ESEA-O 6’s – S22 Playoffs Round 2

August 11th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S22

Playoffs Round 2 Predictions

by whymeo

Round 1 of playoffs passed without a ton of excitement and Hurricane Watch beating milters was the only real upset. Round 2 is looking like an entirely different beast, with three out of the four matchups seeming like they could go either way. A ton of exciting matches to watch tonight and good luck to everyone on all the teams. Now onto the predictions:



#1 No Johns vs. #9 Bote 6v6

My predictions:

Badlands: 5-3 No Johns

Metalworks: 5-4 Bote

Gullywash: 5-3 No Johns


With No Johns grabbing a forfeit win over Bobby and the Bobbettes and Bote predictably rolling through Minty Fresh, it’s hard to base much on these two team’s playoffs performances so far. Bote has had a huge bolster to their roster with penguin stepping in on pocket and he will undoubtedly help Bote a ton in this matchup, especially on metalworks. As far as metalworks goes, I expect some sniping from bo4r on the famously stalematey last of metalworks to open up a lot of opportunities for Bote and tip the scales in their favor. On Badlands and Gullywash though, I think No Johns will be able to pull through with wins just based off the fact that they’re a more experienced and coordinated team. This game should be a close one and I expect a lot of big plays from players on both teams; this will surely be a good game to watch, but it’s not quite my match of the week.


#2 Every Villain Is Lemons vs. #10 Hurricane Watch

My predictions:

Badlands: 5-3 EVIL

Metalworks: 5-2 EVIL


I was really surprised to see Hurricane Watch take their match against milters 2-0, especially seeing as fubuki went completely insane on the first map. Once he lost steam after a disappointing 3-1 loss it became even more clear that Hurricane Watch was just the better team as they finished up the set with a 5-1 win. However, despite Hurricane Watch’s impressive performance against milters I’m still inclined to call this one in EVIL’s favor. Not only did EVIL beat Hurricane Watch in the regular season, but I’m also fairly confident in saying that EVIL has overall just much better dm than Hurricane Watch. However, EVIL did show some weakness last round when they dropped a round in a 5-4 loss on Sunshine to Bob-omb Squad. Their performances on Snakewater and Granary looked pretty dominating in that set though so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and call their loss on Sunshine a fluke. Hurricane Watch’s impressive win over milters definitely makes this match could go either way though, another good match to watch.


#3 The Westbrook Effect vs. #6 malicious activity

My predictions:

Badlands: 5-1 malicious activity

Metalworks: 5-0 malicious activity


I simply don’t see this game being close. Malicious activity has been hard at work improving their roster while Westbrook has been hardly scrimming. Westbrook won a close game against a much weaker version of malicious activity and now they’re tasked with beating a new and improved MAL all while they’ve barely been scrimming. Westbrook even almost dropped a map to Wut Dude, only beating them on Sunshine thanks to gardener putting the entire team on his back and crawling his way to victory like he was carrying…a team that doesn’t scrim anymore (ok so I didn’t think the analogy through very well). Gardener and madoff are the only hopes Westbrook has of even taking rounds of malicious activity and I’m not even very confident they’ll manage that.


#4 Not Around Bears vs. #5 Egg Salad Dressing

My predictions:

Badlands: 5-4 Egg Salad Dressing

Metalworks: 5-4 Not Around Bears

Gullywash: 5-4 Egg Salad Dressing


I would honestly not be surprised if this match went down to a golden cap on the last map. I’m making a prediction that Egg Salad Dressing will win simply because part of these articles is predicting which team will win, but this match could absolutely could go either way. I honestly have no clue who will take this as both teams have looked so solid throughout the season. To make things even more interesting there’s a ton of heavy hitters in this match: moy, zacice and ed on NAB and keith, wolves and brimstone on ESD. I expect a ton of back and forth gameplay and every single map in this set should be extremely competitive. This is for sure my match of the week, give it a watch if you get a chance!

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