ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

June 6th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S22

Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo


The first week of matches passed by without too many surprises. The lolipoppers losing to Wut Dude and cool club losing to EVIL (followed by the ever hilarious forum posts of milan) are the only two things that really stood out to me as unexpected. The first match between two top 8 Open teams also took place, with Egg Salad Dressing managing to clinch a 5-4 win against Not Around Bears in an exciting game that went all the way to golden cap! I’m sure we’ll see many more exciting matches like that as the season goes on, but for the time being things are mostly quiet. Now, onto the rankings*:

* and please keep in mind that with so few matches played these rankings are still based largely off of educated guesses


#1: No Johns

Scouts: demoted and juicy

Roamer: Simulate

Pocket: Huck

Demo: powergamer

Medic: cookiejake


No Johns pickup of cookiejake (entirely unnecessary in my opinion, tiptoes is quite good at medic) only increases the already large amount of experience on this team. It seems to be pretty popular opinion that these guys will win Open, but I’d say their position at the top is a tenuous one at best. I’m ranking them 1st now in deference to this team’s experience, but there have been teams that have sandbagged in Open with much, much more experience than No Johns that lost games to non-sandbagging Open teams and barely won in playoffs. Rising talent tends to put up a good fight against talent that has been around for a while and in No Johns’ case they have much less of a head start than is normal for the sandbagging team in Open. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do expect to see these guys in top 4 at the very least, but I think ESD, NAB and The Westbrook Effect could just as easily beat these guys in playoffs as they could beat them. We will see in time of course, but the top 4 in Open does not look very clear cut to me at this point as some people are making it out to be.


#2: Egg Salad Dressing

Scouts: keith and wolves

Roamer: FrozenFlarez

Pocket: Brimstone

Demo: TheYellowCellphone

Medic: Pizza

Egg Salad Dressing won a game against Not Around Bears that literally could not have been any closer – winning the game 5-4 after going to golden cap. NAB’s combo was more or less even with ESD’s that game, but as most teams in Open are going to find out this season: it’s damn hard to contest keith. ESD’s scouts did indeed turn out to be the difference maker in this game, with the scout combo of keith + wolves outperforming zacice + saturn in almost every category: damage, frags, less deaths and even more med picks. If zacice had performed a little better this match we very well might have seen a different result. Either way, this was a strong first showing for ESD, but with the game being so close they can hardly write off NAB. If we see NAB vs. ESD again in playoffs, it’s sure to be just as close and could easily go either way.


#3: Not Around Bears

Scouts: zacice and saturn

Roamer: mostlybacon

Pocket: morin

Demo: orbit

Medic: differ


Not Around Bears certainly proved themselves a top team last week – with an insanely close game Egg Salad Dressing. The only real question about their rank is their relation to The Westbrook Effect and No Johns. There’s certainly no question that they belong in top 4 right next to ESD, but how they stack up against Westbrook and No Johns is a question i’m excited to see answered. For now I’m leaving them at third, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see matches go any way against the other top 4 teams.


#4: The Westbrook Effect

Scouts: madoff and coughy

Roamer: daffodil

Pocket: Gardener

Demo: JOE

Medic: Kevin Durant


Westbrook Effect’s pickups of daffodil and Gardener seems to have rocketed their team’s skill level up quite a bit, but whether they can contest other returning open teams like NAB and ESD is yet to be seen. My guess is that NAB and ESD will prove to be the stronger teams, but it’s really nothing more than a guess at this point.


#5: The lolipoppers

Scouts: Br0nze and Space Ghost’s Coffee

Roamer: zabi

Pocket: Bacon

Demo: Heartstrings

Medic: Raisin


This team’s first week results really shocked me. Both their roster and their pre-season scrim results were looking very good, but they started off this season with a 5-3 loss to Wut Dude! Now I may be wrong, but I don’t think Wut Dude is a top 8 team by any stretch of the imagination and their 5-1 loss to ESD after beating the lolipoppers would seem to confirm that. The question here really is if their match against Wut Dude is indicative of how the rest of The lolipoppers season is going to go. It seems that both Br0nze and kiin were far underperforming from what I’d expect of them – especially Br0nze since, you know, he was an invite scout once. As long as Br0nze and their new scout pickup Space Ghost’s Coffee can play well in the future this team still should succeed. I’m going to write their match against Wut Dude as mainly a fluke and leave them at #5 for now, lower than I expected to have them ranked after week 1 and possibly the lowest they’ll be this season.


#6: Le Sparkle Gang Black

Scouts: barycenter and ?

Roamer: megaboy

Pocket: CLMP

Demo: megalinx

Medic: brulee


This team is hot on the heels of the top 5 for sure. With a stunning 17 minute 5-0 win against Kuwumbu Jungle 2 last week, Le Sparkle Gang Black is looking better than ever. Furthermore, their previous pocket, pokemonizepic, was cut “because he skipped scrims to play OW” which led to the team moving CLMP off scout to pocket. CLMP has a lot of soldier experience and will surely do well on the class, especially much better than he was doing on scout. That’s not to say he couldn’t have learned scout given time, but learning a class in the middle of the season is usually not the best route to take. As things are now, all Le Sparkle Gang Black has to do is find a strong scout and they’ll be a contender for placement.


#7: Bote 6v6

Scouts: spades and bo4r

Roamer: vipa

Pocket: brick

Demo: rightjustify

Medic: Rogue


Bote had two wins to start off their season, one against Can’t predict stupid and the other against slightly nervous doggos. Their win against Can’t predict stupid was a rather close 5-3 and they also dropped two rounds to slightly nervous doggos. Dropping so many rounds to teams that I’m quite confident are outside the top 8 to start of the season is slightly worrying. Stats also reveal some confusing trends for the team, like their roamer top damaging both games. To be fair, in the first game vipa was only roamer in name, taking more heals than brick and rightjustify, but he managed to tone back the amount of heals he took next game and still come out on top of damage. Still, I think vipa might fit best in a pocket role and perhaps the team will switch vipa and brick in the future. This team will need to work out their issues with soldier roles and also stay serious about 6’s if they want to succeed this season.


#8: Bearly Getting by

Scouts: fen and mag

Roamer: pinto

Pocket: wari

Demo: arsie

Medic: oihguv


This team had two very easy wins to start off the season, so their ranking is completely based off scrims and guesswork. I’m probably terribly wrong about them one way or the other.


#9: Shutup Mom im Bowflexing

Scouts: apt and dreamboat

Roamer: def

Pocket: tino

Demo: fdwdo

Medic: Dr. Shdwpuppet


Scrim results were not looking great for this team, but this team seems to have remembered that scrim results don’t mean anything as long as you show in up in matches. They should have won against both teams they played this week regardless if they played their best or not, but a 13 minute 5-0 against bob-omb squad was definitely impressive. Fdwdo dropped a disgusting 523 dpm in that game and tino also had 388 dpm. If these guys keep playing like they did in that match I’ll be moving them into the top 8 soon enough. Make sure to look out for their match against Bote 6v6 next week, it will tell us a lot about how both team’s season are going to go.


#10: Can’t Predict Stupid

Scouts: Duke and SD

Roamer: pot

Pocket: smarty

Demo: GGen

Medic: Highclass


Can’t Predict Stupid has had a rough start to the season, having to play bote 6v6 and then No Johns and losing both of them. They were able to take rounds off both teams, but neither game was close enough to suggest to me that Can’t Predict Stupid belong in the top 8.


#11: Wut Dude

Scouts: uber and bwelp

Roamer: Polar

Pocket: Lysol

Demo: fahren

Medic: Translucent Feces


It is true that Wut Dude beat The lolipoppers 5-3 for their first match, but immediately afterward they lost 5-1 to Egg Salad Dressing. I think it’s fairly safe to say that either their win against The lolipoppers was due to lolipoppers playing a lot worse than they normally do or I’ve just severely overrated The lolipoppers. Either way, I don’t see any indication to put Wut Dude in top 10 when they were beaten quite easily by Egg Salad Dressing.


#12: Every Villain is Lemons

Scouts: troopo and flick

Roamer: reflecto

Pocket: faust

Demo: kV

Medic: fabulous


Last week, EVIL scored two 5-4 wins against Cool Club and ChibiBoutique ESPORTS. Faust was the clear mvp of both games, top damaging and top fragging in both. Two extremely close wins against teams I’d consider outside the top 8 does seem to suggest that this team will struggle against the top of Open.


#13: Kuwumbu Jungle 2

Scouts: dippidy and link

Roamer: fatswimdude

Pocket: crasian (temporarily)

Demo: indecency

Medic: fog


This roster looks like it should be doing better than it is, however last week saw them losing 5-0 in a mere 17 minutes to Le Sparkle Gang Black. Combine this with the fact that they still have crasian on pocket, who undoubtedly is better than whoever they’ll pick up on pocket once he has to leave, and things are already looking grim for this team. If they can manage to get more organized and play to the level of their individual skill then they can do better, but right now they don’t look very good.


#14: Milters

Scouts: Jaker and yuker

Roamer: Kody

Pocket: Sybran

Demo: Lights

Medic: CallumSLG


I’m not going to lie – milters is getting the short end of the stick this week because they haven’t had any matches against good teams so far plus my lack of familiarity with their players. They’ve started off the season with two easy 5-0’s against low-Open teams, but how they’ll perform against top teams is still yet unknown. Scrim results seem good for milters so far, but I’m going to be waiting to see how these guys do against better teams in matches before moving them too far up the list.


#15: Cool club

Scouts: monkeysuit and kobe

Roamer: suave

Pocket: milan

Demo: neo

Medic: redi


For the first week Cool club lost a close game 5-4 to EVIL and rolled through a low/mid open team (Short Bus All Stars) 5-0. Unless I’m severely mistaken about EVIL, which I could be since it seems I’ve already underranked them in my previous article, cool club’s loss to EVIL puts them near the bottom of the top 16.


#16: ChibiBoutique ESPORTS

Scouts: jaay and vinny

Roamer: JJslim

Pocket: pwnu

Demo: trapster

Medic: HostileHamster


Last week saw ChibiBoutique playing without their starting pocket, pwnu or their starting scout vinny, so results should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, they played their match against Hurricane Watch with only 5 players so that loss is no indication of this team’s skill at all. Their 5-4 loss to EVIL with two ringers could actually perhaps be ground for argument that Chibi belongs higher up on the rankings than them, but two players missing your first week of matches doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that this team is extremely dedicated to performing as best as they can this season. I especially question this team’s dedication because of the fact that they’re highlander players more or less new to ESEA. We’ll see what happens with this team as the weeks go on, but for now jaay is the only player that seems to be really strong at his class in 6’s as well as dedicated to 6’s on this team.


Right outside top 16: bob-omb squad, hurricane watch


2 thoughts on “ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

  1. ESEA logs for hurricane watch match vs ChibiBoutique are bugged, entire first half was played 6v6 then JJslim joined the wrong team in 2nd half before readying up and disconnecting


  2. I still hold that people are underestimating EVIL quite a lot.
    Its great that the top 8 teams in open are so close together, and the only “sandbagging” team isn’t even a sandbagging. You can literally count all of the IM/Invite experienced players on your fingers.


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