UGC Platinum Highlander Season 18 Playoffs Week 3


The hacker drama has reached Platinum, with the sudden appearance of P-Rec arguments and matchmaking excuses worming it’s way into Platinum. We’re down to four teams now, and after tomorrow, only the final three teams will remain. Gullywash is our map this week, the supposed best map of the worst gamemode. The knd. streak has finally been broken, m|M taking a single, meaningful yet meaningless, round on Viaduct.

Last Week

Kids Next Door vs Memento Mori, 4-1 in favor of Kids Next Door

The church bells ring as the longest undefeated streak in Platinum is laid to rest. Memento Mori came out swinging, picking up the very first round. spyDeaft especially seemed to be on top of his game, alongside sniperBagel consistently being a thorn in the .knd side. On the other hand, nearly all of knd. pulled in a positive K/D. With m|M, despite the score, providing a legitimate challenge for .knd, the rest of playoffs is shaping up to be a lot closer of a game than one would’ve expected going into playoffs.


Dunning-Kruger Effect vs $ilver $avages, 4-2 in favor of Dunning Kruger Effect

As is the standard with close KoTH games, the logs are a practical art gallery of stats, with many players in the server seemingly deserving of a mention. I’ll leave it to just two for each team, with .$$’s heavyTrelan and sniperFeroaffer appearing to do the most, with demomanXan and sniperCorsa leading the way for dK. With dK able to stay enough ahead of .$$ throughout, it’s definitely going to be cherished as revenge for earlier in the season.


(LB, Thursday) $ilver $avages vs ‘92 Dream Team

With a mind-boggling amount of memery, as would be expected of these two teams this point in the season, ‘92 Dream Team make their goodbyes to their season, as a loss in Lower Bracket ends it there. With ringer demomanMuma doing the most for ‘92, and ‘ringer’ scoutTrain and sniperFeroaffer on .$$, it does feel that ‘92 have finally succumbed to the pervasive lack of motivation that kept them on a downwards slope since the start of the season.


(LB, Thursday) Memento Mori vs Chill Penguins

While perhaps only few expected Bv to have too much effect on playoffs, the elimination here is not without it’s effect. While scoutSyath did indeed perform fantastically, alongside demomanGiraffe and sniperBagel (and compliments to soldierDreadnought, sniperbo4r, and medicGamma for their play for Bv), a mysterious person, supposedly from Bv, dragged Syath down with them. Said person apparently requested the admins review Syath’s play from the game, who was then discovered to not have recorded demos. This has happened elsewhere in the league recently, and the punishment meted out was a 1 week ban. Opinions aside, the loss of Syath for their game against .$$ will be significant.



Upper Bracket – Kids Next Door, Dunning-Kruger Effect

After a relatively close game against m|M on .knd’s end, dK will no doubt be eagerly eyeing the potential to give .knd their first loss. The winner here is guaranteed a spot in the Grand Finals, as well as the advantages that come with an Upper Bracket position.


Lower Bracket – $ilver $avages, Memento Mori

Having each eliminated a team, .$$ and m|M have no intentions to end their season just shy of a placement finish. Gullywash seems like fairly even ground for the two, as both took simple victories without much contest.


Eliminated Recently – Chill Penguins, ‘92 Dream Team

Chill Penguins, having come from nowhere to slip into playoffs, bid their hopes farewell, having taken an expected route for a #6 seed. ‘92, while the #5 seed and theoretically not a shock to see gone, are certainly a shadow of their former potential, achieved and otherwise. With the only thing publicly seen about the future of either team is Scruff’s LFT post where he says, “I have no idea what ’92 is doing next season”, hopefully we’ll see both teams return stronger next season.



Kids Next Door vs Dunning-Kruger Effect

While the castle may have cracked, the walls are about to come crashing down. Everything seems to be lined up against .knd, Gullywash is the last place a .knd fan would want to see dK face them in playoffs. Most of dK should find themselves able to go toe to toe with their .knd counterpart, something that couldn’t be said back on Badwater Pro. The game should still end in .knd’s hands, but expect the formerly unshakable team to show a lot more weakness. 4-2 in favor of Kids Next Door.


$ilver $avages vs Memento Mori

With sniperFeroaffer seemingly having put that dreadful Lakeside game behind him, he’ll likely be ready to give .$$ a sizable advantage off the bat. sniperBagel should be able to keep up to some extent, but m|M will find themselves falling further and further behind, and will see a handful of players on their team grow further aggravated due to it. Syath missing will be significant, and while scoutslemnish is definitely competent, there was significant coordination between Syath and demomanGiraffe that may not be present with slemnish. 5-3 in favor of $ilver $avages.


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