Florida LAN (FLan) 2016

So, you guys may have heard a bit about FLan on the UGC forums or Reddit, etc.

I just wanted to give this event some much-deserved publicity so we can get this off the ground. Miggy has put a ton of heart, soul, and time into trying to make the event inclusive, fun, and most importantly, light on the wallet.

You may have seen the badass skull design from last season. (I’m still a little peeved I don’t have one.) But let me introduce you to the FLan Flan Medal, which comes with an engraved picture of Tyrone eating flan*.

*Not true


I won’t hit you with some kind of heavy sale, because this isn’t an ad website, but it is a TF2 website, and LANs are a fantastic event to be a part of.

Grab a ticket, hitch a ride, and get your medal. Seeya at FLan!

– Vox


UGC Platinum Highlander Season 18 Grand Finals


Well, here we are. The end of the season snuck up so fast, it’s hard to believe these are the last words I’ll be writing it about Highlander until the summer. We’ve had one hell of a season, with a ton of breakout players, a team achieve a perfect record in the regular season, and a rock-solid maplist / whitelist. MM’s come out, a stream list’s been added, and i58’s creeping up.

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UGC Gold HL Season 18 Grand Finals – Quail Noises Vs. Appel

April 4th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 18

Playoffs Week 4: Grand Finals

by whymeo

Well, we’re finally here. After a eleven weeks of matches, it’s time for Gold’s grand finals! And what a trip it’s been, with sJ’s previous win over appel being overturned when it was discovered that smilez was outsniped so cleanly by dynamovic in that match only because of the meme that just won’t die, gamebanana wallhacks. With new found confidence after coming back into the bracket, appel made quick work of their remaining opponents, beating both Don’t Tilt and Papa’s Peddlers 4-1 on viaduct. Now they look to try and take out the team we’ve been expecting to win all along, Quail Noises, in what is sure to be an exciting best of three!

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UGC Platinum Highlander Season 18 Playoffs Week 3


The hacker drama has reached Platinum, with the sudden appearance of P-Rec arguments and matchmaking excuses worming it’s way into Platinum. We’re down to four teams now, and after tomorrow, only the final three teams will remain. Gullywash is our map this week, the supposed best map of the worst gamemode. The knd. streak has finally been broken, m|M taking a single, meaningful yet meaningless, round on Viaduct.

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