ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Week 2 Top 16 Rankings

June 12th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S22

Week 2 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo


Week two proved to be an even more uneventful week than the first. The most notable news is the death of two teams right at the bottom of my top 16, ChibiBoutique ESPORTS and cool club (I must admit, not even I expected cool club to die that quickly). With pretty much all the wins and losses going how you’d expect, there’s not a whole lot to report this week, so apologies for the rather stagnant rankings. Anyway, here they are:

#1: No Johns

Scouts: demoted and juicy

Roamer: Simulate

Pocket: Huck

Demo: powergamer

Medic: cookiejake


No Johns had an easy week two, rolling 5-0 through a low-Open team and getting a forfeit win. As a result, they maintain their first place spot.


#2: Egg Salad Dressing

Scouts: keith and wolves

Roamer: FrozenFlarez

Pocket: Brimstone

Demo: TheYellowCellphone

Medic: Pizza


Much like No Johns, Egg Salad Dressing had an easy 5-0 win and a forfeit win for their second week of matches. Sadly this was a rather boring week.


#3: Not Around Bears

Scouts: zacice and saturn

Roamer: mostlybacon

Pocket: morin

Demo: orbit

Medic: differ


For week two, Not Around Bears continued to cement their position at the top by obtaining a clean 5-0 over bob-omb squad. Notably, NAB’s scout, Saturn, went 33 – 11 in this match. Although NAB was hurting a bit after their loss of ed on scout, Saturn seems to have filled his shoes just fine.


#4: The Westbrook Effect

Scouts: madoff and coughy

Roamer: daffodil

Pocket: Gardener

Demo: JOE

Medic: Kevin Durant


At the time of writing, The Westbrook Effect is yet to play their opponent for tonight: kuwumbu jungle 2. If both teams continue to perform how they have been so far this should be an easy match for Westbrook. I expect Westbrook to be 4-0 after their match tonight and so far they haven’t dropped a single round (although their opponents have been relatively easy up to this point) so I’m leaving them at #4.


#5: Le Sparkle Gang Black

Scouts: syath and barycenter

Roamer: megaboy

Pocket: CLMP

Demo: megalinx

Medic: brulee


Le Sparkle Gang Black’s roster just keeps getting better and better. First CLMP moved from scout to pocket, a notable improvement for the team in my opinion, and now they’ve picked up syath to fill their scout vacancy. The scout combo of barycenter + syath may very well be the best in Open this season, with the biggest competition being keith + wolves. With their scary as fuck scout combo and an all around solid roster, these guys are definitely looking to take out some of the teams previously presumed to be shoo-ins for top 4. I’m definitely excited to see how these guys perform in future matches against top teams!


#6: Bote 6v6

Scouts: spades and bo4r

Roamer: vipa

Pocket: brick

Demo: rightjustify

Medic: Rogue


For week two, Bote 6v6 took their game against Shutup Mom i’m Bowflexing 5-2. Bote has already beaten one team that I had ranked lower than them, with a 5-3 win against Can’t Predict Stupid in week one. Bote’s position in the top 8 is firmly established at this point and the question now is how they’ll do against teams above them.


#7: Can’t Predict Stupid

Scouts: Duke and SD

Roamer: pot

Pocket: smarty

Demo: GGen

Medic: Highclass


Can’t Predict Stupid hasn’t had any impressive wins since last week, beating TacoHut Esports and Entreprenerds in week two, but their significantly better performance against TacoHut Esports than kawaii sexu desu desu made me decide to put them at #7 for now.


#8: Wut Dude

Scouts: uber and bwelp

Roamer: Polar

Pocket: Lysol

Demo: fahren

Medic: Translucent Feces


With kawaii sexu desu desu’s continued bad performance, I’ve decided to now place Wut Dude above them in the rankings. I’m not confident that #8 is the right place for Wut Dude and we may see both them and kawaii fall lower in the rankings as time goes on.


#9: kawaii sexu desu desu

Scouts: Br0nze and Space Ghost’s Coffee

Roamer: zabi

Pocket: Bacon

Demo: Heartstrings

Medic: Raisin


Kawaii sexu desu desu (formerly known as The lolipoppers) sadly continues to perform much worse than I expected. In week two they barely managed to grab two wins, both being 5-4 games. One of these games was against TacoHut Esports, a team that was completely not on my radar – justifiably so I’d say, considering their 5-1 loss against Can’t Predict Stupid after losing 5-4 to kawaii. The team did change their roster around slightly from week 1, replacing their scout kiin with Space Ghost’s Coffee, but I don’t think one class change can explain away two rather mediocre performances this week – especially considering their loss to Wut Dude in week one. I will say that beating Bearly Getting 5-4 is a lot better than beating TacoHut Esports 5-4 and seeing that their match against Bearly Getting by came second, there are perhaps signs of improvement from kawaii. However, keeping them in the top 8 considering their first two week’s performance just wouldn’t be right. Kawaii definitely has the roster to succeed, but they clearly need to work on becoming a better overall team.


#10: Hurricane Watch

Scouts: RainofLight and the_savior

Roamer: edy

Pocket: nessie

Demo: averted

Medic: Queyh


Because of ESEA’s stats being messed up, I previously thought Hurricane Watch’s match against the now dead ChibiBoutique ESPORTS was a 6v5. However, it turns out that ChibiBoutique actually had 6 players for this match and thus holds weight in Hurricane Watch’s placement. I’m not going to go crazy with their rank, since ChibiBoutique was undoubtedly a team not particularly interested in 6’s and was in the process of dying. However, beating them 5-0 when EVIL was only able to beat them 5-4 at least merits a spot in the top 10 in my eyes.


#11: Bearly Getting by

Scouts: fen and mag

Roamer: pinto

Pocket: wari

Demo: arsie

Medic: oihguv


Losing to kawaii sexu desu desu 5-4 this week suggested Bearly Getting by needed to move down a couple spots for this week, considering kawaii’s performance so far this season. Furthermore, Bearly Getting by’s roster appears to currently be shaky as they were using sandblast instead of mag on scout for their match against kawaii and then proceeded to forfeit their match against Egg Salad Dressing later on in the week. We’ll see what happens with this team in the future, but things aren’t looking great currently.


#12: Every Villain is Lemons

Scouts: troopo and emperor

Roamer: reflecto

Pocket: faust

Demo: kV

Medic: fabulous


EVIL had two 5-0 wins against low-Open wins this week, not much to report here. Their place stays the same as a result.


#13: Shutup Mom im Bowflexing

Scouts: apt and dreamboat

Roamer: def

Pocket: tino

Demo: fdwdo

Medic: Dr. Shdwpuppet


Unable to grab more than two rounds against Bote 6v6, Shutup Mom i’m Bowflexing drops down the ranks. They still have potential, but a noticeable lack of dm (especially in their scouts) seems to hold this team back against the top teams.


#14: Kuwumbu Jungle 2

Scouts: dippidy and link

Roamer: fatswimdude

Pocket: crasian (temporarily)

Demo: indecency

Medic: fog


Kuwumbu Jungle 2 still has a match against The Westbrook Effect later tonight. Considering how week one went for Kuwumbu, I don’t think they’ll put up much of a fight against Westbrook. Also, they moved down one spot this week simply as a result of introducing Hurricane Watch to the rankings.


#15: Milters

Scouts: Jaker and yuker

Roamer: Kody

Pocket: Sybran

Demo: Lights

Medic: CallumSLG


Milters continues their run through low-Open, with four straight 5-0 wins. I’m interested to see how they fair against other high-Open teams this season, but for now they stay low on the rankings because of their lack of tough matchups.


#16: Bring back the funk

Scouts: zoe and clopez

Roamer: matthew

Pocket: Unicorn Wizard

Demo: BiG

Medic: affliction


Another new addition to the rankings, Bring back the funk is filling the hole left by ChibiBoutique ESPORTS. They had their first loss this week, a 5-1 against Hurricane Watch. This team doesn’t look like they’re going to cause any major upsets anytime soon, but they have a solid soldier pair in Unicorn Wizard and matthew, plus a promising scout in zoe (and a potential sniper off-class, as she is a plat sniper).


Right outside top 16: bob-omb squad, slightly nervous doggos


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