UGC HL Season 19 Week 1


Somehow, we’re back. Highlander’s still alive, even after the VAC wave, and the death of Gold. Platinum’s a bit different now, what with 15 teams all lined up to play. There’s a whole lot of drama that I’m not at all qualified to even begin to explain, but the summary is that due to various issues, perceived or real, the decision was made to remove the Gold division for a season, pushing up more or less every team that would’ve played in Gold into Plat. The whitelist hasn’t changed much, with only the Short Circuit bidding farewell, and no new toys to play with. Borneo’s the first map of the season, and will be hopefully a good proving ground for plenty of these Gold teams to see how they interact with each other and the non high-Plat teams to grab whatever remaining playoff spots are up for grabs.

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ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Pre-Season Top 16 Rankings

May 27th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S22

Pre-Season Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo


Well, the time is almost here for Season 22 of ESEA to start and another season of tf2 Open to begin. This season is one of the most interesting seasons of Open in a long, long time – with only ONE ex-invite player (Br0nze) in all of open and teams of IM/Invite sandbaggers nowhere to be seen. This may be a result of the trend of Invite skill level increasing as of late, thus bringing more of the talent that was prone to sandbag in open back to invite or High-IM (to try and snag a spot in Invite next season). Whether this is the case or not, this new trend in ESEA of a stronger Invite and an Open made up of actual Open teams can only be seen as a positive thing in my eyes. It’s not often that we have seasons of Open where we don’t know what teams will be playing in the grand finals right from the start and I hope everyone who got a chance to play in Open this season appreciates the increased competitiveness!

As far as these rankings go, I’ll be starting the pre-season off with a “Tier List”, separating my top 16 teams into 4 different tiers – with Tier I being the stronger Tier and Tier IV being the weakest. Please note that the order of teams within a tier is NOT related to their skill in comparison with other teams in their tier. Now, onto the list:

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Region Wars


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Region Wars. The concept of the tournament is simple – take North America, cut it up into roughly eight chunks, and have selected teams in those regions fight in a tournament. The interest was discovered during a thread by NotACleverMan, where people could put down where they lived, and would be put onto a map with everyone else that filled it out. After quite the push for some sort of tournament, the same group that ran last offseason’s tournament put this one together.

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