UGC HL Platinum Season 18 Playoffs Week 2


Amidst all the Gold drama, Platinum slowly trudges on. Upward is done with, and Viaduct reappears once again, just in time for rematches. Both games have been seen before earlier in the season, so it’ll be interesting to see the differences, if any.

Last Week

Memento Mori vs ‘92 Dream Team, Memento Mori victorious 2-1

With a fairly even line of class to class stats, the game was clearly a close one. A look at the Demoman and Sniper stats, however, show the superiority of m|M in that game – sniperBagel very clearly outperformed sniperSpaceGhost’sCoffee, and demomanGiraffe with demomanodb. The rest of the server seemed to be balanced out roughly, with ‘92 having a more dominant Soldier and Pyro, while m|M scored in the Spy and Engineer department. Definitely a match that could’ve gone anywhere, and it’ll be interesting to see if and when these two teams rematch on a different map how it’ll end up.


Dunning-Kruger Effect vs Chill Penguins, Dunning-Kruger Effect victorious 2-0

While the score did end 2-0 with dK having a dominant showing, Bv were mere seconds from taking the second round and tying it at 1-1, no doubt due to the fantastic performances by sniperbo4r, soldierDreadnought, and spyfeint. On the other side, sniperTimeless and demomanXan clearly led the charge, with the two of them having the strongest performances in the first and second half respectively. Bv’s ability to give dK that level of a fight is indicative of future play, giving anyone in the lower bracket something to worry about.



The rankings have been changed slightly, with less focus/emphasis on each team individually, and more emphasis on the two/three groups – Upper Bracket, Lower Bracket, and Recently Eliminated (not present this week.)


Upper Bracket: Kids Next Door, $ilver $avages, Memento Mori, Dunning-Kruger Effect

With .knd and .$$ making their return after a week’s hiatus, the Upper Bracket doesn’t dip in size after the departure of ‘92 and Bv. With .knd vs m|M facing off as the more distinct match, and .$$ vs dK being a lot more up in the air, it’ll be interesting to see the pool after Monday.


Lower Bracket: ‘92 Dream Team, Chill Penguins

A loss last Monday will give ‘92 and Bv a temporary respite before having to play the dreaded lower bracket Thursday games. With the eternal curse of missing starters lingering in the air, when the 31st rolls around and these two teams will be facing their recently defeated opponents, it’ll be interesting to see who shows up. Chill Penguins seem likely to face Memento Mori, but that’s probably an understatement. ‘92, on the other hand, have their opponent far more murky. Either .$$ or dK could walk away with a win tomorrow, so m|M will have to hope quietly to get the opponent they want as they sit in the STV/EVLTV stream(?) and eagerly watch the game.



Kids Next Door vs Memento Mori

If anyone thought the hard part was over when .knd came out of the regular season with a perfect record, they were dead wrong. They’ll be up against team after team utterly bloodthirsty for a round, if not a win, and their first opponent is Memento Mori. The two last faced off on this very map, with .knd obviously having taken a 4-0 victory. About a month and a half have passed since then, however, and m|M are not intending to end their victory streak of .$$ and ‘92 by being steamrolled by .knd. If demomanGiraffe can outplay demomanJarrett like with the other Demos he’s faced recently, m|M will have a strong leg to stand on, but an expected puppeteering of sniperBagel by sniperyosh will constantly put .knd that necessary inch ahead. 4-1 in favor of Kids Next Door.


.$ilver $avages vs Dunning-Kruger Effect

Another rematch, though of a much closer and much different game. When these two last faced off, dK was struggling, unable to find a stable roster. They’ve since overcome that, and are back to take revenge. It’ll be interesting to see how the two teams clash. .$$ have been fairly predictable as the season progressed, with their trio of soldierJackster, demomanInvader, and heavyTrelan consistently being the big players on their team. dK, on the other hand, haven’t even had much of a season to show off their roster, let alone a handful of stars showing strongly. Aside the obvious dK counterparts to the previously mentioned .$$ trio, the pick classes will mean a lot, with spyAcooma/sniperTimeless going up against spyPellovely/sniperFeroaffer – a notably weaker duo than the one that had showed up last time. 4-3 in favor of Dunning Kruger Effect.


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