ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Week 3/4 Top 16 Rankings

June 28th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S22

Week 3/4 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo


Well, I’ve been slacking off a bit with the rankings. I didn’t get  a rankings out for week 3, so this article will cover rankings for week three and four. Please keep in mind these rankings are based on team’s skill in regards to one another and not probable seeding. Now, onto the rankings:


#1: The Westbrook Effect

Scouts: madoff and coughy

Roamer: daffodil

Pocket: Gardener

Demo: JOE

Medic: Kevin Durant


They did it – they actually did it. Westbrook managed to beat a team of not just cheaters, but a team of cheaters AND sandbaggers. You’d think a team of cheaters and sandbaggers would be unbeatable, with the experience and knowledge of the sandbaggers combining with the auto detting and triggerbotting etc. of the hackers to form an unbeatable team, but Westbrook was able to topple them in an extremely close 5-4 match. Madoff and coughy especially came up huge in this match – both with 35 frags and respectable damage. Shockingly, daffodil did quite poorly going 12 – 27 with sub 200 dpm. However, I still have confidence in daffodil based on his past performances and this means that if he performs well in future matches Westbrook will only do even better than they did in this match. Anyway, Westbrook is definitely the favorite to win this season now and hopefully we’ve seen the last of malacious activity for this season.


#2: No Johns

Scouts: demoted and juicy

Roamer: Simulate

Pocket: Huck

Demo: powergamer

Medic: cookiejake


No Johns remain undefeated so far, but they’re yet to play The Westbrook Effect. They easily cleaned up Bote 6v6 and Milters on badlands beating them 5-0 and 5-2, respectively while snakewater saw them beating both Egg Salad Dressing and kawaii sexu desu desu 5-2. In short, they’ve proven themselves to be a head above most of the playoffs teams this season, but the question of how they’ll perform against Westbrook still goes unanswered. After Westbrook’s performance against malicious activity I’m definitely putting my money on them, so I’m putting No Johns at #2.


#3: Milters

Scouts: Jaker and yuker

Roamer: Kody

Pocket: Sybran

Demo: Lights

Medic: CallumSLG


I had grievously underrated Milters and they have now proven themselves to be a highly capable team. During the last two weeks they faced two tough opponents, Egg Salad Dressing and shutup mom im bowflexing, and beat them both. The fact that their win against Egg Salad Dressing was 5-0 while their win against shutup mom im bowflexing was 5-3 suggests to me that ESD may possibly just be weak on snakewater, so I can’t conclusively say that Milters is above ESD yet. However, beating both ESD and shutup mom im bowflexing shows that they’re at least top 8. For now I’m putting them at #3 above ESD, but time will tell where they belong exactly in the top 8.


#4: Egg Salad Dressing

Scouts: keith and wolves

Roamer: FrozenFlarez

Pocket: Brimstone

Demo: TheYellowCellphone

Medic: tiptoes/yipyapper


EDIT: Apologies about what I wrote earlier; tiptoes was not cut and merely is going to be busy for a couple of weeks.


#5: Not Around Bears

Scouts: zacice and ed

Roamer: mostlybacon

Pocket: morin

Demo: moy

Medic: differ


Not Around Bears roster continues to change, with ed returning on scout and moy replacing orbit on demo. Their constantly changing roster has taken its toll; they struggled to beat kawaii sexu desu desu barely scrapping by with a 5-4 win. However, they easily took out Wut Dude in a 5-1 immediately after so things seem to be stabilizing rather quickly for NAB. With their high playoffs seed pretty much already determined, they’re mostly looking towards playoffs at this point, but I’m sure they’d like to cause an upset by beating No Johns on viaduct as well as beat milters, whose exact skill level is currently a bit of an enigma.



Scouts: Leaky and Sandblast

Roamer: ScrewB

Pocket: ?

Demoman: Campy

Medic: Lee


With their IM team dying due to roster hijack rules, KICKFLIP’s roster took over an open team. How exactly they stack up against other open teams is a bit uncertain, as they are yet to play any matches against playoffs capable open teams. I personally think they’re on the lower end of the top 8, but they very well could be above Not Around Bears, milters and Egg Salad Dressing. I don’t expect them to outperform No Johns or Westbrook though, but you never know for certain. This team will probably have the fatal flaw of all dm with little regards to playing properly, as most of their team is known to play over-aggressively. Still, their dm should bring them quite far in open. I just question their abilities in regards to the very top of open.


#7: Bote 6v6

Scouts: spades and bo4r

Roamer: vipa

Pocket: brick

Demo: rightjustify

Medic: Rogue


Bote had a rough badlands week, losing handily to both No Johns and Egg Salad Dressing. I think their bad performances on badlands can probably be attributed to the fact that they’re mostly highlander players not super familiar with the map, so they were not sure how to approach pushing out of badlands last. However, since I already had Bote ranked below ESD and No Johns their losses do little to affect their rank. How they do against milters and Bob-omb squad next week will be rather revealing on how the stack up to other playoffs capable open teams that aren’t quite at the top.


#8: Hurricane Watch

Scouts: RainofLight and the_savior

Roamer: edy

Pocket: nessie

Demo: averted

Medic: Queyh


Hurricane watch has been doing pretty well, grabbing a 5-0 win over le sparkle gang black – however they were carried very hard by a sub, air, in this game. Furthermore, sparkle gang black still had CLMP on their roster who underperformed in this match. Honestly, because of how hard they got carried by air I’m not really certain this team belongs in the top 8, especially considering their 5-1 loss to The Westbrook Effect. They lack wins against other top open teams and as a result I’m very tentative about putting them at #8. I’m putting them there for now, but if they lose to Every Villain Is Lemons next week I’ll be moving them below the top 10.


#9: Le Sparkle Gang Black

Scouts: syath and barycenter

Roamer: hacker kev

Pocket: megaboy

Demo: neo?/megalinx?

Medic: brulee


Ugh, yet another team in open with a cheater. Le Sparkle Gang Black changed around their roster, removing CLMP from pocket and megalinx (kind of) from demo, putting megaboy on pocket, neo on demo and the lmao box user kev on roamer. Kev was known for being an extremely mediocre sniper in Gold highlander last season that suddenly started doing really well, only to get banned in the lmao box VAC wave. It’s really sad that this team chose to willingly play with a known hacker, and even more shocking that kev has the audacity to keep playing tf2 after cheating in league matches and being caught doing it.

As far as their ranking goes: because of people’s, rather justified to be fair, dislike of this team people have been quick to insult them on the happenings thread saying they’re  “mid-open even with a hacker” and various other things similar to that after their loss to Every Villain Is Lemons. However, this is completely ignoring the fact that they were playing the first half of their match against EVIL without their full roster. The second half that they played with their full roster went 4-1 in their favor, but because EVIL was able to win the first half 3-0 the game went to golden cap, which they won. I’m quite confident in saying that sparkle gang black’s loss was a result of roster issues and EVIL is simply not as good a team as them. I know everyone is angry at sparkle gang black for rostering a hacker, but calling them mid-open is simply untrue.


#10: Bob-omb Squad

scouts: ether and ebsikl

roamer: plan

pocket: mirrorman

demo: wyze

med: fsnn

This team’s pickup of mirrorman does wonders for their overall skill and they’ve beaten a couple teams that fall somewhere between the 16-9th spots since he joined the team, specifically kawaii sexu desu desu and Wut Dude. How they do against top open teams is yet to be seen, but the fact they’ve been dropping a substantial number of rounds in a lot of their wins suggests that they won’t be able to contend with the top even with mirrorman on their side.


#11: kawaii sexu desu desu

Scouts: Br0nze and Space Ghost’s Coffee

Roamer: zabi

Pocket: Bacon

Demo: Heartstrings

Medic: Raisin


Kawaii sexu desu desu keeps having heartbreaking losses. On badlands they lost two games 5-4, one against shutup mom im bowflexing and another against Not Around Bears. It might seem a bit odd to rank them above shutup mom im bowflexing considering they lost to them, but I do so in consideration of Br0nze’s performance. In kawaii sexu desu desu’s match against shutup mom im bowflexing Br0nze did rather poorly, going 29 – 31. In their match against NAB Br0nze did much better, going 39 – 28 with more dpm than the previous match too boot (plus a ludicrous 8 medic picks). This team is clearly quite good when Br0nze is doing his best, so I’m putting them at #11 because of the fact that they’re a much better team when Br0nze is on fire. I think this is a fair enough ranking, considering that losing 5-4 to NAB would normally indicate you’re somewhere in the realm of top 8. This team is better than #11 when Br0nze is doing well but worse than #11 when Br0nze isn’t, so the middleground ends up falling around here.


#12: Shutup Mom im Bowflexing

Scouts: apt and dreamboat

Roamer: def

Pocket: tino

Demo: fdwdo

Medic: Dr. Shdwpuppet


This team still doesn’t have much to show except a 5-4 win over kawaii sexu desu desu and a 5-3 loss to milters, who might not even be deserving of a top 5 spot. Those two matches definitely show promise, but I’m far from putting this guys back into the top 8. If they do well in their upcoming matches against No Johns and Egg Salad Dressing I will, but I think both those matches will be rather one-sided in their opponent’s favor.


#13: Can’t Predict Stupid

Scouts: Duke and SD

Roamer: pot

Pocket: smarty

Demo: GGen

Medic: Highclass


I’ll admit this ranking is more of a gut feeling than based off of actual results – yes I ranked kawaii sexu desu desu higher than them despite both of these team’s greatest accomplishments being their coming close to beating Not Around Bears. I just feel like this team  doesn’t quite stack up to kawaii sexu desu desu or shutup mom im bowflexing so I’m going with #13 here. Am I probably wrong? Yeah. I guess we’ll see when they play kawaii sexu desu desu next week.


#14: Every Villain is Lemons

Scouts: troopo and emperor

Roamer: reflecto

Pocket: faust

Demo: kV

Medic: fabulous


As I discussed earlier, this team’s win against le sparkle gang black does little to prove this team’s skill, as they got an entire free half playing against a sparkle gang black that didn’t have their full starting roster. Don’t get me wrong, this is a solid team, but their numerous 5-4 wins suggest that things are not going to go well for them when they start playing top open teams.


#15: Wut Dude

Scouts: uber and bwelp

Roamer: Polar

Pocket: Lysol

Demo: fahren

Medic: Translucent Feces


Despite a promising start to the season, numerous heavy losses to top open teams show that this team simply isn’t competitive with most playoff caliber teams. They’re not bad and will roll through any low/mid teams, but their future in playoffs is not looking bright.


#16: Bring back the funk

Scouts: zoe and clopez

Roamer: matthew

Pocket: Unicorn Wizard

Demo: BiG

Medic: affliction


Bring back the funk walk away with the 16th spot once again. Whether they actually get into playoffs or not depends heavily on scheduling, but these rankings aren’t based on what seeding teams are likely to get and these guys seem like the best of the teams outside of 1-15th.


Right outside top 16:  slightly nervous doggos, TacoHut eSports



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