UGC Plat Highlander Season 19 Playoffs Week 2.5

August 17th, 2016

UGC Plat Highlander Season 19

Playoffs Week 2.5

by VoxDei

Week 2 is almost over, with only the Lower bracket quarterfinals awaiting. The scorelines for Monday’s game read below.


The Kids vs Man Crush Monday

Predicted outcome: 4-0 The Kids

Final result: 4-0 The Kids

Match length + Logs: 21:48 //

.knd does some damage against #mcm in a quick roll, not really allowing anyone on the team to garner momentum, like they did on Ashville week. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. Sure, there was an iota of a chance that #mcm takes a round, but with the map as Viaduct, it certainly didn’t look promising.

Only two people on #mcm managed a K/D over 1.0, one of whom was only in the match about 5 minutes and watterson being the other. Strong performances by a likely bunch, barycenter, Etney, and scizor, put any intentions of #mcm to bed. It wasn’t a pretty loss, but it was to be expected. #mcm now move to the Lower Bracket while .knd move on to the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 vs The Knotty Buoys

Predicted Outcome: 4-1 dK

Final result: 4-1 dK

Match length + Logs: 30:43 //

As fate would have it, the rematch of these teams would come on the same map they played in Week 2, however the scoreline read very differently. There’s not much to say about why that hasn’t already been said, but it had a lot to do with bo4r.

bote never really seemed to be “out of it” throughout the game. dK was in clear control, but despite some shakiness in their coordination, bote always had a chance to do something. However, when the opportunity presented itself, it it often went one of two ways- they either didn’t seize the moment, or dK thwarted their plan.

bote managed a round during the game, kept the kills close, and actually outdamaged dK, which (along with watching the game) demonstrates a pretty clear issue with capitalizing on their advantages. It certainly seems that the ship lost its way without Captain Brick and First Mate Rogue to lead the way.

dK, on the other hand, played the map the way it needed to be played. They dry pushed bote when necessary, kited the ubers when at a disadvantages, won fights during the uber trades, and kept bote back during their advantages, not allowing any chance at a push without uber, unless a dire need existed.

Despite Skeez’s 2 drops, he did an excellent job with survivability. Retreating when necessary and escaping opponents with a sliver of health on more than one occasion.

This is certainly going to be a “What if” game for the majority of bote as the playoffs continue.

The DeLisi Experience vs Kid Warrior: Reborn

Predicted Outcome: 4-2 DeLisi

Final result: 4-2 DeLisi

Match length + Logs: 41:56 // +

A pretty solid game between these two ended up with a DeLisi win. Each round was pretty close during the first half (which ended 3-2) topping 6 minutes in every round and despite what look like very lopsided logs, the frags only went ~20 in DeLisi’s favor.

Exile had an unparalleled half and really gave his all for his team, putting up some massive Frag/Damage numbers, but he was to be outdone slightly by phone and Max in both of those columns.

The majority of DeLisi was able to set themselves apart from the Kid Warrior crew with 7/10 of the top performers coming from their roster. It is important to mention however that sully and triiiple did combine for 38 frags during the half on Sniper, which would eke into the #3 spot overall.

The last round, of course, went in DeLisi’s favor with phone topping the charts again with 11 kills, which put him at 55 overall. Outside of triiiple, who finished out the game with 48 frags (adding in Sully’s contribution) there was a lot to be desired out of the remainder of Kid Warrior as DeLisi ran away with the round.

DeLisi as the #5 seed will face a tough matchup against bote on this map  on Thursday, and Kid Warrior will have to wait until Season 20 to come back alive.

Chill Penguins vs EVL Gaming

Predicted Outcome: 4-1 Bv

Final result: 4-3 Bv

Match length + Logs: 43:37 //

Cap$ize told me this would happen. If only I had heeded his warning seen his message, then maybe I would have taken EVL more seriously in this matchup. During my preview of this game, I had mentioned that EVL seems like they’ve given up, but they had done anything but.

EVL had a stranglehold on this game. After the first half, they were up 3-0, poised for an upset and to knock Bv out of the playoffs earlier than anticipated. In that half, Vari put together an incredible 34 frag performance, followed by Uber and Cap$ize putting up 28 and 27 respectively. Bv just didn’t have an answer, outfragged by nearly 40 in that half.

During the break, Bv must have received one hell of a pep talk because they came out with a fire under their ass. The funny thing about it is that no one on Bv had the huge performance that matched EVL’s from the previous half. Issgonrain had the best half, preventing Uber from getting on another hot streak, but outside of this, no one really had the stellar half that EVL had. Of note, there was only a 20 frag differential in this half.

The final round has some unlikely heroes, with Chicobo and Johnny topping the frags column along with June, however it seems as though Bv carried their momentum through to finish off the half they had just won.

We bid adieu to EVL, this being their second loss, and Bv lives to fight another day this Thursday against #mcm.

Power Rankings

No change in Power rankings, besides the fact that kW and EVL are now eliminated from playoffs. You likely won’t see any changes for the remainder of playoffs.

  1. dK
  2. .knd
  3. bote
  4. #mcm
  5. DeLisi
  6. Bv

Playoffs: Week 2.5 Preview

Only two matchups for now from the Lower Bracket. I’ll make an addendum to the article with .knd vs dK and the winners of the Lower Bracket games after Thursday.


(Home team vs Visiting Team)

The Knotty Buoys vs The DeLisi Experience

Predicted Outcome: 4-0 bote

Regardless of who shows up to play for DeLisi, bote should walk away victorious. I’d like to believe that DeLisi could scratch up a round if the stars align, but with their team back in order and wildly more consistent that DeLisi, it shouldn’t be much other than a distant hope.

Phone had a great game against Kid Warrior last week, but I just don’t see that happening with the flank that bote boasts. fuzion will be notably absent, but Vari is filling in and should do so confidently with the totals he put up against Bv a few days prior. I also expect Rightjustify and Vipa to do big things with DeLisi struggling for space on an already small map.

I’ve confirmed that Percy will be playing Sniper for DeLisi on Thursday and he will do so against Saam. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Saam snipe at a high level, but he should be able to settle back into the role nicely, so Percy may experience some trouble here.

I should also mention that Brick will not be present and Carcin will be playing again, but this shouldn’t hurt them DM-wise, but may change the way that Rogue plays with his Heavy. There will be opportunity for DeLisi to win fights and maybe overtake bote for at least a round, but they’ll have to be playing their A-game to capitalize and keep it competitive.

Man Crush Monday  vs Chill Penguins

Predicted Outcome: 4-2 #mcm

Now, I’m a little shocked at the fact that I think Bv can take a couple rounds, but I believe that this game has the potential to only be a roll or dead even. #mcm has been a solid team throughout the season, but they’ve seemed to struggle when you least expect it. On any given day, #mcm should take the game with superior DM and coordination, but they still have that shakiness looming over them.

Bv has not been all they were hyped up to be. They finished 3-5 on the season and were nearly 4-0’d by a lesser team, had it not been for some heroics. Maybe that was their wakeup call. Maybe they realized a different way that they should be playing the map. All that we know is that they’ll need to rely on Monkey, Paals, and SGC (assuming he’s back on Sniper) to provide a lift to the team to even sniff victory.

The breakdown of the teams gives #mcm the edge for me. blinx and bunny create a superior flank, which you can throw Shea and American into, and watterson and evil should outdo SGC and Kris18 as well. The wildcard will be the combo for either side. Rue has been a solid heavy for #mcm and Ezrik’s DM speaks for itself, but Gamma knows what she’s doing behind that Medi Gun and sets up both m66 and Paals for success each game.

I’d like this to be a close game, both for the viewing aspect and for Bv’s sanity, but it relies heavily on near-masterful play by their entire team and an #mcm team that is not willing to fight back.


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