goldfish demoman, Carcin heavy, evil spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watchKILLME- rob scout, JJSlim soldier, Sullyy sniper | sJ– crab_f soldier, Goldfish demoman, DynamoVic sniper

meo’s WriteupProbably the craziest prediction I’ll make all season, but I really think the Meme Stealers have a shot here. Their roster has slowly been getting better…and better…and better. I really think people are going to be shocked what their roster in its current state is capable of. Rob + JJslim is one of the best flanks in Gold and with KILLME’s pickup of sullyy I think they also have the edge in the SvS. That’s not to say that crab_f + uber aren’t a good flank or that DynamoVic won’t be able to put up a fight against sullyy, they’re all high-Gold players themselves, but I think KILLME has the upperhand in the case of flank and sniper. What this match will come down to is how hard evil can shut down sully and just how much work goldfish and carcin can put in. Goldfish and carcin are miles ahead of zuchima (demoman, KILLME) and hostile (heavy, KILLME) and as a result sJ’s combo is likely to outperform KILLME’s by quite a bit. Depending on how hard sJ’s combo can shut down KILLME’s combo, it could be enough to win sJ the match. I definitely think this match could go either way, but whoever wins it should be a close one.

VoxDei’s Writeup: The Meme Stealers are an up and coming team the past few weeks, whose roster resembles nothing of their original iteration. A tough matchup against Social Justice Warriors will put these changes to the test as well, with sJ out to prove that their loss against -quail noises- last week was simply a lapse in momentum. The biggest matchups are the flanks and the Snipers, with sJ’s combo being far out of reach in skill for Meme Stealers and pretty much everyone else in Gold. However, the uncertainty of who will actually be starting for Meme Stealers might answer some questions. rob and JJSlim over on the KILLME side are no doubt one of the best pairs in the division, but sJ does have crab_f who will most likely overshadow JJ. And although uber has put up great numbers as sJ’s Scout, it’s hard to argue against rob, whose numbers speak for themselves. DynamoVic vs Sullyy on Sniper should prove to add an extra amount of depth, but I am still unaware of Sullyy’s skill, so I will reserve too much judgement. If the rumors are true, it’s going to be a very competitive SvS. In the end, sJ is better where it counts and may be the only chance to stop the red-hot Meme Stealers.

Baited by Rhy vs Don’t Tilt

meo’s Prediction: -ts- wins (4-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins (4-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: DOES IT- juicy scout, super soldier | -ts- – DrZoidy scout,  SpecDeck soldier, beanie heavy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: DOES IT- super soldier, Rhy demoman, triiiple heavy | -ts- – DrZoidy scout,  exile demoman, Jake sniper

meo’s WriteupThis is a hard one to call. Although DOES IT failed to even put up rounds against quails and appel, there’s no denying that quails and appel are in a league above tilt, especially with tilt’s current numerous roster issues. Still, on a map like lakeside tilt’s flank of zoidy and specdeck should do a lot work in carrying tilt to victory. Combine the fact that DOES IT’s sniper, connor, is undeniably a rather weak sniper, a huge issue on lakeside, and I think I have to call this in tilt’s favor

VoxDei’s Writeup: Okay, The Syndicate: Reborn has my vote for most unnecessary name changes. With their recent pickup of Jake on Sniper, wouldn’t it make more sense now than ever to go back to the -ts- tag? -ts- is on a slippery slope and their worst enemies are the ones within their own team more so than the enemies on the map. As their name would suggest, constant changes to the chemistry that was built throughout the offseason has formed a strange collage of puzzle pieces glued together and expected to fit. Despite all of this though, they still have been able to keep one of the strongest rosters alive, with the only question mark being in the Medic position. Juicy and super, the flank for DOES IT will have their hands full with the vastly improved DrZoidy on Scout. While SpecDeck should be a factor, super will probably end up taking their 1v1s to help his Scout more with Zoidy’s lurking presence. Exile, the Demoman for -ts-, was moments away from dropping completely, but was convinced to stay, leaving their high performing Demo in his role. DOES IT is going to have a huge advantage in team chemistry, which should allow much of the team to take advantage of the disoriented combo. Still, with the threat of Jake on batts going up against conner for DOES IT, he should be able to feast and get a ton of work done to help tilt the favor for Don’t Tilt. Unfortunately, water’s paltry excuse for Spy play will allow Jake to rack up insane stats. I hate you water, you suck.

Shadowball vs All Washed Up

meo’s Prediction:  wins (4-3)

VoxDei’s Prediction: Aw^ wins (4-2)

meo’s Player(s) to watch:  – Unicorn Wizard soldier, Lui heavy zoey sniper | Aw ^ – b1am scout, sharpshot heavy, Niko Jims engineer

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch:  – Coco demoman, Lui heavy | Aw^ – Sithreis soldier, Frank West spy

meo’s Writeup: Playing against zoey on lakeside? A rather scary prospect. With b1am and niko jims (possibly) on the flank for Aw^, it’s not entirely impossible that Aw^ could take a round or two off Shadowball, but zoey is almost certain to prove way too much for Aw^. Plus, with Unicorn Wizard to hold the flank together, I’m not even sure the flank fight is in Aw^’s favor. This should be an easy win for Shadowball.

VoxDei’s Writeup: 3-3 is a scary position to be in two weeks before the season closes and both teams need to view this as a necessity to have a chance at playoffs, despite the near-guarantee of at least one 4-4 team finding their way in. Shadowball is still off their game after their roster implosion, but their losses come against 3 really strong teams. Aw^ have actually pulled the reverse of Shadowball in every match this season, losing when Shadowball won and vice versa. It will be interesting how these two opposing forces end up colliding. I still have questions in regards to who the hell is starting for Shadowball, whose roster on match days seems more Wednesday-afternoon scrim than Monday-night match, but they always seem to find decent players and have a strong core with Coco and Lui in the combo. On the Aw^ side, we see a different story of a struggling team with a decent and consistent roster. Despite sharpshot guaranteed to do big things in the combo, Coco puts Shadowball over the edge in a comparison. Sithreis and Unicorn Wizard, the Soldiers for Aw^ and Shadowball respectively, have been huge assets for their team and will need all the help they can get to take each other down in the form of their Scouts and Engies. Frank West will absolutely keep Xena on her toes as he’s put up incredible stats the past few weeks in Aw^’s wins, and I think the threat to the combo with Sithreis and Frank West will be too much for Shadowball to come back from, with their biggest strength potentially held back.

Alphabet Alliterations vs Universal $ Association

meo’s Prediction: U$A wins (4-2)

VoxDei’s Prediction: -U$A- wins (4-3)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: -aa- octa heavy | U$A- kezia scout, Campy demoman

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: -aa– caban scoutgamemaster engineer | U$A- keeg soldier, Campy demoman

meo’s Writeup: U$A gained a win against IFA last week, but it largely was off the back of zoey who scored a ridiculous 79 frags. Zoey has gone back to Shadowball however, so it’s a bit hard to call how U$A will do this game. Even without zoey though, campy is a huge asset for U$A on lakeside and may be enough to win the match. Expect him to put out an insane amount of dpm. If keiza also has a good game, this game should be a win for U$A.

VoxDei’s Writeup: From what I last heard, zoey is undecided whether or not she will be sniping for U$A next week. Whether moof goes back to her last spot or zoey continues to take the reins, a strong Sniper will be in the hands of U$A. Unfortunately, I’m terribly out of the loop as to -aa-‘s roster as of late, which has featured some new names from the beginning of the season as they make a push for playoffs. U$A is pretty much out of the race at this point, but they are the highest seeded 2-4 team, which means 2 straight wins with big losses out of some of the 3-3 teams could be very, very kind to their chances. With kezia on Scout and keeg on Soldier, little stands in their way to make a convincing stand in regards to coming out on top. Although they have the talent on their roster, they have seemed to struggle against teams they could have challenged, and -aa- seems to have come out of the gate surprising a lot of people. This really could flip either way but with U$A’s performance on Swiftwater, I think they have the stuff to take a victory on Lakeside.

No.2 Pencils vs Mature Dads Only

meo’s Prediction: No.2 wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: No.2 wins (4-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watch:  No.2 – beep! scout, egwat sniper | father- phone soldier, caboose heavy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: No.2 – beep! scoutBrick Hughouse demoman, egwat sniper | father- phone soldier, caboose heavy, meatball sniper

meo’s WriteupI’m still pulling for a return to phone on sniper so I’ll say it again: this match will go to the enemy team unless Mature Dads Only put phone on Sniper. With egwat on No.2, father doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell unless they run a Sniper that can contest him. Considering that egwat matched watterson (sniper, ££) in frags in No.2’s match against ££ last week, I really don’t see meatball (sniper, father) being able to keep up here. With egwat sure to absolutely demolish father and beep! to do a ton of work on the flank, there’s no way that phone can carry father to a win here on Soldier.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Phone has such huge potential to go off here for father, but No.2 just seems to be too strong of a team to stop. No.2 is currently in a spot where they have an outside chance to make playoffs with a 4-4 record and seem to be the more well-rounded team coming into this. egwat is almost sure to outdo meatball here in terms of frags and the SvS which will help propel No.2 to victory. father just does not have the coordination necessary to take down Brick Hughouse on Demoman, who will surely put down a lot of damage, so their only chance is to have caboose put down some insane damage to keep Brick at bay. No.2 should be able to take this with relative ease. 4-1.

LOCAL TOP GUN vs Independent Fighters Alliance

meo’s Prediction: IFA wins (4-1)

VoxDei’s Prediction: IFA wins (4-1)

meo’s Player(s) to watch: #TOPGUN- deft demomanWiLLmaTiC sniper | IFA – wish scout, TERRY CREWS demoman, pie_hero sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: #TOPGUN- cynex scoutWiLLmaTiC sniper | IFA – wish scout, TERRY CREWS demoman, pie_hero sniper

meo’s WriteupI get it. With wish, TERRY CREWS and pie_hero all busy with their respective ESEA teams, they’re not super concerned about Highlander currently. I get it, but if they lose to a TOPGUN that recently lost fatswimdude then nothing in the world will make sense to me anymore. Please IFA, don’t throw this one. For my sanity’s sake?

VoxDei’s Writeup: Okay, IFA of seasons past is dead. It seems as though most members are focused less on Highlander this season which is causing nothing but problems for a once-predicted Top 3 team. They have lost games they were supposed to take with ease, but considering their potential, they really should win this easily, especially with Lakeside being DM-friendly. WiLLmaTiC is one of the better Snipers on a Mid-Gold level, but he may be overshadowed by pie_hero, who although is coming off of a weaker week, is still prone to go big. Couple this with the power of wish on Scout and TERRY CREWS on some explosive class, and you have a team built to do work on Lakeside. Both teams are having severe coordination problems, so the DM should win out, which is why I’m giving this to IFA.

Week 6 Stats

Match length

The Syndicate: Reborn vs Team Jeebus – 1:08:05
Independent Fighters Alliance vs Universal $ Association – 56:30
Social Justice Warriors vs -quail noises- – 49:10
Shadowball vs appel by VoxDei – 48:14
Papa’s Peddlers vs No.2 Pencils – 42:47
Mature Dads Only vs All Washed Up – 34:59

Team Kills per Minute (TK/M)

Universal $ Association – 6.16
Quail Noises – 5.78
Papa’s Peddlers – 5.59
The Syndicate: Reborn – 5.46
Team Jeebus – 5.46
appel by VoxDei – 5.18
Independent Fighters Alliance – 5.03
Shadowball – 4.58
Social Justice Warriors – 4.39
Mature Dads Only – 4.29
No.2 Pencils – 4.23

Team Damage per Minute (TDA/M)

Universal $ Association – 2335.61
The Syndicate: Reborn – 2113.13
SPACEBEARS – 2044.27
Team Jeebus – 2043.32
Independent Fighters Alliance – 2018.12
Quail Noises – 2011.83
Social Justice Warriors – 1999.63
appel by VoxDei – 1993.83
Papa’s Peddlers – 1911.49
Shadowball – 1823.57
Mature Dads Only – 1677.03
No.2 Pencils – 1566.1

Individual Stats – Overall

Top 10 Kills per Minute (K/M)

sniper zoey – 1.40 (U$A)
scout kezia – 1.12 (U$A)
heavy Rue – 1.06 (/ ^ )>)
soldier Sithreis – 1.00 (Aw^)
scout whymeo – 0.98 (££)
demoman mae – 0.98 (/ ^ )>)
soldier TERRY CREWS – 0.96 (IFA)
sniper doxed – 0.94 (Aw^)
sniper watterson :3 – 0.93 (££)
sniper egwat – 0.93 (No.2)

Top 10 Kills+Assist per Minute (KA/M)

sniper zoey – 1.50 (U$A)
heavy Rue – 1.46 (/ ^ )>)
scout whymeo – 1.43 (££)
scout kezia – 1.35 (U$A)
demoman Campy – 1.33 (U$A)
pyro Sous Chef – 1.30 (Aw^)
demoman mae – 1.28 (/ ^ )>)
scout lehcs – 1.23 (-ts-)
heavy Sharpshot – 1.23 (Aw^)
scout Kairu – 1.20 (Jeebus)

Top 10 Damage per Minute (DA/M)

demoman mae – 482.32 (/ ^ )>)
demoman Drunk Uncle – 463.97 (appel)
sniper zoey – 461.84 (U$A)
demoman Arzt Hispanian – 436.00 (IFA)
demoman Campy – 427.72 (U$A)
demoman Ezrik – 406.74 (Jeebus)
demoman Goldfish – 403.46 (sJ)
demoman Coco – 387.91 (●)
soldier TERRY CREWS – 377.65 (IFA)
soldier keeg – 371.59 (U$A)

Least Deaths per Minute (D/M)

medic tiptoes – 0.15 (££)
medic brulée – 0.17 (appel)
medic Mamboulay – 0.18 (IFA)
heavy Sharpshot – 0.23 (Aw^)
medic tex – 0.23 (U$A)
medic Couches – 0.24 (Jeebus)
medic Voll – 0.26 (/ ^ )>)
medic Snook – 0.28 (-ts-)
medic Sparhawk – 0.31 (Aw^)
medic Abbott Jedi – 0.33 (No.2)

Individual Stats – Class-specific

Top 10 Heals per Minute (H/M)

medic Snook – 1184.37 (-ts-)
medic Couches – 1180.01 (Jeebus)
medic tiptoes – 1142.64 (££)
medic Tsamaunk – 1095.34 (●)
medic Gandalf – 1069.25 (father)
medic Voll – 1066.60 (/ ^ )>)
medic tex – 1061.54 (U$A)
medic Mamboulay – 1030.64 (IFA)
medic brulée – 996.30 (appel)
medic Sparhawk – 977.67 (Aw^)

Top 10 Ubercharges per Minute (U/M)

medic tiptoes – 0.52 (££)
medic brulée – 0.50 (appel)
medic Tsamaunk – 0.50 (●)
medic tex – 0.50 (U$A)
medic Mamboulay – 0.50 (IFA)
medic fishylin – 0.47 (sJ)
medic Couches – 0.46 (Jeebus)
medic Snook – 0.44 (-ts-)
medic Sparhawk – 0.43 (Aw^)
medic Voll – 0.41 (/ ^ )>)

Top 10 Headshots per Minute (HS/M)

sniper zoey – 1.22 (U$A)
sniper Jake – 0.93 (-ts-)
sniper Comanglia – 0.93 (Jeebus)
sniper watterson :3 – 0.91 (££)
spy pomf – 0.89 (/ ^ )>)
sniper SmileZ – 0.81 (appel)
sniper doxed – 0.80 (Aw^)
sniper Kevin2019 – 0.71 (/ ^ )>)
sniper DynamoVic – 0.69 (sJ)
sniper pie_hero – 0.69 (IFA)

pomf smh

Top 10 Backstabs per Minute (BS/M)

spy joshcash – 0.58 (U$A)
spy evil – 0.57 (sJ)
spy Frank West – 0.49 (Aw^)
spy Kris18 – 0.48 (-ts-)
spy Proto – 0.47 (££)
spy Yonnie – 0.42 (No.2)
spy sinister – 0.41 (●)
spy ixton – 0.34 (father)
spy Mr.DelDongo – 0.31 (Jeebus)
spy Jayden – 0.27 (appel)
spy Boredy – 0.27 (IFA)

Turns out joshcash can do work with the Knife after all.

Team of the week




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