UGC HL Season 19 Week 2


Welcome to Week 2. I’ll ask you all to bear with me as I attempt to adjust back to a non-RR format with regards to covering the happenings in Platinum. This week especially will be difficult, as noted by the release time – I will be offline until after the matches happen. There are currently a handful of issues that I have noted with the current format, especially the lack of roster information of teams that didn’t end up changing. Going forward that will hopefully be fixed, but due to the unique circumstances this week, bear with me.


With that said, we’ve finally reached Week 2, after yet another extension. I’m sure everyone’s glad to finally be done scrimming Borneo after roughly a month of scrimming it since the map list got announced. We’ve already seen a team die, which I think ties with Season 12 20b for fastest death.

Last Week

Note: Some of these games took place on the 6th, and others on the 30th. Notably, this allowed Karl (dK) to ring Medic for .knd for part of the game, and Carcin (appel) to ring Heavy for Dragon Tales for part of the game.

.knd vs bote, 2-0 .knd | dK vs PINGPONG 2-0 dk | appel vs :> 2-1 appel | A vs EVL 2-0 EVL | {DT} vs Bv 2-1 {DT} | MCM vs AD 2-0 MCM | FBI vs DeLisi 2-0 DeLisi


Aside a round or two here and there, most of the matches went as planned. A handful of victories, such as dK and EVL’s were all but prophesied. Other matches, such as .knd and DeLisi’s, were perhaps expected, but some were hoping for closer games against the odds to boost the competition in both low and high Plat.


Some other matches, however, were a little less simple. Man Crush Monday vs Apollodosh, for example, while a very clear 2-0 from looking at the logs, was perhaps marred from DrZoidy ringing Demoman for MCM, going 44-12. While he was certainly not the only player that performed on the MCM crew, notably Watterson and Couches, Zoidy’s received quite the attention in many circles for being a very proficient player.


And the other match that was not so clear cut was the {DT} vs Bv game. The only incorrect victor prediction from last week, there’s a very notable reason for that. After a little bit into the game {DT} leader and Heavy, Castiel, suffered from internet issues, and the team brought in Carcin. The effect was noticable, as {DT}, then down one half, won the next two and took away the victory.


Roster Changes

Please note: These changes were all confirmed prior to the death of Pyongyang Pyonggang, so it’s possible some rosters may be different as team leaders absorb the remainders.

Apollodosh: -S4rr, -Ice, +Lehcs, +In_Sanity

Lehcs / Benn / Arzt Hispanian / Bleek / Bonesaw / NotACleverMan / In_Sanity / sullyy / shotaway

This is definitely an upgrade to AD, replacing the offclassers on their team with players far more comfortable on their classes. Lehcs especially will be a huge asset, as he comes with Platinum experience and will give AD’s flank a stronger presence against the strong flanks of their primary opponents this season. In_Sanity is a lot more of a tossup, not having the Plat experience that Lehcs has. He should perform just fine, but if he can’t, AD as a team isn’t strong enough to make up for the problem, and will struggle to pull in wins.


Dunning-Kruger Effect: +Billysaurus

Vand / corsa / Billysaurus / b4nny / Karl / Spamfest / Skeez / Axiomatic / Hng

dK pick up EVL’s Billysaurus, rounding out their roster. While Billysaurus certainly doesn’t have the top level experience that many of his teammates have, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. If he can learn quickly, he’ll avoid sticking out like a sore thumb among such a stacked roster. If he doesn’t, then he’ll likely continue the dK trend of rotating Pyros in and out as the seasons go on.

EVL: -Billysaurus, +Puffalo

Jaay / Cap$ize / Puffalo / Uber / Fire / Niko Jims / Fishy-Lin / Vinny / Scruff McGruff

As just mentioned above, EVL have lost one of their last remaining connections to last season, with Billysaurus bidding farewell. In his stead, they pick up Puffalo, the Pyro for SJW. While SJW will be more remembered for their disgraceful removal from playoffs, they were by no means a bad team without their Sniper, so EVL should be just fine with this replacement, in no worse position.


Goof Ducks: -Bleh, -Han, -Deejay, -Freelander, +Syath, +Route(?), +Geosus, +barycenter

Syath / Route? / Geosus / Coco / barycenter / Exaflamer / Mojoe / Jesus / DayNife

First things first, I’d like to apologize for getting the :> roster wrong last week. While they have made some more changes since, the roster I posted last week was not correct. With that said, :> suddenly turned their roster around. The three major unknowns are gone, replaced by talent such as Syath and barycenter. Route on Soldier, memes aside, is definitely not a downgrade, and Geosus would be an upgrade in nearly every situation, and this is no different. :> have definitely improved their roster here, and if they can avoid imploding, should be a lot stronger going forward.


Bote: -Rightjustify +Giraffe

fuzion / p3nguin / spring rolls / Giraffe / brick / Spades Slick / Rogue / bo4r / Vipa

In a decision made due to Rightjustify’s internet situation, bote has picked up Giraffe, quite possibly one of the scariest swaps they could have made. While he won’t be playing for Viaduct, going forward bote should be a lot stronger. Sadly we’ll only really see the change in effect once playoffs begin, as Giraffe won’t be present for their games against .knd or dK, but come playoffs we’ll see just how much this change will do.


Kids Next Door: -Dimento

Slemnish / Etney / Katsy / goldfish / Kresnik / Ender / Nursey / yosh / Dimento

Kids Next Door have lost Dimento, and currently have no replacement lined up as of the article’s released. While they’ll no doubt have someone competent by the time match time rolls around, as it stands it’s currently an unknown. .knd is a good enough team that they could just about pick up any Spy in gold or higher and see no noticeable loss.


Man Crush Monday: -bowswer, +Jay

Jay / bunny / Minti / Ezrik / beanie / Shea / Couches / Watterson / Evil

MCM lose bowswer, the player on their team with the most Platinum experience, and pick up Jay. Recent scrims seem to show good signs, so there should be no harm done for an already decent team.


The DeLisi Experience: -Rhy, +Affliction

Wish / Super / November / Max / Caboose / Poseidon / Rhy / Zoey / Phone

It seems that Rhy cannot DO IT anymore, bringing in Affliction to replace him. DeLisi has the ability to make up for any downgrade from swapping out Rhy, if any, so we’ll have to see how Affliction turns out for DeLisi. It really just feels like it came down to swapping out one competent Gold Medic for another.


The Pyongyang Pyonggang: TEAM DEAD

Kairu / Steve / Seven / Uber / Rue / rosario / tiptoes / Comanglia / Proto

Purportedly disbanding due to lack of enjoyment, the North Koreans have surrendered their nukes, hopping on the bote and abandoning Platinum. While unfortunate, this has the nice side effect of evening out Platinum.


Dragon Tales: -NicKk, +Ice

Keith / Crab_F / Lavableman / DrunkUncle / Castiel / Ice / Mariposa / Enrique / Pearl

{DT} have reverted back to their old name, and swapped out their Engineer. {DT} may have a lot of star players, but Engineer wasn’t exactly one of those, so this change should matter realistically very little as just about every other member of the team continues to hog the spotlight and make plays.



.knd vs {DT} | dK vs bote | EVL vs appel | DeLisi vs MCM | :> vs Bv | A vs kW | AD vs FBI

With the disbanding of PINGPONG, all teams going forward will have a match, leaving poor kW as the only team to have a Bye Week going forward. With that said, looking at the records may leave some wondering why these matches were put that way. With only one or two matches following the standard record scheduling, and seemingly no public statement as to why the matches seem to have been hand-crafted, it’s certainly a confusing decision.


There seem to be a lot of heavily uphill matchups this week, with {DT}, bote, EVL, A, and FBI all likely to have significant troubles pulling in more than two rounds. DeLisi vs MCM and :> vs Bv seem to be the closest matchups, though the showing from MCM last week makes me imagine that they’ll be the favorites to win, Zoidy or not. :> vs Bv is also going to be a good match, as :> recently reformatted their roster and are looking a lot more powerful because of it.


I will mention, however, that if there should be any map that bote vs dK were to happen on and give bote a large chance (aside the cheese maps), it’d be Product. b4nny’s no doubt going to be a monster, but bote is good enough that they shouldn’t need to put all of their efforts into shutting him down effectively. If dK can avoid allowing bote to run away with the game, bote shouldn’t be able to keep up at all. If bote can pour all their effort into this they can sail away with a win, but any less and they’ll be sunk.


.knd vs {DT}, 4-0 .knd | dK vs bote, 4-3 dK | EVL vs appel, 4-1 appel | DeLisi vs MCM, 4-3 MCM | :> vs Bv, 4-3 :> | A vs kW, 4-0 kW | AD vs FBI, 4-1 AD


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