UGC Highlander Platinum- Week 6 Review + Week 7 Preview

July 20th, 2016

UGC Plat Highlander Season 19

And now for something completely different…

by VoxDei

It’s been a while since I’ve written regarding HL coverage, but brooky, bless his soul, is finally taking a break. Unless he decides to step back into the ring, I’ll likely be finishing off this season of Plat coverage.

Power Rankings are going to be short (and terrible) compared to brooky’s and can be found at the bottom of the “review” section of the article.


Everything pretty much went the way that you would expect, but with a few surprising score lines.

(Home team vs Visiting Team)

The Kids vs Chill Penguins

Final result: The Kids won 4-1

Match length + Logs: 30:11 //

Holy shit. Bv has done something that hasn’t happened in over a year. This match marks the first time since S16 that .knd dropped a round in the regular season to a team other than dK. Check it out.

.knd (I refuse to continue using the Kid) has obviously dropped rounds within Playoffs, considering their elimination last season and mTs took rounds off them as well during the S16 playoffs, but none other than the $ilver $avages were the last team to pull this off when they snagged a round on Ashville.

Standout performances come from likely classes, with Slemnish, giraffe and Scizor topping the charts for frags. Scizor and Etney both did a good job focusing Gamma down, snagging 5 Med picks each, only being outdone by Kris18 who managed 6 onto Nursey. SGC did a good job keeping up with Scizor, managing 33 frags to Scizor’s 35 and going even on the SvS, but his job was definitely made more difficult as feint and Etney combined for 20 kills onto Bv’s Sniper. Perhaps some more protection and we could have seen more work Bv’s top player in this match.

Either way, the game did end up with a familiar and rather expected outcome, with .knd taking the game 4-1. Still, this may show a chink in the armor for .knd down the road as they cruise into the #1 seed for playoffs yet again.

Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 vs Man Crush Monday

Final result: dK won 4-0

Match length + Logs: 20:35 //

No Cinderella story to see here. This game finished in just a measly 20 minutes and change. This match was so quick, members of #mcm were able to go ring for other matches after theirs ended. #mcm got thrashed here with 6 of the 8 fragging classes for dK topping the entirety of #mcm’s players. Corsa managed to put together a big performance in the lop-sided affair, nearly managing 2 frags a minute with 36 on the day as well as taking the top damage spot.

To be noted, is the struggle of Timeless during the game. It wouldn’t and shouldn’t be any cause for alarm considering a) rust and b) a map he likely had never played until Saturday.(Ramjam was last played in S14, Timeless came into the league S15.) His time was not made any easier by American, watterson, and Shea racking up 16 of his 21 deaths. Perhaps if the mcm Pyro and Engie spent as much time focusing Corsa, Vand, b4nny, Jordan_, deer… you get the idea, they may have stood a better chance.

The DeLisi Experience vs The Knotty Buoys (Bote team)

Final result: bote won 4-2

Match length + Logs: ~45 min // +

To be fair, bote is not the invincible team that .knd is, but it is still really impressive that DeLisi was able to make them sweat a bit keeping a competitive 4-2 on Ramjam. Now, the logs are a bit funky, showing a 3-2 score with an additional log showing a 2-0 score, despite only one round seemingly being played. My guess is that one full half was played, then the 2nd half was not un-exec’d after the win which messed things up. The interesting thing is that the 3-2 half was uploaded after, which suggests it may have been done manually.

It shouldn’t affect things too much, as the performers in each log are largely the same. DeLisi was able to put up some pretty good numbers against bote, with zoey, max, phone, and the ringing Deaft comprising a majority of their frags. Notably absent on the bote side however was bo4r, who undoubtedly provides a huge boost to this team’s power when he’s present. Because of bo4r’s absence, zoey was largely able to excel past SmileZ, racking up 13 additional frags in the 3-2 half. Factoring in the 2nd log, that number swells to 19.

Bote was able to stay afloat, largely by the work of fuzion, who managed 15 combo picks during the game and top-fragged on the server. The one thing the logs don’t show us is if bote even came prepared for this matchup. Considering the bland stat performance most players put up, I’d have to imagine that a combination of their experience and strategy, as well as some clutch picks was able to keep them ahead of the surprising DeLisi crew.

This does yield some food for thought however. Can bote thrive if bo4r has to miss any more games? For DeLisi, this game will actually do a lot to keep their playoff hopes alive. With so many teams headed toward 4-4 records, it will be the teams who can earn more MP in their losses who will find themselves in a more comfortable position in Week 8.

{Dragon Tales} vs Goof Ducks

Final result: Goof Ducks won 4-3

Match length + Logs: N/A

Cast: Mario, seki, and kinch: Much like the logs, part of this game is missing from the evl VOD.

So, there are no stats to have a good quantitative analysis of the game, but I did watch parts of VOD (at least, the amount that was available.) From my expert analysis of the chunks that I watched it seemed like the names you would expect from Goof Ducks doing a lot to keep them ahead. Syath and barycenter found themselves at the center of attention for the majority of the game, while players like crab_f, Enrique, and Drunk Uncle provided a bit of lift for {DT}. It is rather disappointing to not have any logs for such a close game as well as a VOD without the eventual conclusion.

I spoke to crab_f from {DT} and Teapot from :> so they could provide some First-person knowledge of the game.

crab_f ✿: we went noscrim and pregamed fbi and rolled them ultra hard so we werent too ready
crab_f ✿: mojoe dropped at least twice to me and daynife kept picking yipyapper
crab_f ✿: the game was really fucking close
crab_f ✿: me, uncle, and keith did work for my team, bary, syath and somewhat papa han did work for ducks
crab_f ✿: 3-4 with sub 2 mins for both teams i think

Teapot: slow start for barycenter, we weren’t stopping their flank/pyro from getting him, but he went off after the first couple rounds
Teapot: our flank slammed
Teapot: they didn’t seem to know how to play against our midfight (which was to play our jam passively)
👻 VoxDei 👻: anyone stand out specifically on either team?
Teapot: I’d say barycenter and syath (scout) on our team
Teapot: not sure on their team, maybe pyro? [Lavableman]

Apolodosh vs Kid Warrior: Reborn

Final result: kW won 4-1

Match length + Logs: 30:17 //

Cast: Sigafoo, Ceejaey, and VoxDei:

Luckily, I was present during this game, so it should allow for a bit more insight regarding how it unfurled.

The first thing that you can see from the logs is meyy’s huge performance on Soldier for kW. meyy is a recent addition to the team, and something tells me kW is going to want to keep him for the remainder of the season. Highlight after highlight can be found in the VOD as meyy continued to harass the enemy combo, especially doing a great job focusing down In_Sanity 7 times. Another notable fragger in that right was 88, who managed 8 picks onto In_Sanity as well. Overall, AD’s Medic found himself dead 3x more than Speedy for kW, which ended up factoring in largely in their Medic stats. Speedy ended up with 19 Ubers and 1305 H/M and In_Sanity trailing far behind with 10 and 851 H/M.

Sully put up some great numbers and held down a lot for AD in terms of their chances in this game. He went on a few key killstreaks and managed to hit a clutch headshot on to Speedy for a drop in the final round, but it was not enough to score his team that round. As Ceejaey pointed out, Benn also had an impressive performance, cleaning up where he could, and putting together a respectable Kill total.

Most of the rounds were relatively close. Had an extra team-fight or two gone the way of Apolodosh, we could have seen a 4-2, but kW seemed all-in-all far more prepared to play Ramjam and prove it with a Win.

EVL Gaming vs Burt Macklin

Final result: won 4-1

Match length + Logs: 34:40 //

EVL takes a 4-1 victory over FBI here with a majority of FBI underperforming compared to a few of their top players. To be completely honest, I’m not very familiar with a number of the FBI gamers, including their Heavy, Serious, who put together a monster 44-17 game as Heavy and 50-24 overall. Leaky, known often for his Sniper play, suited up as Scout and mulched a variety of the EVL crew as well.

Despite this, two players does not a team make, and aside from Milk on FBI, 5 players saw themselves beneath 8 of the 9 EVL players with the exception being Alto who spent a majority of his time on Medic. I mean, if you want some #realtalk, your team stands no chance when you have 2 players combine for 20-74, especially when one of them is playing Demo on a KOTH map.

Vinny, although having an average stat line, managed to get 8 Med picks within his 24 overall as well as F][re and Scruff McGruff combining for another 13. Coldster and jaaay, the Demo and Scout for EVL respectively, topped their team with 41 frags each, providing considerable firepower against FBI.

We see our 3rd team death of the season come after Week 6. FBI has taken a bow and left after a disappointing 1-5 record. Despite this, I’m glad they stuck it out for as long as they did, with the two other teams taking their leave after Week 1 and Week 3. Note that Water Under Abridge was forcibly moved down to Silver.

VoxDei’s probably incorrect, biased, and terrible power rankings:

(#1 will shock you!!!)

  1. Kids Next Door (I still refuse to call them by any other name)
    • Despite Bv snagging a round off them, I still give knd the top spot.
  2. Dunning-Kruger Effect v4
    • One could make the argument that dK may have inched closer to claiming the crown because of knd’s round lost to an inferior team, but a 4-0 on a lesser team (#mcm < Bv) is not enough.
  3. The Knotty Buoys (bote team)
    • I don’t know if bote is sweating at all, dropping 2 rounds to DeLisi, but they have 2 things going for them. 1) bo4r will be back and 2) they’re still a cut above Bv.
  4. Chill Penguins
    • Bv is the team to beat right now outside of the top 3.
  5. The DeLisi Experience
    • An impressive performance against bote really helps DeLisi’s chances for playoff contention as with so many teams headed for a 4-4 record, it’ll be the teams with more Match Points who will be ahead of the class.
  6. Goof Ducks
    • Not sure why so many teams are sleeping on the good old Goof Ducks. Syath and barycenter have been huge performers for them so far and as a team they’ve fared better in their losses than anyone else this season, which is why they’re ranked 4th in the standings.
  7. Man Crush Monday
    • #mcm has fallen on some tough times recently, which does largely have to do with their schedule. For example, they’re only 1 of 3 teams that had to face appel before they dropped for the season. But, a 5-1 loss to bote and dropping a round to kW hasn’t been kind to their playoff chances. Add in an 0-4 loss to dK and you have a team on a slide.
  8. Kid Warrior: Reborn
    • kW showed some prowess last week on Ramjam, but unfortunately it doesn’t weigh as heavily as it could because it comes against my last-ranked team. kW was impressive in their win, but they beat up on a team that just looked lost in space.
  9. EVL Gaming
    • In a similar vein to kW, EVL did pick up a win, but it was against a team that was 1-5 and later dropped from scheduling. They also have not had an easy road, with losses to appel and dK, but this next week against #mcm will be huge in showing they might be mis-ranked.
  10. {Dragon Tales}
    • {DT} actually kept a more competitive game than I expected against Goof Ducks, however a loss is still a loss. They are one of two 2-4 teams in the division, where one of those wins came against a struggling FBI crew. Although they haven’t had an easy schedule, with matches against knd and bote, it’s hard to put them on the same plane as the 5 through 8 ranked teams, only potentially keeping competitive with EVL.
  11. Apolodosh
    • Apolodosh is a team that, in my opinion, underperformed. Although they have beaten {DT}, it was 3 weeks ago and they’ve been served losses by all 3 teams ranked 7, 8, and 9. Apolodosh looked pretty lost on Ramjam and weren’t able to recover even when things were going their way. Unfortunate placement for a team that looked relatively solid going into the season.

Week 7 Preview

Plat schedules posted on Wednesday? Praise be unto UGC. It seems that saam’s post may have been heard. For the uninitiated, this week’s map will be Swiftwater. Without further ado, here are the matchups.


(Home Team vs Away Team)

Goof Ducks vs The Kids

Predicted outcome: The Kids win 2-0

Much like every other team that has won a game this season, they jump right up the rankings into a matchup with the top 3. The Goof Ducks have been flying as of late, but like Icarus, they may find themselves flying too close to the sun. Of course, in the story Icarus’ wings are made of wax, but that’s really neither here nor there. Regardless, knd is still white hot and will make a quick meal of the Goof Ducks.

Kid Warrior: Reborn vs Dunning-Kruger Effect v4

Predicted outcome: dK wins 2-0

Again, not really much to say here. Kid Warrior looked strong last week, especially with their recent pickups putting up big point totals. But for comparison, those totals come against a team who is dead last in the rankings and dK is a team knocking on the door of a #1 badge this season. Does anyone really think they may have a repeat performance in them?

The Knotty Buoys vs Chill Penguins

Predicted outcome: bote wins 2-0/1

One match stands between Chill Penguins and the possibility of a season that wont end with a 4-4. Naturally, it comes against bote who is one of the few teams remaining that could actually stop them. Now, I have to give Bv the chance to snag a round, but it’s heavily dependent on if bo4r is playing. SGC has rivaled most Snipers in Plat this season, putting up some impressive numbers. Not to be forgotten is his play against Scizor last week, but he’s going up against a hotter Sniper in bo4r on a very Sniper-centric map. Make no mistake that this is going to be his biggest challenge to date. Bv impressed me in their ability to take a round off of knd and the stat totals put up by a number of their players, but bote seems way too strong a team to lose this game. Side note: I tried to think of a pun regarding a boat sailing past a group of penguins, but I didn’t try very hard.

Man Crush Monday vs EVL Gaming

Predicted outcome: #mcm wins 2-1

These final 2 matchups are going to mean a lot for the teams involved as a 3-4 record is going to make playoffs far more daunting than sitting comfortable with a 4-3. I’d like to note that in a 6-team playoff, there is no chance of a 3-5 team playoffs, but an 8 team playoff would potentially add room for at least one. This should be a pretty close game, but I have to give the edge over to #mcm. watterson and evil will be the difference makers in this affair, and they’ll have to be against the strong flank and combo that EVL boasts. This is not to say #mcm doesn’t have their own, but they may be surprised to see what EVL will come out of the gate with.

The DeLisi Experience vs {Dragon Tales}

Predicted outcome: DeLisi wins 2-0

I really want {DT} to keep this close, but I think after a strong showing in their loss to bote, DeLisi may come playing with a vengeance. {DT} also did have an emotional loss, but seem a bit more checked out on the season. I expect a lot of work out of the flank of {DT} with keith and crab_f  providing a necessary boost for their team, but it will ultimately be overshadowed by zoey and deaft stealing the game.


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