UGC HL Platinum Season 18 Week 7


We reach the last leg of the season, but not for most. It’s recently been announced that Platinum will have a six team playoff bracket, meaning only three teams, one third of the division, will not qualify. With that chance, the hopes and dreams of quite a few players are revitalized, with many of them no doubt poring over MP and seeding to figure out the best way to get into playoffs and do well. Lakeside’s our map this week, one that’s seen a fair bit of hatred in the past before being slowly but surely accepted. While there may be pockets of hate here and there, Lakeside’s finally made it in as an acceptably staple map. For now.

Last Week


m|M vs :>, m|M victorious 2-1

Suddenly, between when we last talked about this game and now, this match meant (likely) a lot more. With the expansion of playoffs, the fifth and sixth seed get a chance in the playoff, and unless Bv can wriggle their way in, this game will decide who ends where. :>’s sniperJesus and m|M’s demomanGiraffe seem to have led the charge, both putting in significant work even in the round(s) they lost. Up until the third round, the frags seemed fairly even between the teams, so we could definitely see a very different result should these two teams meet up in the playoffs.


‘92 vs dK, dK victorious 2-0

And with that, the top four is solidified. A stunning six deaths from medicMetawe throughout the game shows the control dK had during the game. Not a single person (aside Metawe) got less than a 1.0 K/D over both halves, hinting to some fantastic defenses. A near 17 minute second half hold from dK is something I’d expect to see on Barnblitz, not Swiftwater. Hopefully this is just ‘92 underperforming on a more quirky PL map, as it’d be nice to see some closer games later in playoffs.


Bv vs aMw, Bv victorious 2-0

The penguins are done being pushed around, and are ready to come out swinging. The two beasts of lower Plat finally face each other in match, with sniperbo4r pulling eight less kills for ten less deaths than sniperVlad. While I could comment on other random class matchups, such as demomanm66 pulling in better stats than demomanSplit_, or the fragging machines that were the two Spies, it doesn’t really mean much. While I will definitely congratulate medicSpork for dying only once more than medicGammaOrionis given the situation, I’d really like to look at the cap times. In the first half, with aMw defending, they set a 9:24 time – respectable. Bv capped in 9:23. That has to be a heart tearer. And then, to turn around and set a mindboggling 17:46 time against the defending Bv? Jeez…


EVL vs .$$ – .$$ victorious 2-0

I don’t think anything less was expected by the fans of .$$, though sniperVinny going roughly even with sniperFeroaffer certainly proves himself as an excellent pickup by EVL. With the standard three of heavyTrelan, soldierJackster, and demomanInvader pulling their weight, as well as players like scoutGodwash and pyroLazy playing fantastically, it was going to be difficult for EVL to get themselves out of that corner.



1: Kids Next Door [Scizor / Etney / Katsy / Jarrett / Kresnik / Ender / Nursey / yosh / Dimento]

An bye week for knd. will do nothing to jeopardize their position, especially with their closest contender off in low Plat picking up an easy win. Their first real challenge comes this week, and will likely be the final change to the playoff seeding – if their game against dK had been one week later, on Steel, that’d have made for an interesting story, but they face ‘92 – definitely a challenge, but certainly not as difficult.


2: $ilver $avages [Godwash / Jackster / Lazy / Invader / Trelan / Angryofficer / Skeez / Feroaffer / Rolls Royce]

Another more or less meaningless week before they step up to be knd.’s first challenge. With no losses going into this, and only m|M as challenge after this week against knd., .$$ should be able to prep for playoffs, expecting an acceptably high seed. Even a loss against knd. should do little to drop their eventual playoff placement, having already beaten dK and ‘92.


3: Dunning Kruger Effect v3 [b4nny / Bobby / Huey Lewis / Xan / Karl / Jordan / Metawe / corsa / Acooma]

Defeating ‘92 in such a convincing manner will be an excellent springboard for dK going into playoffs, with their roster seemingly finished it’s spasm. With only knd. left posing a real challenge, a win there will at the very least provide some moral for the dK crew, if not a sneaky seed snag.


4: ‘92 Dream Team [slemnish / trippah / jekjekj / odb / Vanilla Love / LittleDeath / Coldster / SGC / Scruff McGruff]

A loss against dK, and convincing as it was, should lock ‘92 in #4, at least assuming they win against :>. They’ll have some fun in the new extended playoffs, previously seeming doomed to a Ginyu Hoops-esque departure given their games against the other teams in the regular season. With the addition of two more teams, though, it isn’t unrealistic to expect a strong ‘92 showing in playoffs, especially in the lower bracket.


5: Memento Mori [Syath / Doll / Geosus / Giraffe / eerie person / Apple / Bagel / Deaft] +1

With their win against :>, m|M should be all but set to take one of the two newly opened playoff spots. Even a loss against Bv will have them fight :> scorewise for the second spot, and after their win against :>, and the significant advantage MP-wise they currently have, they should be able to take it.


6: Goofbirds [fUZION / p3nguin / Deejay / Rightjustify / civ / Sigafoo / Drake / Jesus / Daynife] -1

A loss against m|M will put them directly in the crosshairs of Bv’s attempt to get into the new playoff spot. Should Bv fail to win against :>, they should be secure enough to slip into the last spot. However, with Bv’s apparent demolition of EVL and aMw, it’s certainly not a match to be taken lightly. If :> play their cards right they should be able to make playoffs, but it’d require things going right for them.


7: Chill Penguins [Seer / Dreadnought / HA Johnny / m66 / IsGonnRain / SilentDom / GammaOrionis / bo4r / Danish] +1

If you told me that this team was one win away from getting into playoffs in a round robin season, I’d have raised my eyebrow. Yet, after getting decimated by the top four teams, Bv is in that position. As mentioned in the m|M part, a win against them will mean :> will likely be removed from playoffs, and if they win their head-to-head against :>, that’s obvious enough that the swap will happen. It’s certainly not unrealistic to see Bv take either game, but it’s not going to be smooth sailing. :> and m|M both have players that have seen the high roads of playoffs before, and with this new chance of getting there, won’t be too eager to fumble it up.


EVL Gaming HL [Linkuser / Cap$ize / Billysaurus / Avast / Bonesaw / kNyne / Rogue / Vinny / stabby] +1

Despite a loss against .$$, aMw’s defeat will cause their perilous footing in #7 to crumble, and the loss aMw had against EVL meant that EVL moves up one as well. EVL should have no chance to make playoffs at this point, but a successful season, even if their score doesn’t accurately show it, should set EVL up to improve and come back stronger next season, assuming that they don’t get moved down for not having a strong enough record.


A Million Ways [Madoff / Fire / Digresser / Split_ / Fireshaker / Spamfest / Spork / vlad / feint] -2

Here It Goes Again, the castle comes crashing down. With a bye week and dK+.$$ coming up, aMw’s dreams are, for all intents and purposes, dead. It’s a bitter pill as an aMw fan, but perhaps it’s time to Get Over It, as The Writings On The Wall of the upcoming disband seem to be circulating. All Is Not Lost, however, as many of the aMw players should be able to find better teams to showcase their skill.


This Week


:> vs ‘92

A win here for  :> would shuffle up the mid plat tables immensly, giving :> a huge boost in their playoff chances. Playing off of sniperJesus and scoutfUZION will be absolutely required here, and if they can play to the standard they’ve in the past, even against sniperSpace Ghost’s Coffee and scoutslemnish, they’ll greatly increase their chances. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see :> give ‘92 a large run for their money, but if Jesus and fUZION can be shut down, their chance diminishes, significantly. 4-1 in favor of ‘92 Dream Team.


m|M vs Bv

Bv’s true trial has arrived. The stars have aligned to give them a chance into playoffs, and they’ll need to overcome at least one of their next two games to succeed. m|M should be their more difficult opponent, however. If demomanm66 and heavyIssGonRain play as they have in their other victories, then their chances increase greatly. They shouldn’t be able to win here, but a strong game will set them up well for their game against :>. 4-2 in favor of Memento Mori.


dK vs EVL

Assuming dK don’t implode again and randomly lose players, there should be no chance that EVL get more than a round here. scoutLinkuser and spystabby will be a consistent thorn in dK’s side, but with EVL outclassed on basically every front, and this map being a popular choice of the dK group, dK should be able to show their full potential and shut down EVL here. 4-0 in favor of Dunning Kruger Effect.


.$$ vs .knd

Kids Next Door’s gauntlet begins, and .$$ are first up to the bat. knd. will go into this game having yet to drop a round, but that shouldn’t be how the finish. It’s even arguable that .$$ have the upper hand here, with their three stars – heavyTrelan, soldierJackster, and demomanInvader – all benefiting the most from the map. sniperyosh should be able to have the upper hand against sniperFeroaffer to benefit knd., and knd. definitely know how to get aggressive off a Sniper pick. If Feroaffer can keep toe to toe with yosh, however, knd. will find themselves further and further on the back foot. 4-3 in favor of $ilver $avages.


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