The Future of The Killer Exclusive

Hello! To be quite honest off the bat, I’m not sure what I’ll be writing here. Let’s just get all the cards on the table first, then. The Killer Exclusive is being affected by changes, both from within and from outside.


Let’s start with 6s first. Xan has departed us, and with it, IM coverage. If anyone is interested in writing IM content in any capacity, reach out to brooky12 on Steam. Otherwise, IM coverage won’t be happening. To my understanding, Xan has lost interest in TF2, and as such, lost interest in creating content for IM.


For Open, Whymeo is still undecided on whether Open coverage will continue, due to some issues with Highlander, which I’ll touch on later. If I’m posting this in the Open Happenings thread, then I’ll post again when Whymeo’s come to a conclusion, whether it be Open coverage continuing or a recruitment similar to the IM one.



Now, with the easy part out of the way, let’s move onto Highlander. This’ll be likely a bit more confusing, so I’ll leave the basics here, and then go into detail. Platinum coverage will be continuing by brooky12, with Gold coverage in all aspects being ended.


Gold, as I’m sure practically everyone still reading at this point knows, is gone. In its stead, the second-highest division is now Silver. My personal opinions aside, this decision has huge ramifications on both the Platinum coverage and Gold (second highest div) coverage.


The two Gold writers, Whymeo and VoxDei, have both decided to end their coverage of the second highest div. VoxDei has departed completely, like Xan, and had the following to say:

Please note that any opinions are my own and not a reflection upon TKE.

There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said in regards to why I have chosen to step down in regards to writing about Gold HL. Mostly because it just doesn’t exist… mostly. If you didn’t know that you’ve probably been living under a rock (or maybe you just go outside more than the rest of us.)

It’s been a hell of a ride and strange to see how much changed in just 5 short months. December I picked up the reigns writing about Gold. Casting, stats, articles, etc. and I was contacted by brooky to write for TKE. With the help of a website to write for and the help of whymeo we were able to gather nearly 7000 views on our articles published throughtout the season.

I want to thank everyone who read even just once and thank everyone for the opportunity. I’d also like to thank everyone who followed the casts on twitch and supported me either by helping directly or just validating the work I put in.

Who knows, they say no one ever quits TF2 so maybe you’ll see me next season or in UGC Overwatch 😛


2015-12-12_08-45-48 VoxDei 2015-12-12_08-45-48

Whymeo, as well, despite an unknown commitment to Open, had the following to say:

My main goal in writing the Gold articles was to try and make the higher divisions more “prestigious” thus encouraging lower div players to try and move up in the divs, as well as make people think of highlander overall as a more serious gamemode. Unfortunately, with the removal of Gold I no longer see much of a way to effectively push these goals. Silver is the main division that we need to focus on getting people to move up from, but with no gold and plat being much too far ahead in skill level there’s currently nowhere for these players to go. Furthermore, trying to cover the 40+ teams in Silver* would simply be too much to handle. If Gold comes back next season I will almost certainly return to writing highlander articles, but for this upcoming season I will be taking a break from writing for highlander. I am still considering whether or not to write for ESEA-Open and will make a decision regarding that soon.

*Silver is currently sitting at 37 readied teams, and presumably will be over 40 after move downs.

As for Platinum articles, they will continue for sure for one more season, and then I will see what the situation is going forward is with UGC. My opinions are ones I’ll keep close to myself, regardless of what any public posts of mine seem to imply either way.


I, to be quite frank, have no clue with how anything gets handled. There are a handful of people in more social circles than I am who sometimes make comments to me, and that as well as public posts is where I get my information – so I have no clue what’s going on.


Expect Platinum articles for certain, and no other HL articles aside that for certain. I went over 6s nearer to the top, I won’t rehash that. UGC Highlander is going through quite the changes right now, and we’ll see where we are after a season.

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