UGC Gold HL Season 18 Playoffs – Week 2 Cont. & Upper Bracket Preview

March 23th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Playoffs Week 2 Cont. & Upper Bracket Preview

by VoxDei and whymeo

An early edition of our normal article, we are going to take a look at our games from this past Monday night as well as the matchups for Thursday and next Upper Bracket Finals. The Lower Bracket Finals (which also take place on Monday) are TBD, so they will be added as an addition to this article, be sure to check back!


All matches from this point on will be on Saloon, so tell your friends to bet and put their money where their mouth is.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

#1 -quail noises- vs # 5 appel by VoxDei

Final result: / ^ )> won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 2-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 2-1

meo’s MVP: vand scout / ^ )>

VoxDei’s MVP: vand scout / ^ )>

Match length + Logs: 32:40 //

meo’s Writeup: Although not nearly as big of a stomping as sJ vs. DOES IT, this game also went about as one would expect. Although Smilez was able to match yimi in frags and win the SvS, appel simply wasn’t able to keep up with Quail Noises as a team. Bunny  and bff, although outperformed by sigh and vand did put up a good fight. Finally, Jayden did very well on Spy, getting the 2nd most kills for his team and grabbing more Med and Demo picks than pomf. On the quails side, things went as you’d normally expect, with the notable exception of vand. Vand went absolutely huge on Scout, with 37 frags in a 32 minute game. I feel like he might have left the cart pushing to other classes at some points, but it certainly worked with such an insane showing for a scout on upward. Mae, rue, and sigh also all had good games, per usual. Appel was able to make this game closer than their match against quails on Badwater in week eight of regular season, but it still just wasn’t enough to deal with quails’ amazing roster.

VoxDei’s Writeup: quails take a game they are expected to, but it was not as close I was expecting. Truth be told, I was thinking this could come down to the wire, but appel was not really able to contend. Whether it was appel under performing or quails just being the better team, that’s something really only the STV could tell you. appel gave it a shot, but they could not match up to the firepower of the quail noises roster, lead by Vand who showed an absolutely stunning performance on Scout. Not far behind, as always, was mae, putting up great damage and kill stats to help lead his team to a 9th straight victory. The way that quails are playing, they look to be cruising on the road to 11 straight, overcoming their week 1 loss on the map they just conquered.

#7 Papa’s Peddlers vs #3 Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs

Final result: ££ won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: N/A

VoxDei’s Prediction: ££ wins 2-1

meo’s MVP: Comanglia sniper Jeebus

VoxDei’s MVP: tiptoes medic ££

Match length + Logs: 29:44 //

meo’s Writeup: This was a close game, but ££ walked away with the victory in the end. Comanglia deserves a shout out for not only out-fragging watterson but also beating him in the SvS. He had a really good game and will be looked towards to cause upsets in the lower bracket for Jeebus.

VoxDei’s Writeup: What can I really say here? ££ came to slam and that’s what they did, now toppling the #2 and #3 seeds of the playoffs. Jeebus’ stats were all around pretty decent, keeping up in Damage and Frags, but their DM could not save them from the coordination and strategy that ££ displayed. I have to give the MVP to tiptoes, yet again. He managed 30 assists to 6 deaths and had some pretty fantastic heal stats to go along, leading his team to another upset victory. Other standouts include the often mentioned watterson and Max, putting up great frags and damage, which at this point should not come as much of a surprise.

#8 Meme Stealers 2.0 vs #4 Don’t Tilt

Final result: -ts- won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: -ts- wins 2-0

VoxDei’s Prediction: KILLME wins 2-1

meo’s MVP: Sullyy sniper KILLME

VoxDei’s MVP: Jake sniper KILLME

Match length + Logs: 31:15 //

meo’s Writeup:  Meme Stealers put up a valiant effort to try and stay in playoffs, but in the end Don’t Tilt took the game 2-0 and advance in the bracket, knocking Meme Stealers out. Meme Stealers definitely put up a fight here despite the 2-0 score, with sully and KILLME’s flank of jaaay and JJslim especially doing well. Sadly, despite Meme Stealers’ best efforts they simply weren’t able to contest Don’t Tilt’s much more balanced roster. Dogfloaties, beanie,and DrZoidy all came out big on Don’t Tilt’s side and it shows. Meme Stealers deserve credit for this loss and their entire season though. They improved a lot throughout this season and put up some good fights against high-Gold teams and they went out with a damn good showing.

VoxDei’s Writeup: I wish I had a chance to watch this game because I heard it ended a lot closer than the score implies. In fact, the first half cap by Don’t Tilt had less than 10 seconds remaining before they secured the first round. Jake absolutely showed up to play here, silencing doubters that he may not be able to throw down the way he used to. Perhaps on a more familiar map like Upward, he was able to come through for his team. The Medics struggled with their Ubers in this fight, with 5 drops over 26 pops, overall and the Spies accounting for 4 of them (2 for each.) Still, the game goes to Don’t Tilt, with beanie taking significantly less heals now that he has a combo Demo back with him. We bid farewell to Meme Stealers who far outdid my initial expectation going into this season.

#2 Social Justice Warriors #6 Baited by Rhy

Final result: sJ won 2-0

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins 2-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins 2-1

meo’s MVP: DynamoVic sniper sJ

VoxDei’s MVP: DynamoVic sniper sJ

Match length + Logs: 35:04 //

meo’s Writeup: This match wasn’t even close. The story is more or less told in the kills, with the kill count being 266 to sJ and 146 to DOES IT. It’s not surprising, considering that DOES IT’s roster was pretty much in shambles with multiple players missing from their lineup and others forced to off-class. SJW was able to capitalize on DOES IT’s weak roster and absolutely rolled through them. DynamoVic dropped an absolutely ridiculous 50 – 16 and also top damaged for the entire server and other sJ players like Goldfish and crab_f were able to rack up some crazy numbers of their own. This game probably would have been a bit closer if DOES IT hadn’t given up, but I think it was bound to go the way it did either way. DOES IT had a good season though and props for them to for making it this far.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Poor DOES IT. Stricken by bad luck throughout the playoffs, their season comes to a close. Arguably the most difficult road in playoffs, stuck to fight against the #3 then #2 seeds on maps their opponents felt comfortable on. This isn’t to take anything away from sJ, however. They came to play and to silence any question of an early departure. DynamoVic absolutely tore through the DOES IT team, racking up 50 frags and 519DPM. Still, conner for DOES IT kept up with the SvS, 11-11, but Dynamo clearly had a lot more to say when it came to the other 8 players on the roster. Simply dominant and impressive play lead to this 2-0 over DOES IT.

So, this is that moment in playoffs. It’s weird to think that on Thursday we are going to say goodbye to two of the top 5 seeded teams. sJ, Jeebus, Don’t Tilt, and appel are squaring off to prevent their season from ending. Each match is going to be at fever pitch, with tensions running high and a whole lot of close battles. It’s pretty wild that at this stage in the game, either appel or sJ need to say goodbye to their season, but alas, that’s what the playoffs are all about.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

#1 -quail noises- vs # 7 Papa’s Peddlers – Upper Bracket Finals

Date/Time/Map: 3/28/2016, 9:30PM EST, koth_product_rc8

meo’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 4-0

VoxDei’s Prediction: / ^ )> wins 4-1

meo’s Player(s) to watch/ ^ )> – yimi scout, sigh soldier, mae demoman | appel – max demoman, watterson sniper, Proto spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: / ^ )> – sigh soldier, mae demoman, yimi sniper | ££ – heisen soldier, max demoman, watterson sniper

meo’s WriteupA team of Highlander players beating a team of Invite and High-IM players? On Viaduct to boot? Yeah, it’s not going to happen. I think ££ could take a round or two if they get lucky, since players like watterson, max and proto are likely to go off on viaduct, but quails DM is just way too good for ££ to have a shot here.

VoxDei’s Writeup: mfw meo preds against his own team o_o. This is going to be a pretty interesting game in terms of placement. Papa’s Peddlers have come in being the underdog in playoffs. The #7 seed which has taken over #2 and #3, and they now have their shot against numero uno. Honestly, I don’t think ££ have much of a shot here, but if they do it will be off the back of those 3 guys above. quails have undoubtedly the most dangerous roster in Gold, which you’ve heard all season long, but they’ve stepped up to a new level, and will really shine on the DM-heavy Product. I give ££ a shot to take a round if they really focus on playing point and not chasing frags, but it may be too much to ask for a win here.

#3 Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs vs #4 Don’t Tilt

Date/Time/Map: 3/24/2016, 9:30PM EST, pl_upward

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins 2-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins 2-1

meo’s Player(s) to watch: Jeebus – kairu scout, Ezrik demoman, Comanglia sniper | -ts- – DrZoidy demoman, beanie heavy, Jake sniper

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: Jeebus  Ezrik demoman, Shea! engineer, Comanglia sniper| -ts- –  Spec Deck soldier, DrZoidy demoman, Jake sniper

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meo’s WriteupThis should be an interesting matchup. Jeebus definitely are the team likely to win here, but great performances from Zoidy and beanie could cause an upset. With comanglia on Jeebus to cull any crazy plays from Don’t Tilt, it seems unlikely that Don’t Tilt will be able to cause an upset though. DrZoidy is a bit of an enigma however, as we’ve yet to see exactly how far he can go against the best teams in Gold on Demo. One thing is for sure though, he’s be doing great on Demo against teams like Shadowball and Meme Stealers. With beanie almost certain to perform amazingly as he always does if Zoidy can manage to outperform ezrik, which I would put my money on, then Don’t Tilt’s combo will have a huge advantage over Jeebus’ combo. Combo means a lot on any map, but so does Sniper and despite Jake putting up a good fight so far in playoffs he wasn’t able to come out on top against either Smilez or sullyy and I don’t think his fight against Comanglia will be any different. I expect Don’t Tilt to go out fighting here, but Jeebus should come out the victors and continue their fight towards lower bracket finals.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Jeebus look shaky right now and Don’t Tilt may be able to capitalize. Admittedly, the 2-0 for Don’t Tilt was actually a really tightly contested game and could have easily gone to a third round, but Jeebus looked absolutely out of place and haggard against Papa’s Peddlers last week. With another trip back to the drawing board, perhaps they can take something from their lost and bring it back to life with a little determination, a wish, and a prayer, but I’m really far in Don’t Tilt’s court after that last victory. In regards to combo, Ezrik has the experience over DrZoidy, but they match pretty well in terms of DM and although WLLY has been a great Heavy, it’s hard to overcome the powerhouse that is beanie. The real battle will be between the two Snipers. Comanglia and Jake have been at it for a while, both have had their peaks and valleys and had their time as one of the best at some point or another. Comanglia is still searching to find his S15 form and Jake is trying to fight the “has been” rumors, so it will be a really fun match between these two Snipers. I just think that Jeebus’ rust and some psychological gameplay could lead to a game that gets far too out of hand for them to take the victory. 2-1 for Don’t Tilt.

#2 Social Justice Warriors vs #5 appel by VoxDei

Date/Time/Map: 3/24/2016, 9:30PM EST, pl_upward

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins 2-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins 2-1

meo’s Player(s) to watch: sJ  goldfish demoman, DynamoVic sniper, Evil spy | appel  Carcin heavy, SmileZ sniper, Jayden spy

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: sJ  crab_f soldier, DynamoVic sniper, Evil spy | appel Carcin heavy, SmileZ sniper, Jayden spy

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Cast (voxxxxxxxxxx will be hosting this channel tomorrow.)

meo’s WriteupMan, talk about déjà vu. Tomorrow we’ll travel back in time, to week one of Gold where appel and sJ faced off on Upward. Even carcin is back on heavy for appel, making this matchup really look very similar to what we once saw. Will the results be the same however? I think this is definitely the closest match of the week and both teams are going to put up the best possible fight they can as they struggle to stay alive in playoffs. Carcin on Heavy is a big advantage for appel and he’s likely to go just as huge as he did back in week one. Vipa on Demo is the real question here. If he’s able to perform well then I could see appel pulling out an upset here. Even keeping up with goldfish on Demo will prove hard however, let alone matching him. A large part of this match comes down to the sniper fight. Smilez won the SvS last time he faced off against DynamoVic, but was unable to put out quite as many frags or damage. If appel can keep evil under control and not allow him to get ridiculous double-digit frags on Smilez like he did week one, then Smilez might just go off enough for appel to take this game. In the end though, I have to say that sJ is the team more likely to win this match. With goldfish, evil and DynamoVic sure to impress in this match, sJ definitely have the edge. However, I don’t think that appel can be entirely counted out. This should be a close game and either team could take this.

VoxDei’s Writeup: When these two teams faced off in Week 1, we knew we were looking at two of the best teams in Gold. Now, we come to the continuation of Week 10 where one of them will make a departure too soon from the season. Honestly, this is a match I almost anticipated for Lower Bracket Finals, but instead, it comes 2 weeks early. Let’s focus on a Player by Player comparison.

scout coffemonster vs bff-forever | Edge: coffemonster

coffemonster has performed really well the last few times he’s played in Uber’s place and this should be no different. As previously mentioned, the Scout v Scout will be of minimal impact this game, but coffemonster is more likely to put some some numbers.

soldier – crab_f vs bunny | Edge: crab_f

bunny is overall one of the best Soldiers in Gold, but crab_f’s DM should overshadow him here. In a Soldier v Soldier fight, I’d expect crab to take it and he will most likely get more crucial picks for his team. bunny will protect the flank which will lend an easier time for appel defending, but crab is sure to rack up numbers.

pyro – uber vs American | Edge: American

Things got shaken up when I heard that uber will be playing in place of Puffalo. Uber is likely to frag more than Puffalo would have, but will this leave the sJ combo more exposed? American had a rough game against quails and Uber thrived against a team that had already given up, so it’s tough to call this one. Still, I have to give it to American for the same reason as before- His DM is solid and he does not value his life (in or out of game) so he has some potential to do alright as long as his flank can help him out. Expect brulée to die more with American often staring at the Respawn timer however.

demomanGoldfish vs Vipa | Edge: Goldfish

Sorry Vipa, but this isn’t even a contest. From Spy to Heavy to Demo, Vipa has made a wild trip this season, but can a brilliant 1 week performance top the #2 Demo in Gold? Doubtful.

heavy BattleBull vs Carcin | Edge: Carcin

Truth be told, I have no idea what Carcin mains, but it might as well be Heavy. Carcin’s stats have been good enough to earn him my #2 spot for Heavies this season behind beanie, but he has a very damage-inducing way of playing Heavy which should help out appel immensely.

engineer – Yipyapper vs nokk | Edge: Yipyapper

I should start off by saying that I’m not very familiar with Yipyapper’s Engie play and even less so with Nokk’s. Yipyapper however is a more active competitive player and (I believe) has played Engineer competitively more recently than Nokk, so I have to give the edge to sJ on this one.

medic – fishylin vs brulée | Edge: brulée

This is another one of those “who is playing” situations, similar to the Scout matchup. If fishylin continues playing Medic for sJ, appel should have the edge in that situation, especially in light of brulée’s recent performances. If Affliction ends up playing in place of fishylin, it complicates things, but it will remain to be seen.

sniper DynamoVic vs SmileZ | Edge: SmileZ

Jesus, how do I even decide? DynamoVic is more likely to have better Damage and Kill stats, but in a Sniper v Sniper comparison, my gut tells me to go with SmileZ. Even when he’s had trouble keeping up with frags against some other Snipers, he always seems to have the better SvS stats. With DynamoVic probably spending some more time dead than he’s used to, it might allow SmileZ a chance to really kick off.

spy Evil vs Jayden | Edge: Evil

How the hell does anyone give another Spy the edge over Jayden? Oh, right. When Evil is the opposing Spy. His stats have been great all season. He shows no fear of using both his Knife and Amby, and he has been a consistent playmaker for sJ all season. Now, that’s not to say Jayden hasn’t done the same, but Evil has taken it to a different level. The chances for Evil are even greater when you take into account the protection surrounding the enemy combo.

Game Edge: Social Justice Warriors

sJ is better where it counts, and DynamoVic’s play the past few weeks looks nothing like it did in Week 1, fully contending with some of the best names in Gold. I expect SmileZ to take the SvS yet again (as he’s done with most Snipers) but Dynamo has so much more fragging potential. Toss in Evil and crab, and you have some of the most dangerous pick classes of any team in Gold. With crab more than likely trying to focus down brulée, it may lead to some issues on the flank, especially depending on who the Scout is on the sJ side. The thing that throws it over the edge however is goldfish. The only Demo that has really been able to outperform goldfish consistently is mae, and Vipa ain’t no mae. I thoroughly expect a close matchup, but with sJ taking it all.

Article update!

Below you’ll find meo’s and my writeups of Thursday’s game as well as the SJW vs Don’t Tilt game upcoming on Monday. Check it out!

#2 Social Justice Warriors vs #5 appel by VoxDei

Final result: N/A appel won. See below.

meo’s Prediction: sJ wins 2-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: sJ wins 2-1


Match length + Logs: 51:19 //

Cast: VoxDei and Whymeo:

It undoubtedly was a very exciting match to watch and cast, but due to a player who was determined to be cheating, the match was overturned.

#3 Team Jeebus 2: Need for Jeebs vs #4 Don’t Tilt

Final result: Don’t Tilt won 2-1

meo’s Prediction: Jeebus wins 2-1

VoxDei’s Prediction: -ts- wins 2-1

Match Length + Logs: 52:33 //

meo’s MVP: Spades Slick engineer -ts-

VoxDei’s MVP: Spades Slick engineer -ts-

meo’s WriteupShockingly, Jeebus drop out without making the top 4. Don’t Tilt played really well in this match however and they definitely deserve this win. All of Don’t Tilt stepped up for this game, especially their their pick classes, with Jake and Kris18 having markedly better games than they had been as of late. Jake matched Comanglia  in frags and lost the SvS by only one kill, so there’s no denying that he showed up when it mattered. Kris18’s performance was even more impressive however, with a total of 38 kills and an absolutely insane 9 medic picks. If Kris hadn’t been so on top of Jeebus’ Med, I doubt the match would have gone Don’t Tilt’s way. Last for especially impressive performances, is Spades who went absolutely huge on engineer for Don’t Tilt. With 44 frags, Spades out-fragged both teams’ Snipers and left Shea in the dust. I honestly don’t know how someone manages to go so huge on Engineer, especially on a non-KOTH map, so big props to Spades for his performance. Besides those three, things went about as expected. Beanie went huge with 47 kills and only 15 deaths and DrZoidy had a solid game. On the Jeebus side, kairu top-fragged for Jeebus and Ezrik and Comanglia both did well. Don’t Tilt simply had too many stand out performances for Jeebus to keep up.
It’s a bit sad to see Jeebus go out like this. I know Upward is a weak map for them and being forced to play it twice in a row because of their loss to ££ made things really hard for them. They kept this match competitive despite struggling on the map, but in the end they just barely weren’t able to take it. They had a good run this season though and I hope to see their players in Gold, and perhaps Plat, in the future.

VoxDei’s Writeup: I really wish I had a chance to watch this match, but it’s been a very busy weekend. I’m impressed with Jeebus’ performance and ability to put up a round on such a weak map for them while getting out-fragged pretty heavily. There were definitely some familiar struggles on the Jeebus side. Despite decent numbers put up by nearly every class, they were mainly outperformed by their Don’t Tilt counterparts. Comanglia and Jake proved to be a pretty solid SvS outing, matching each other in frags and almost identical in the SvS. The heroes of the match however, are Kris18 and Spades Slick. Spades put out one of the best Upward Engie performances I have ever seen, and crucial picks by Kris saved Don’t Tilt on more than one occasion. Couches had a tough time keeping up with Snook because of Kris’ 9 Med picks, which accounted for over half of his deaths. I might try and cast this game provided I have the time, so keep an eye out for that. We do bid farewell to Jeebus, who will overall place 5th with 4 teams still battling in the playoffs.

#4 Don’t Tilt vs #2 appel by VoxDei

Date/Time/Map: 3/28/2016, 9:30PM EST, koth_product_rc8

meo’s Prediction: appel wins 4-2

VoxDei’s Prediction: appel wins 4-3

meo’s Player(s) to watch: -ts- – DrZoidy demoman, beanie heavy, Spades Slick engineer | appel – Carcin heavy, SmileZ sniper, Jayden spy 

VoxDei’s Player(s) to watch: -ts- – Spec Deck soldierDrZoidy demoman, Jake sniper | appel – bunny soldier, SmileZ sniper, Jayden spy 

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Cast: Mime + TBD:

meo’s Writeup: This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this matchup. In fact, in week 4 we saw these two teams square off on the very same map, Product, and appel walk away with a 4-2 win. Appel also beat Don’t Tilt the first week of playoffs, winning on cp_steel 2-0. With Carcin back on heavy for appel in this match, appel’s roster is looking even better than the last time these two teams played each other on Product. However, so is Don’t Tilt’s roster. With Spades on Engineer for Don’t Tilt, if he can cause even half as much damage as he did in Don’t Tilt’s match against Jeebus then he will be a huge advantage for them. In the end, I think appel is overall the more skilled roster and we’ll see this go the same way this matchup has gone twice in the past, but expect Don’t Tilt to put up one hell of a fight in this game.

scout Dogfloaties vs. bff-forever | Edge: bff-forever

Both these guys will do well in the match, but I have to go with bff here. I saw some signs of him playing like he did back in S17 Plat in appel’s last match and I think he very well might go hard in this match.

soldier – Spec Deck vs. bunny | Edge: bunny

Bunny went insane in appel’s last match against sJ and it’s very clear that he’s here to win. Spec Deck is a solid soldier, but keeping up with bunny’s DM will likely prove impossible for him.

pyro – Perception vs. american | Edge: Perception

American is sure to get away with some stupid plays in this game, but Perception is likely to do overall better.

demoman DrZoidy vs. glider | Edge: glider

Now this is an interesting one. DrZoidy is a very good HL demo, but glider is an accomplished high-IM demo. I don’t think DrZoidy will be able to keep up with glider’s extremely good Demo DM, but they both will do very well in this match. Glider will just do even better.

heavy Beanie vs. carcin | Very slight edge: carcin

The two best Heavies in Gold this season. These two are both absolutely insane at Heavy and they both have very different styles. Beanie has an extremely low death per minute count throughout the season and plays a very passive style while taking a lot of heals from his Medic. Carcin dies a bit more than Beanie because of his more aggressive style, but he also puts out absolutely ridiculous kills per minute and damage per minute, outdoing beanie in those categories. I think Carcin will very marginally outperform beanie in this, but both of them are going to play absolutely amazingly as they always do.

engineer spades vs. yipyapper | ?

Man, I really don’t know which of these engineers is better. Spades owned extremely hard in Don’t Tilt’s last match, but yipyapper is also a very skilled, experienced engineer. It will be interesting to see which one comes out on top here!

medic – Snook vs. brulée | Slight edge: Snook

Both are good Medics with an extremely good combo. Both have a lot of HL Medic experience and I really don’t expect either of them to make any big mistakes here. They’ll be well protected by their combos and I think they’ll both do just fine at staying alive as well as handle their heals and übers well. I think Snook is the slightly better Medic here, but it won’t be enough to have much of an impact.

sniper Jake vs. Smilez | Edge: SmileZ

Smilez has a much better season record than Jake and should easily take this Sniper fight. I’m sure Jake will do fine himself, but it’s hard to keep up with SmileZ, especially on a map he excels at like Product.

spy – Kris18 vs. Jayden | Edge: Jayden

Jayden outdid Evil himself in appel’s last match which suggests that Jayden may very well have been the best Spy in Gold this season. Kris18 is a good spy, but Jayden has performed well time after time for appel and I don’t expect it to be any different in this game. Look out for a ton of combo picks from Jayden.

VoxDei’s Writeup: Here we are, back to Product week during the regular season. This match signified a very big change for both teams when they played this back in Week 4. Don’t Tilt was coming off of their first loss of the season. Their star Pyro TMP had just taken his leave and Don’t Tilt’s roster was in shambles. Despite this, they still showed up to play and gave appel a run for their money. This time around, I expect it to be even closer. Both rosters are incredibly different, with new Scouts, Demos, and a whole lot more over on the Don’t Tilt side. The biggest change will be DrZoidy moving from Scout to Demo. He was the biggest reason they had any chance against appel in Week 4, and the very same could be said this week too. Making his return on Heavy will be Carcin, who is sure to be a thorn in the side of every member of Don’t Tilt. Although the beanie v Carcin argument will come up, as meo said, their play styles are very different, but Carcin’s is likely more conducive to excellence on Product, unless Don’t Tilt is quick to prevent his presence. Likely, the heroes of the game will be SmileZ and Jayden. Jake is a very, very good Sniper on maps he’s more familiar with and should fit right at home on Product, but SmileZ’s SvS abilities are brilliant and we should see a continuation of his performances from the entire season. Jake is likely to put up more frags and damage, but SmileZ should take the SvS, which on Product is even more important. I think the real question of this match will come down to the Medics. Who will stay alive? Jayden is going to try his damnedest to keep Snook down and he should find some relative success, with Don’t Tilt often struggling to protect their combo. appel has also run into this same issue, but seemed to have tightened up, with recent matches showing surprisingly few deaths for brulée. This is going to come down to just a few key plays and I think the deck is slightly stacked in appel’s favor. Expect an awesome game this Monday and be sure to bring a spare change of underwear. It’s going to be tense.



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