UGC Gold Season 20 – Week 7 Matchups and Power Rankings

November 6th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 20

Week 7 Matchups and Power Rankings

by whymeo

There’s only two weeks left until playoffs and what teams will be making it past the regular season still remains uncertain. The door has already closed on the possibility of playoffs for some teams however, and the matches this week will decide the fate of even more. With no one being particularly familiar with the map this week, pl_millstone, some upsets might happen as a result, which in turn could affect who makes playoffs and who doesn’t. These last two weeks of matches will be the most important yet. First though, let’s take a look at how the teams are looking:


Week 7 Power Rankings

1. The Slammin’ Jammers (JAM) [–]

[JJslim/mirrorman/Arzt Hispanian/source/Grandislayer/hyphen/turkeylips/andrew/Scruff McGruff]

Last match logs: and

The Jammers’ match against Ayylmao last week was a bit closer than I would have expected, but in the end The Jammer’s still won it 2-0. JJslim (scout, JAM) has continued to look like an especially strong pickup for The Jammers, and he will certainly make things harder for The Jammers’ opponents in playoffs. Speaking of which, with their win over Ayylmao The Jammer’s are the first team confirmed for playoffs, as even if they lost their next two matches they would still be in the top four. Not like this is particularly surprising to anyone, but there you have it. The Jammers will be in playoffs.


2. Dedoris (DOOR) [–]

[syath/spec deck?/zuchima/trapster/zuchima/kainoa/alto/zoey/zagron]

Last match logs:

Door had a bit of trouble with 9am last week, but that was largely due to Door off classing for the first half. After losing the first half due to underestimating their opponents, Door got serious and was able to win the next two halves for the match win.

Zoey (sniper, Door) was the biggest factor in Door claiming a victory here, as she top fragged for the server with 61 frags. Syath was notably missing on scout for this match, instead playing demo while triiiple played scout. I’m not sure if this is a permanent change, but it wouldn’t be a particularly bad one. Triiiple is a fine scout, although it is true he can’t quite live up to syath’s scout ability. Still, it wouldn’t hurt Door much.

Roster aside, Door triumphing over the much improved 9am roster cements their place as a top Gold team. As long as they don’t lose their next two matches, they’ll be shoo-ins for playoffs. I suspect Door is already thinking about how to beat The Jammers, unconcerned about the rest of the regular season.


3. The Wittmen (rk!) [+1]

[dotsy/plan/qusk/hiway/randy/gus/cider/water cat/proto]

Last match logs:

Shockingly (at least to me), The Wittmen beat Shooting Blanks 2-0 last week.  Interestingly, the frag count was 188 for Shooting Blanks and 187 for The Wittmen. This seems to show that I was at least right in saying that Shooting Blanks is the stronger roster dm wise, as they were able to keep the frag count even despite losing 2-0.

However, The Wittmen was clearly the stronger team coordination wise as they were able to win despite being slightly outmatched in the individual skill department. Watching the match (Paals and ender had a wonderful cast of the game), it was very clear that The Wittmen just had a much better grasp of how to play as a team than Shooting Blanks did. Their ubers were much better than Shooting Blanks and they didn’t get flustered and make mistakes if they lost a combo member, as sb regularly did.

The Wittmen proved themselves very capable in their match against sb, however they’re not quite out of the woods yet. They still have to play not only Ayylmao, but might also find themselves matched up against Nine Angry Men for their last match of the season. If they can keep playing as calm and collected as they did against sb however, they should be fine.


4. Shooting Blanks (sb!) [-1]

[benn/Gabe/ŁΛMBDλ/ash/Chris/IcedKappa/uber/Fallen Lord/Rimbus Reynolds]

Last match logs:

I’ve already said most of what there is to say about Shooting Blank’s match against The Wittmen. Shooting Blanks simply didn’t seem very coordinated, having a slew of bad uber exchanges and often dropping players when they shouldn’t have been. Perhaps some of this can be chalked up to Shooting Blank’s lack of a committed demo throughout the season. Infact, ash was playing his first match with them this season.

Either way, Shooting Blanks is going to have to work out their team issues fast if they want to make playoffs. They’re getting a forfeit win this week against DOES IT, but they’ll still need to win their last match if they want any hope of slipping into playoffs. It will be close either way.


5. Nine Angry Men (9am) []

[catgroove/vryktion/Hunter/rightjustify/eerie/Bacon Stripper/teddy/Willmatic/Lunean]

Last match logs:

Nine Angry Men weren’t able to keep up with Door in their match last week, despite their vastly improved roster. They found themselves getting quite badly out fragged, with not even rightjustify or eerie able to put up particularly impressive stat lines. Catgroove (scout, 9am) especially did not perform as well as I would have expected, getting handedly out fragged by triiiple (scout, Door).

9am’s path to playoffs is not totally gone after this loss, but they will need to win their next two games if they want a shot at making it. They’re capable, but it won’t be easy.


6. galaxy swim team (gst) [+1]

[rowpieces/trippa/spring rolls/safrix/teapot/Jimmyhat/tiptoes/phlps/pomf]

Last match logs: and

Galaxy swim team easily beat DOES IT last week, unsurprisingly. Gst’s roster is extremely strong now, with a lot of high-level 6’s players. Their ability to make playoffs hinges on whether they can beat The Jammers next week, however.


7. Ayylmao (˙͜>˙) [-1]

[LAB8/Juno/Ein/Lucky/pazer/Yui/Happy Bob/Rockmonkey/shido]

Last match logs: and

Ayylmao lost 2-0 to The Jammers last week, but they were able to keep the match fairly close. LAB8 (scout, Ayylmao), Lucky (Demo, Ayylmao) and rockmonkey (sniper, Ayylmao) performed well in this match, and the rest of the team didn’t seem to hold them back that as much (as they have appeared to in previous matches). Losing to The Jammers is hardly something to be ashamed of, especially if it’s a fairly close match. However, Ayylmao will need to keep their performance up if they want a shot at playoffs.


8. The New Generation Crew (ngc) []

[Duke/m0nsta/gingi/Hedgehog Hero/DZCreeper/PapiYisus/Snake/Markers/iXton]

Last match logs: N/A (Tune Squad forfeited their match against ngc)

The New Generation Crew received a forfeit win from Tune Squad last week and thus remain where they were in the rankings. The season is pretty much over for ngc, and all that there is left to do is try and finish out strong.


9. Disingenuous Assertions (DAT) [-]


Last match logs: N/A (HH forfeited their match against DAT)

DAT also received a forfeit win last week, and remain in 9th place. Like ngc, barring very unusual circumstances they have no path to playoffs and the best they can do is hope to finish out strong.




Last match logs: and

DOES IT wasn’t able to put up much of a fight against the new roster of galaxy swim team, which was expected. DOES IT has already had to forfeit a match this season, and just doesn’t seem that invested in the outcome much at all. Next week they’ll be forfeiting as well, so they only have one match left this season.


11. Tune Squad (TS) [-]

[Sleeping/Davidb/sous chef/Niko Jims/dobb/??/KS/sinned/sharpshot]

Last match logs: (Tune Squad forfeited their match against ngc)

Tune Squad forfeited their match last week and remain where they were in the rankings.


12. Harambe’s Heroes (HH) [-]

[D3STRUCTION DELICIOUS/Rokkitfrog/Swifty/Boo/Butt3r/Missa/Toady/anjirocool/phorofor]

Last match logs: N/A (HH forfeited their match against DAT)

Harambe’s Heroes continues to forfeit their way to a 1-7 record and thus remain at the bottom.

Week 7 Matchups

The Slammin’ Jammers vs. galaxy swim team

My prediction: 2-1 JAM

This match will either be a roll in The Jammer’s favor, or a very close game. Galaxy swim team has to win this match to make playoffs and considering they just added a bunch of high-level 6’s players to their roster I think it’s pretty safe to say they want to make playoffs. No one is questioning their will though, but whether they can beat The Jammers or not is an entirely different question.

Safrix (demo, gst) and tiptoes (medic, gst) + whoever gst manages to find to play heavy should more than be able to keep up with source (demo, JAM),  turkeylips (medic, JAM) and grandislayer (heavy, JAM). It really comes down to if rowpieces (scout, gst) and trippa (soldier, gst) can match JJslim (scout, JAM) and mirrorman (soldier, JAM) as well if vari/phlps (sniper, gst) can keep up with andrew (sniper, JAM). Vari has performed extremely well each time he has played sniper for gst and might just be able to keep andrew in check (although I’m not 100% sure he’ll be on sniper for gst). However, rowpieces and trippa are likely to struggle to outperform JJslim and mirrorman, who have been doing exceedingly well as a flank since JJslim joined The Jammers. Trippa is a respected 6’s soldier and does have the dm to outperform mirrorman, but he will likely be quite lost on pl_millstone. Furthermore, JJslim has looked like the strongest scout in Gold ever since he joined gst and I don’t think rowpieces can quite compete with him.

Still, if rowpieces and trippa are able to at least keep things close on the flank, this could turn out to be an interesting game. This is definitely my MOTW. Galaxy swim team has to do their absolute best here if they want their season to continue on into playoffs.


Dedoris vs. The New Generation Crew

My prediction: 2-0 Door

This match doesn’t have much potential to be close. Yes, Hedgehog hero (demo, ngc) has proven himself to be a very capable demoman. Besides that however, The New Generation Crew is simply outmatched when compared to Door. This should be an easy 2-0 for Door.


Ayylmao vs. The Wittmen

My prediction: 2-0 rk!

This match could be potentially somewhat close, but considering The Wittmen are coming off of 2-0’ing Shooting Blanks I’d say they should be able to take this match in similar fashion. As long as The Wittmen are able to stop Ayylmao’s best players from having free reign over the map, they should be able to take this one without too much fuss. Lucky (demo, Ayylmao) and rockmonkey (sniper, Ayylmao) will likely outperform their counterparts of hiway (demo, rk) and water cat (sniper, rk), but The Wittmen already proved that they’re perfectly capable of winning even when their dm isn’t quite as strong as their opponents. The only factor that might mess them up somewhat is their lack of familiarity with pl_millstone making it hard to play coordinated, but I think they’ll be able to overcome any issues this may present.


Nine Angry Men vs. Disingenuous Assertions

My prediction: 2-0 9am

Another match unlikely to be particularly close this week, Nine Angry Men should find a weakened DAT roster easy pickings. Not only is 9am’s roster a lot stronger than DAT’s however, but 9am needs to win this match to make playoffs while DAT has no way that they can make it to playoffs, so it’s pretty safe to say that 9am cares a lot more about the outcome of this match than DAT does.


Shooting Blanks vs. DOES IT

My prediction: N/A (DOES IT has forfeited the match)

DOES IT has already forfeited this match, due to roster issues.


Harambe’s Heroes vs. Tune Squad

My prediction: 2-0 Tune Squad

Both these teams have been forfeiting a lot of matches lately, so it’s hard to say if either of them will even show up. If they both do, Tune Squad will likely be able to win this game. It’s really hard to say however, seeing as neither of these teams have a stable roster.


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