UGC HL Season 19 Week 4


Hello. So, last week there was no article, entirely due to me not being able to react properly to circumstances and adapt to them. Going forward, the articles should hopefully be standardized again, aside covering two weeks of games in this article.


Both Product and Upward are over, and we reach the halfway mark. Upcoming we have universally loved maps such as Vanguard and Ramjam, another week break due to July 4th, and then the preparations for playoffs. With appel’s death, playoffs are once again a lot more up in the air, as assuming eight teams head to playoffs, five (unless more die) will miss out.


Taking a quick look at Product, we see about a 50:50 split between expected results and some more upsetting results. dK barely came out with a victory, with bote pulling three rounds off of them. A huge amount of the credit there goes to bo4r, putting up some insane numbers. This is pre-Giraffe too, meaning that when this matchup is inevitably seen again in playoffs, it’ll be anyone’s game. Other results of note were #mcm making quick and mostly clean work of DeLisi, pushing them as one of the better teams in the riffraff. Bv barely pulled out a win against :>, making it very difficult to predict just where these two fall next to each other and around Platinum as a whole through this match.


And now for Upward. After being cursed with a Bye week and A, kW find themselves with The Kids, and completely uncontested. Similar happened for Bv/:>, as they faced dK/bote and also couldn’t pull together a round. In their dying breath, appel gave #mcm a loss, something that will no doubt come back to taunt them in the playoff spot race later on.


Apolodosh and DeLisi taking victories against {DT} and EVL, while both 2-1 victories, will also have some significant ramifications for the placement or participation of those teams, as all of them are certainly not assured of continuing their season past Week 8.



Apolodosh -Benn, shotaway (Lehcs / soccersteve / Bleek / Bonesaw / NotACleverMan / In_Sanity / Sullyy / Proto)

With the arguable upgrades of Steve and Proto, AD is slowly refining their roster to be a far more potent lineup, and it shows after a recent victory against {DT}. Proto’s received a lot of praise in recent history for being one of the best Spies in Gold, so there’s definitely no reason to believe that AD undid their previous improvements with these recent changes.


Burt Macklin -megaboy (Rowpieces / paddie / Dowd / Coldster / Pie / Gamemaster / overseer / (milk/retrograde) / Devoi

A small change for FBI before an apparent upcoming huge shuffle, megaboy departs from the team due to ESEA commitments, bringing in substitute Rowpieces in. This isn’t too important, as sometime very soon the roster will apparently change, as there’s a very good likeliness as there’ll be a large shuffle upcoming. This will be before the {DT} match too, so we’ll see pretty quickly how a reshuffled FBI matches up.


EVL -Uber, Puffalo (Jaaay / Cap$ize / Seven / Rev / Fire / Niko Jims / Fishy-Lin / Vinny / Scruff McGruff)

EVL, on the other hand, while having avoided their death, are struggling. Their new players are by no means bad, but Rev is not a permanent player, stepping in as EVL look for a permanent Demoman. Rev is definitely a strong Demoman, but the delay in finding a player who will stick with the team and work with a rather inexperienced combo will further jeopardize their ability to secure an ideal end to the season.


Goof Birds -Route, Jesus (Syath / Spec Deck / Geosus / Coco / Freelander / Exaflamer / Mojoe / barycenter / Daynife)

:> change once again, the major of which being the departure of Jesus, and the subsequent rotation of barycenter to Sniper and the return of Freelander. While barycenter is definitely a high level Sniper, an almost completely unproven Freelander put back on Heavy, and a mostly unproven Spec Deck on Soldier does make me wonder just how successful this version of :> will be. They’ve got a Bye week this week, so we’ll not see them play on Vanguard, but a 0-3 start means they’ll have to perform admirably against their peers, something that may not be guaranteed with their current lineup.

Man Crush Monday -beanie (Jay / Bunny / Minti / Ezrik / Mini / Shea / Couches / Watterson / Evil)

While it is a small change, swapping out one of the most hyped up Heavies in Gold last season for a jack-of-all-trades in Mini may not be the strongest of swaps. On a team with a weaker roster this may well be a dangerous proposition, but there’s no reason to believe that among such a powerhouse roster, this change will cause them to struggle against their peers. Games against appel  and bote will shake their record, but when they begin facing their closer opponents, they should be just as strong as expected.


The Kids -Kresnik (Slemnish / Etney / Katsy / goldfish / Blues / Ender / Nursey / yosh / feint)

Having picked up feint during the week an article wasn’t released, .knd  (now The Kids) lost Heavy and leader Kresnik to the allure of playing Overwatch. Having considered disbanding due to an inability to find a Heavy that was willing, competent, and worked well with goldfish, they eventually found their answer in Blues. The loss of Kresnik is no doubt significant, and will affect how they match up against dK and bote, but Blues should have enough time before playoffs to shape up and grow into his role.



The following teams have had no change between the last article and this one. Water under Abridge is excluded due to a lack of stable roster.


Dunning-Kruger Effect (Vand / corsa / Billysaurus / b4nny / Karl / Spamfest / Skeez / Axiomatic / Hng

Chill Penguins (Whymeo / June / HA Johnny / monkey66 / Paals / Chicobo / Gamma Orionis / SpaceGhostsCoffee / Kris18)

bote (fUZION / p3nguin / spring rolls / Giraffe / brick / Spades Slick / Rogue / bo4r / Vipa)

Kid Warrior  (triiiple / speedy / Frost / Exile / civ / Gaberoll / Doppel / Akemi / 88 Fingers Eddward)

The DeLisi Experience (wish / super / November / Max / caboose / Poseidon / Affliction / Zoey / Phone)

Dragon Tales (Keith / crab_f / Lavableman / Drunk Uncle / Castiel / Ice / Mariposa / Enrique / Pearl)


Next Week


Vanguard is an interesting map, and its inclusion in the map pool is even more interesting. So, what better map to have dK and The Kids face off? It’s hard to predict anything for a map that came completely out of nowhere into the map pool, but at the very least this does mean that anything seen here will almost for certain not be representative of what we see in playoffs.


:> continue to be subject to the cruel misery of scheduling, hitting 0-3 and then being subject to the first Bye week now that appel is dead. Bv should make quick work of A, giving A the Bye week next week, and their expected only ‘victory’.


Dragon Tales vs FBI will be a telling game, with the former looking weaker than I had anticipated, and the latter likely to be shuffling their roster before the game. If FBI can pull out the victory here, depending largely on who shows up on what class on Monday, it’ll certainly bring into question what teams will be vying for the last spot or two in playoffs. The same goes for Apolodosh vs EVL to some extent, though both of those teams are in a far greyer area, Apolodosh recently having snagged a perhaps Comanglia-based win against {DT}, and EVL struggling to maintain a consistent roster. These matches should matter somewhat when it comes to settling teams in for seeding and playoff participation, so a loss for anyone here will set their plans back quite significantly.


In the higher levels of playoffs, bote should make quick work of #mcm, the latter a potent team no doubt, but unlikely to be able to withstand being washed away by the far more powerful bote team. kW will continue to fall, with DeLisi looking to continue their perhaps undeserved run at the top levels of the scoreboard.


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