UGC HL Platinum Season 18 Week 8


As the other divisions play their final game for many, Platinum plods on, with yet another game after this before playoffs. Though, for Platinum, the majority of teams will be playing on anyways, with only three teams set to close up shop after Week 9. We head to Badwater Pro, the second season of it after a season of review and debate regarding the vanilla Badwater map. PL as a gamemode lends itself for less last minute choices that decide a winner, encouraging stronger play throughout as the method to win, so hopefully we’ll see some interesting play.

Last Week

:> vs ‘92, ‘92 victorious 4-3

With the score being so close indicating good things both for playoffs and :>’s hope to clinch the last spot, it’ll be exciting to see these two (and m|M) duke it out later in playoffs. As one might expect on Lakeside, the Scouts, Demomen and Snipers all did fantastically, with :>’s scoutfUZION and ‘92’s scoutslemnish especially putting up some rather mindblowing numbers over the course of the game. It does seem like that the game could’ve gone either way, especially in the later rounds with :> up 3-2 and unable to secure a final round to pick up the victory. With many games going beyond five minutes in length, there’s no doubt that despite the win by ‘92, :> came out looking a lot stronger.


m|M vs Bv, m|M victorious 4-1

The arguably more difficult path for Bv to get into playoffs has been closed, though it’s a lot more questionable after :>’s game against ‘92. scoutSyath and sniperbo4r performed the best on their teams, pulling in the top two ranks on the server for kills, outpacing the third place by a non-insignificant number as well. With that level of outclassing, however, should Bv get into playoffs, they may find themselves facing a swift exit.


dK vs EVL, dK victorious 4-0

I don’t think the result here shocked many people, even the 0 rounds picked up by EVL. Lakeside’s always been a favorite of dK, and EVL, aside a few shining lights, is mostly comprised of players new to Platinum. With nobody on EVL seemingly able to outperform their dK counterparts, it brings back memories to dK facing Bv on Ashville, just a completely dominant showing by dK.


.$$ vs .knd, .knd victorious 4-0

I think many people weren’t sure what to expect from this. It was assumed that the toughest match for .knd would be against .$$ on Lakeside, but that’s all thrown out the window. sniperyosh especially set the stage for the .knd dominance, going 42-12 to sniperFeroaffer’s 19-31. With the usual playmakers of .$$ seemingly unable to provide the backbone they normally did, they apparently crumbled, putting .knd ever so much closer to that Perfect Season trophy.




1: Kids Next Door [Scizor / Etney / Katsy / Jarrett / Kresnik / Ender / Nursey / yosh / Dimento]

Public service announcement to whatever god .knd made a deal with, mind lightening up? We get it sure, .knd made a deal with you to win, but a perfect season, really? Jokes aside, .knd have continued their perfect season, and seem set to finish it off. With what was likely their biggest challenge out of the way with no rounds dropped, it’s entirely up to dK and ‘92, on Stopwatch maps, to end .knd’s streak. Expect a nice 8-0 with no rounds dropped to finish off the season for “the froyotech of Highlander.” (everytime I say this something goes miserably wrong. Please?)


2: $ilver $avages [Godwash / Jackster / Lazy / Invader / Trelan / Angryofficer / Skeez / Feroaffer / Rolls Royce]

Unable to secure a single round against .knd, .$$ will have to remain content with second place going into playoffs. While certainly not a deplorable position to be in, their game against .knd will be what everyone hopes to be a simple fluke, lest we see an untouchable .knd continue into playoffs.


3: Dunning-Kruger Effect [b4nny / Bobby / Huey Lewis / Xan / Karl / Jordan_ / Metawe / corsa / Acooma]

dK quietly cleans up low Platinum for a week, watching keenly as .$$ goes up against .knd, and fail. They’re the next ones up on the chopping block, and will hope to be the chosen one that slays the kndragon.


4: ‘92 Dream Team [slemnish / trippah / jekjekj / odb / Vanilla Love / LittleDeath / Coldster / SGC / Scruff McGruff]

A nail-biting game against :> can only bring worry to the ‘92 crew, unable to sit comfortably in the assumption that they’ll easily be able to repel any attempt from the #5 and #6 teams in playoffs. While that’ll make playoffs more interesting for certain, who knows if that means ‘92 isn’t as strong as they used to be, and will struggle even more against the teams above them.


5: Memento Mori [syath / Doll / Geosus / Giraffe / Eerie person / Scratchy / Apple / Bagel / Deaft]

A win against Bv should confirm their playoff participation fully now, and it’s looking like their ying-yang friend Goofbirds will be confirmed soon enough as well. With a bye week and .$$ upcoming, they’ve got a relatively simple two weeks prepping to go into playoffs, assuming they don’t throw in all their dice trying to upset .$$ and come out crushed – physically and mentally.


6: Goofbirds [fUZION / p3nguin / deejay / Rightjustify / civ / sigafoo / Drake / Jesus / Daynife]

In what was likely a crushing loss for :> after finding themselves one up on ‘92, :> can take solace in the idea that if the team that showed up and nearly gave ‘92 a loss shows up against Bv, they’ll find themselves in playoffs.


7: Chill Penguins [Seer / Dreadought / HA Johnny / m66 / IssGonRain / SilentDom / Gamma Orionis / bo4r / Danish]

Their chance for playoffs is still there, but the :> vs ‘92 game makes it seems more unlikely now. They’ve still got it in their grasp, however, and it’d require quite the showing from the Bv crew, but it’s by no means impossible.


8: EVL Gaming HL [Linkuser / Cap$ize / Billysaurus / Avast / Bonesaw / kNyne / Rogue / Vinny / stabby]

The EVL folk take another expected loss, and slowly start closing up the shop. Playoffs are out of reach, and their only solace comes from beating aMw, and whatever morale victory they’ve no doubt cooked up in a surprisingly strong first season with so many newbloods. That’s not to be disparaging at all, EVL did in fact have a good season, and should they stick together for a while, should be able to see themselves being stronger with each passing week/season.


9: A Million Ways [Madoff / Fire / Digresser / Split / Fireshaker / Spamfest / Spork / vlad / feint]

How hard can one get carried by an Engineer and two pick classes? Not very. I’ll not deny that I’m a huge fan of aMw, and am definitely sad that they never did reach those heights in their first season (Season 7 doesn’t count, Digresser), but the proof’s in the pudding. They had some good games, and gave some teams (‘92 included!) a scare or two, but in the end, 1-6 is 1-6. And that 1 was a FFW.




Bv vs :>

The battle of birds and questionable tag decisions, this should be the final game that affects playoff seeding. If Bv wins here, they will push out :> of the #6 spot and sneak into the playoffs. It’ll be an uphill battle here, with Sniper and Soldier being the only two classes that Bv arguably have an even playing field on. The engineersigafoo factor isn’t something that can just be thrown out as well, as a higher level Engineer on PL, even on the neutered Badwater Pro, can make or break holds and games. 2-1 in favor of Goofbirds.


EVL vs ‘92

Although I could spin a story that EVL has an outside chance after the ‘92 – :> game, it’s simply not realistic. KoTH is a more hectic gamemode than PL, and EVL won’t be able to take advantage of last-second decisions giving them rounds as much as they’d be able to on KoTH. With scoutLinkuser, one of their standout players, stuck on cart for much of the game as well, EVL’s aces will have trouble being as effective elsewhere. 2-0 in favor of ‘92 Dream Team.


.knd vs dK

Up next to bad, Dunning-Kruger looks to break .knd’s streak. Badwater Pro, if I recall correctly, isn’t exactly the favorite map of the dK group, flanked by Steel and Lakeside – maps that going against .knd would be a fair bit more interesting on. The win against .$$ will be huge for .knd, and they’ll definitely be going into this week pumped. 2-0 in favor of Kids Next Door.


.$$ vs aMw

If EVL vs ‘92 will be a wash, this’ll be a roll. snipervlad vs sniperFeroaffer will be nice to see, but .$$ should outclass their opponents almost completely. Even with engineerSpamfest, aMw should be on the backfoot almost immediately as .$$ will no doubt have zero qualms at throwing themselves at the enemy defense with no end. 2-0 in favor of $ilver $avages.


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