UGC Gold Season 20 – Week 5 Matchups and Power Rankings

October 24th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 20

Week 5 Matchups and Power Rankings

by whymeo

Last week the most anticipated match of the season took place between The Jammers and Door, and it surprisingly ended in a 4-0 win for The Jammers. However, there are still a lot of important matches that have yet to take place. The third and fourth playoff seeds are still far from being claimed and with Nine Angry Men recently adding some plat talent to their roster, the group fighting to get those spots just grew! Which teams will be able to make playoffs in the end? Well, considering how accurate my predictions have been so far this season, I can’t help you with that one. I can, however, offer some well formated Power Rankings:


Week 5 Power Rankings

1. The Slammin’ Jammers (JAM) [+1]

[JJslim/mirrorman/Arzt Hispanian/source/Grandislayer/hyphen/turkeylips/andrew/dev]

Last match logs:

With a win over Door, The Slammin’ Jammers look to have proven themselves the best in the division. Andrew (sniper, JAM) and dev (spy, JAM) absolutely tore through Door last week, leading to a 4-0 victory for The Jammers. JJslim (scout, JAM) was also able to go more or less even with syath, but syath was undoubtedly hindered by the fact that his team was losing fairly heavily.
The Jammers certainly seem to not only have the best pick classes in Gold, but are also the most well coordinated team in the division. They’re looking like the best team right now, but the season is far from over. Door will be doing the best they can to prepare for playoffs, as well as the other playoff hopefuls.


2. Dedoris (DOOR) [-1]


Last match logs:

Door was obviously not very happy to lose in such a one-sided fashion against The Slammin’ Jammers. The team leader and medic of Door, Alto, initially attempted to replace some of his roster with even stronger players, such as barycenter on sniper and eerie on heavy. However, the UGC admins shot this down and Door will be continuing the season with more or less the same roster. Spec deck has been replaced with jaay on soldier and Door is still looking for a new heavy as caboose has had to quit due to internet issues, but besides that the roster will likely be the same.

Can what is more or less a roster of the same skill level still contest The Jammers after their last match? One map is only one map, but things still look tough for Door. They’ll need to prepare as best they can if they want to beat The Jammers come playoffs.


3. Shooting Blanks (sb!) [-]

[sandblast/Gabe/ŁΛMBDλ/megaboy/Chris/IcedKappa/uber/Fallen Lord/Rimbus Reynolds]

Last match logs:

Shooting Blanks had an easy win over Nine Angry Men last week, and so retain their spot as number three. The only real notable takeaway from the match is that sandblast might have been a good pickup on scout, but doing well when you’re rolling through a team is a lot easier than doing well in a close match. We’ll see how well he’s able to do at highlander scout when things start to get a bit harder.


4. The Wittmen (rk!) [-]

[dotsy/hiway/dusk/Ash/randy/rosario/cider/water cat/proto]

Last match logs:

The Wittmen won 4-1 against The New Generation Crew last week. Interestingly, the frag count was actually pretty close for a 4-1, but that’s not particularly surprising. As I noted last week, neither team has any star player with insane dm (and just relatively low dm capability overall), but The Wittmen are a more coordinated team with individually better plays. So, The Wittmen’s victory was likely won simply by playing smarter and more coordinated, not by out dm’ing ngc.
One thing that was a bit concerning from their last match was Water Cat’s (sniper, rk!) performance. With the exception of The Wittmen’s medic he bottom fragged for the entire team, which is never a good sign on sniper. Water Cat will need to play better in future games, or their tenuous position as #4 will be lost — and the way into playoffs lost too as a result.


5. Ayylmao (˙͜>˙) [-]

[LAB8/Juno/Ein/Lucky/pazer/Yui/Happy Bob/Rockmonkey/shido]

Last match logs:

Ayylmao was able to win their match against galaxy swim team last week, however the end result was worrying for two reasons. One, a 4-2 win was rather close considering galaxy swim team’s record so far this season. Two, there was a large discrepancy in the frag count for the players of Ayylmao. Yes, it was great that LAB8 (scout, Ayylmao), rockmonkey (sniper, Ayylmao) and shido (spy, Ayylmao) were able to get a lot of kills for their team. However, with the exception of Lucky (demo, Ayylmao), the rest of the team was far behind. Considering the 4-2 scoreline, this indicates that half of Ayylmao had to carry the other half somewhat. If this trend continues Ayylmao is not going to have any hope of making playoffs, as while some of your team carrying the rest of your team against a team of off-classing 6’s players is all well and good, carrying half your team against a top-Gold team is near impossible.


6. Suicide Watch (sw) [-]

[bigtoes/Unicorn Wizard/pooping/vurt/Box of Cheese/Iso/affliction/voxdei/88 fingers edward]

Last match logs:

Suicide Watch had a laid back game against Tune Squad last week where both teams did a lot of mid-game class swapping. It appears that both teams were both just playing for fun, as Tune Squad was well aware they had no chance of winning. The game did give voxdei an opportunity to get warmed back on sniper for future matches, which he no doubt appreciated. We’ll see soon enough if Suicide Watch is able to come back from their early losses and make a renewed push for playoffs.


7. Nine Angry Men (9am) [+5]

[Career/spaghetti/Hunter/rightjustify??/eerie??/Bacon Stripper/Tasmaunk/Willmatic/Lunean]

Last match logs:

Nine Angry Men at 7th place? Well, turns out 9am was looking for some new demo and heavy talent and both a top plat heavy and top plat demo had just lost their team. Will rightjustify and eerie be enough to make Nine Angry Men contenders for playoffs? It’s much too early to say. I am confident that this will prove to be a huge boost for the team overall however. It will be interesting to see if the addition of Rightjustify and eerie will be enough for them to beat the other teams vying for playoffs like Suicide Watch, Ayylmao and The Wittmen.


8. galaxy swim team (gst) [-1]


Last match logs:

Figuring out these guy’s roster each week continues to be a pain. Without even a stable roster, galaxy swim team continues to fall down the rankings. If they were able to field their best players each week they’d have a good shot at winning some matches, but as things stand rowpieces seems to be grabbing whatever eight players he can each week that feel like losing a match of highlander. Don’t get me wrong though, there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m glad those who still enjoy tf2 are helping to keep the highlander scene alive. It’s just a bit annoying that if all the best players that were convinced to play for gst at one point just agreed to show up each week this would be actually a rather respectable highlander team, and yet they don’t seem interested in doing so.


9. (DOES IT) []


Last match logs: and

DOES IT continues to rely on the superior of dm of wish (scout, DOES IT) to tear through low-Gold teams. However, their record against better Gold teams so far this season shows that wish simply can’t do everything. DOES IT is pretty much the same situation as galaxy swim team, where they’re a team who is just playing for fun and so they continue to move towards the bottom of Gold as other teams improve.


10. The New Generation Crew (ngc) [-2]

[Duke/m0nsta/gingi/Hedgehog Hero/DZCreeper/PapiYisus/Snake/Markers/iXton]

Last match logs:

Unable to contest The Wittmen that strongly, and with Nine Angry Men getting some great new pickups, ngc continues to fall. Duke (scout, ngc) has repeatedly performed well for ngc this season, but it simply hasn’t been enough. Ngc simply lacks the dm to compete against top level Gold teams.


11. Disingenuous Assertions (DAT) [-1]


Last match logs: and

Much like ngc, DAT also lacks the dm to compete against most of Gold. Wxy (demo, DAT) and podgy (sniper, DAT) have so far proven to hold up in Gold, but overall the team simply is outgunned. 


12. Tune Squad (TS) [-1]

[Sleeping/Davidb/sous chef/Niko Jims/dobb/??/KS/sinned/sharpshot]

Last match logs:

Tune Squad continues to off-class, swap classes around mid-match and just generally not care that much. I’m glad that they were willing to stay in Gold and are making the most of the situation by trying to have some fun with it.


13. Harambe’s Heroes (HH) [-]

[D3STRUCTION DELICIOUS/Rokkitfrog/Swifty/Boo/Butt3r/Missa/Toady/anjirocool/phorofor]

Last match logs: N/A

Harambe’s Heroes are now at risk of getting kicked from the league due to refusal to accept a bye week win, which is probably the first time this has ever happened in UGC. Who will give in first, Harambe’s Heroes or UGC Gold admin chicobro? Tune in next time.

Week 5 Matches

The Wittmen vs. The Slammin’ Jammers

My prediction: 2-0 JAM

I hate to be a bit of a downer here, but if Door couldn’t do it with the dm of syath and zoey then The Wittmen simply don’t have a lot of chance against The Jammers. True, cp_steel is not only the map of upsets but also a map where dm matters a bit less than other maps, but The Jammers are simply way ahead of The Wittmen dm-wise. The Wittmen are a smart team, so I think they will have a good grasp on how to play steel which will keep things relatively close. In the end however, The Jammers could probably play the map totally wrong and still brute force their way to a win with individual dm skill.


Shooting blanks vs. Dedoris

My prediction: 2-1  Door

Well, I said last week that Door vs. The Jammers would be the closest top-Gold match of the season and that turned out to be a total flop of a prediction. Maybe I’ll be right this time in saying that this will be the exciting top-Gold match of the season?

It does seem that roster wise these two teams should prove to be pretty close. Syath (scout, Door) will give Door the edge flank wise, but megaboy (demo, sb) will prove to grant perhaps an even bigger advantage to Shooting Blank’s combo over Door. Finally, pick class wise zoey (sniper, Door) and zagron (spy, Door) have an edge over fallen lord (sniper, sb!) and Rimbus Reynolds (spy, sb!). So really, this is largely coming down to if megaboy has a great performance or not. If megaboy does, he will likely completely plow through the rather weak Door combo, especially considering Door will be picking a new heavy last minute for this match. This could perhaps lead to a win for Shooting Blanks, but I think that is an unlikely scenario. More likely is that megaboy does outperform trapster (demo, Door), but with both the flank and pick classes of Door outplaying their counterparts on Shooting Blanks it won’t be enough to win more than a half.

A factor that would be more likely to cause a win for Shooting Blanks would be if gabe (soldier, sb!) and sandblast (scout, sb!) were able to outplay syath and jaaay (soldier, Door) on the flank. However, outplaying syath is no easy task and I personally don’t expect Shooting Blank’s flank to be able to do it.


DOES IT vs. Ayylmao

My prediction: 2-0 Ayylmao

I’d normally predict for Ayylmao in this case anyway, but add on the fact that this is cp_steel week and DOES IT isn’t scrimming and Ayylmao would have to really beef this one not to win. Superior practice and team coordination should bring home a win for Ayylmao, even if wish (scout, DOES IT) completely walks all over Ayylmao.


The New Generation Crew vs. Nine Angry Men

My prediction: 2-0 9am

The New Generation Crew have caught a tough break this week, being the first team to have play the new iteration of 9am. With eerie (heavy, 9am) and rightjustify (demo, 9am) now on 9am, they’re looking a lot more stronger than before. With cp_steel being an especially combo oriented map, the rest of 9am would probably have to turn off their monitors to lose this one. They should be able to sit back and relax as rj and eerie carry them to victory.


Disingenuous Assertions vs. Suicide Watch

My prediction: 2-1 sw

Normally I’d predict Suicide Watch to beat DAT without dropping a round, but vurt (demo, sw) has been struggling this season and cp_steel is a combo oriented map. Considering the fact that wxy (demo, DAT) is an extremely strong demoman, I think DAT will be able to keep this one a lot closer than you might expect. Suicide Watch should be able to take this either way however, as overall their roster is just too strong for DAT to take a win here. However, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them drop a half.


Tune Squad vs. galaxy swim team

My prediction: 2-0 gst

Neither of these teams care a whole lot, so it’s pretty safe to say this will just come down to which team has better dm, and gst has a lot better dm than Tune Squad. Gst should easily take this.


Harambe’s Heroes vs. chicobo



One thought on “UGC Gold Season 20 – Week 5 Matchups and Power Rankings

  1. gst roster

    scout rowpieces
    soldier trippa
    pyro reero
    demo safrix
    heavy teapot
    engineer jimmyhat
    medic tiptoes
    sniper phlps
    spy pomf


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