ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Week 5/6 Top 16 Rankings

July 11th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S22

Week 5/6 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo


Another couple weeks go by, another team dies. This time KICKFLIP has bit the dust, over ping related issues. Their death has left the Eastern Conference with even fewer strong teams, meaning that as we approach playoffs we must come to terms with the fact that some teams will be making it into playoffs from the Eastern Conference that don’t deserve to be in playoffs – and as a result some teams from the Central Conference that do deserve to make playoffs will not be. We’ll have a better idea of who exactly will be making it and who won’t as we enter week 8, but for now just keep in mind that teams in the Central Conference will have a much harder time making playoffs. Now, onto the rankings:




#1: The Westbrook Effect

Scouts: madoff and coughy

Roamer: daffodil

Pocket: Gardener

Demo: JOE

Medic: Kevin Durant


The Westbrook Effect, having already vanquished their hardest foe of the regular season, are cruising to an easy 1st seed in playoffs. Not really much to report here.


#2: No Johns

Scouts: demoted and juicy

Roamer: Simulate

Pocket: Huck

Demo: powergamer

Medic: cookiejake


The equivalent of The Westbrook Effect over on the Central Conference side, No Johns also remains undefeated. However, scrim results plus Westbrook’s amazing win over malicious activity make Westbrook the favorite to take 1st this season. Also, although it doesn’t really matter a whole lot, No Johns skill in comparison to Westbrook will likely be reflected in their seeding for playoffs, as No Johns currently has more rounds against than Westbrook.


#3: Not Around Bears

Scouts: zacice and ed

Roamer: mostlybacon

Pocket: morin

Demo: moy

Medic: differ


Not Around Bears has seemingly begun to hit their stride, which was constantly disrupted by roster changes, and beat both Milters and system 2 in their last two matches. Their win against system 2 was in large part thanks to moy, who top damaged and top fragged for the whole server on demo.

However, the fact that their match against System 2 might have not gone their way if moy hadn’t played so well plus their disappointing  4-0 loss to No Johns shows that NAB still has a lot of work to do if they want to make it to Grand Finals. NAB, and all the teams below them, continue to look unable to contest the very top teams of Westbrook, No Johns and malicious activity. Still, even if their chances don’t look great against the top three teams, NAB has already improved a lot this season roster wise and just as a team. If anyone would be able to cause an upset in playoffs, it would be them.


#4: Milters

Scouts: Jaker and fubuki

Roamer: Kody

Pocket: Sybran

Demo: Lights

Medic: CallumSLG


Milter retains such a high ranking only because of their stunning 5-0 win over Egg Salad Dressing. Most of their results afterwards have suggested they don’t quite belong in top 5 – especially their 1-4 loss against NAB. Fubuki not showing up on viaduct in that match, when scouts are needed most to perform their best, doesn’t bode well for the team. Despite their loss against NAB they were able to pick up a 4-3 win against Bote 6v6. However, this win was off the back of an amazing performance from fubuki. With his rather poor performance against NAB it’s hard say how Milters will do in playoffs. If fubuki truly does prove inconsistent then I would expect this team not to fare well against the other top 8 teams in playoffs. For now I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though.


#5: Egg Salad Dressing

Scouts: keith and wolves

Roamer: FrozenFlarez

Pocket: Brimstone

Demo: TheYellowCellphone

Medic: tiptoes


Things have not been going well for Egg Salad Dressing the last couple of weeks. Although they managed to keep their losses to the two they suffered from No Johns and Milters earlier, they came as close as they possibly could to losing to system 2 and Can’t Predict Stupid – winning against System 2 4-3 and Can’t Predict Stupid 5-4. I’d consider both these teams worse than multiple foes ESD has previously beaten, such as Not Around Bears and Bote 6v6, so their extremely tight wins over System 2 and Can’t Predict Stupid perhaps suggests the team is struggling as of a late. I don’t have any guess at what has caused these recent issues for ESD, but hopefully they can get them sorted out before playoffs – otherwise they won’t be making it past quarter-finals.


#6: Bote 6v6

Scouts: spades and bo4r

Roamer: vipa

Pocket: p3nguin

Demo: rightjustify

Medic: Rogue


Bote had some tough luck on viaduct, specifically against Milters. In their extremely close 4-3 loss to Milters fubuki, Milters’ scout, went off – outperforming Bote’s two extremely solid scouts (bo4r and spades_slick) quite thoroughly. In Milters’ other viaduct match, however, fubuki had by far the worst scout performance in the server which led to Not Around Bears easily winning that match. Perhaps all of this can’t be contributed to inconsistency on the part of fubuki and maybe NAB was a lot better at shutting down fubuki’s aggression. Still, going from 53 frags in a 43 minute match to 17 frags in 39 minute match is a huge difference. Because of all this, I have the feeling that if bote and Milters meet again in playoffs things will likely go a lot different.

Besides their loss to Milters, Bote also picked up two relatively easy wins against Wut Dude and Bob-omb Squad as well as a 4-2 loss to Not Around Bears. In all three of those matches rightjustify and bo4r played quite well – with varying performances from the rest of the team in the three different matches. This is a common trend for the team seen throughout the season, but doesn’t point to any specific problem as although everyone else on the roster is known to have their bad matches they’ve also all had very good matches. I point it out merely as a nod to how well rightjustify and bo4r have been doing this season.

EDIT: p3nguin joined the roster a few hours before I wrote this article. I was unaware of it at the time of writing. I’ll leave their ranking as this for now, but they’ll likely be a lot better with p3nguin.


#7: Mario Gang

Scouts: syath and barycenter

Roamer: hacker kev

Pocket: megaboy

Demo: neo

Medic: brulee


Mario gang has had it about as easy as they possibly could have had it the last two weeks – with three forfeit wins and one quick 5-1 stomping of a mid-open team. Not a whole lot to say here except that I’m interested to see how their new roster performs in playoffs.


#8: kawaii sexu desu desu

Scouts: Br0nze and Space Ghost’s Coffee

Roamer: zabi

Pocket: Bacon

Demo: Heartstrings

Medic: Raisin


After weeks of disappointing losses kawaii sexu desu desu seems to finally be doing a lot better. Following up their extremely close 4-5 losses to system 2 and then to Not Around Bears they continued the trend of improvement by delivering an extremely convincing 4-0 win over Can’t Predict Stupid on viaduct. However, it’s far too early to say this team has finally reached the potential that their roster would suggest. Viaduct is a map best for scouts and snipers and they happen to have an ex-invite scout and plat sniper playing for them – both of whom did the majority of the work in their 4-0 win over Can’t Predict Stupid. This team will have ample opportunities to prove that their recent 4-0 win wasn’t simply a result of the map, with matches coming up against Bote, Milters and Egg Salad Dressing. If they fail to beat at least two of those three teams then it seems unlikely they will be able to make it into playoffs, so it’s really now or never for kawaii sexu desu desu!


#9: system 2

Scouts: apt and punisher

Roamer: def

Pocket: tino

Demo: yipyapper

Medic: Dr. Shdwpuppet


System 2 has had a rough string of 5 losses in a row. The good news is that for the rest of the regular season they should have forfeit wins and easy matches. The bad news is that they lost 4 close matches over the past few weeks (as well as a not-so-close loss to No Johns). It seems System 2 is so close to being able to beat top Open teams, but they’re just not quite there. They boast a 3-5 loss to Milters, a 4-5 loss to Egg Salad Dressing and a 3-5 loss to Not Around Bears. With so many close losses to solid Open teams, System 2 definitely has the potential to cause some upsets in playoffs. However, they’ll have to find out what is causing them to come so close to winning so many games but never quite making it if they want to.


#10: Can’t Predict Stupid

Scouts: Duke and negrosa

Roamer: pot

Pocket: m0nsta

Demo: GGen

Medic: smarty


Can’t predict stupid is in a bit of a predicament.  They currently have the worst record of any team in the Central Conference that I have in this top 16, sitting at a 11th place. Because the Central Conference has many more top Open teams than the Eastern Conference Can’t Predict Stupid very well may not make it to playoffs despite deserving a spot. Their ability to make playoffs at this point is largely based off if scheduling goes their way or not.

As far as matches go, Can’t Predict Stupid’s record for the last two weeks is three losses and one win. They lost 4-0 to kawaii sexu desu desu and 4-1 Wut Dude on viaduct and a disappointing 5-4 loss to Egg Salad Dressing on process. I think their loss to Wut Dude, considering Wut Dude’s history, is either a fluke or a sign of weakness on viaduct. I especially say so because of how they managed to come very close to beating ESD and beat System 2 on process. Whether it was a bad week for Can’t Predict Stupid or a bad map it’s hard to say, but sadly those two losses have hindered their ability to make playoffs. They are now largely at the mercy of scheduling.


#11: Every Villain is Lemons

Scouts: troopo and emperor

Roamer: reflecto

Pocket: faust

Demo: sail

Medic: fabulous


It is rather hard to judge the skills of teams that are not The Westbrook Effect in the Eastern Conference, as there is a distinctly lower amount of skilled teams in the Eastern Conference compared to the Central Conference.  As a result, I don’t have much to go on for ranking EVIL besides how they performed against the full roster of Mario Gang in the second half of those two teams match against each other, their victory over hurricane watch (who is equally hard to compare to Central Conference teams) and their one scrim against my team. I fully admit I might be wrong with where I’m placing EVIL and other Eastern Conference teams, but this is my best guess.


#12: Bob-omb Squad

scouts: ether and ebsikl

roamer: plan

pocket: mirrorman

demo: wyze

med: fsnn


Bob-omb squad suffered two heavy losses at the hands of No Johns and Bote 6v6 over the last two weeks, 5-0 and 4-1 losses respectively. These two losses showed that, despite their improved roster, Bob-omb Squad is still far from contesting teams in the top 8 of Open. They might be able to do well against teams that fall somewhere between #9-16, but beyond that is too much.


#13: Hurricane Watch

Scouts: link_1012 and the_savior

Roamer: edy

Pocket: nessie

Demo: averted

Medic: Queyh


Hurricane Watch suffered a 4-1 loss to EVIL on viaduct recently, which is the main thing I’m basing their current placement off of. As I already said in regards to EVIL, Eastern Conference teams are hard to rank so apologies if this rank turns out incorrect.


#14: Wut Dude

Scouts: uber and bwelp

Roamer: Polar

Pocket: Lysol

Demo: fahren

Medic: Translucent Feces


Wut Dude has a wildly varied season, with impressive wins over kawaii sexu desu desu and Can’t Predict Stupid, but also some very bad losses against Not Around Bears and Egg Salad Dressing. The fact of the matter is, they put up less of a fight against these two teams than most teams I have ranked above them. This, combined with just my overall feeling about the team, led to me giving them a low ranking. They really could fall anywhere between #15-10 though.


#15: Bring back the funk

Scouts: zoe and clopez

Roamer: matthew

Pocket: Unicorn Wizard

Demo: BiG

Medic: affliction


Bring back the funk has lost to most of the teams they could prove themselves against in the Eastern Conference and their low ranking for the remainder of the regular season is all but confirmed – unless they manage an upset against EVIL. Either way, because of the weakness of the Eastern Conference they’re pretty much guaranteed a playoffs spot, with probably a higher seed than they really should have.


#16: White Strawberry Doggos

Scouts: swy and dishsoap

Roamer: steroids

Pocket: elen

Demo: frenzy

Medic: dom


With the death of KICKFLIP another team must move up into the top 16 and so White Strawberry Doggos takes the 16th spot. They don’t stand much chance against teams above #14, but they’re a respectable team.


Right outside top 16: The MerCanaries, TacoHut eSports



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