UGC Gold Season 20 – Week 8 Matchups and Power Rankings

November 13th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 20

Week 8 Matchups and Power Rankings

by whymeo

The regular season is about to draw to a close. With only one match left, after this week’s results we’ll finally know what teams are making playoffs. Well, due to the standings we actually already know three of the four teams that will be making playoffs. Because of their match wins and match points, The Slammin’ Jammers, Dedors and The Wittmen are all confirmed for playoffs. That leaves three teams who have the possibility of getting the 4th playoffs spot: Nine Angry Men, Shooting Blanks and Ayylmao. If Nine Angry Men beat The Wittmen then they are guaranteed to make playoffs. However, if Nine Angry Men lose to The Wittmen then the winner of Shooting Blanks vs. Ayylmao will make playoffs. Before we start talking about the details of matchups however, let’s do one last power ranking:

Week 8 Power Rankings

NOTE: Due to DOES IT’s death, the ranking shift indicator takes into account a team’s shift in relation to other teams, not actual numerical value.


1.The Slammin’ Jammers (JAM) [–]

[JJslim/mirrorman/Arzt Hispanian/source/Grandislayer/hyphen/turkeylips/andrew/Scruff McGruff]

Last match logs:

The Slammin’ Jammers were able to pull out a win against galaxy swim team’s improved roster, despite getting out fragged by them. Whether this was a testament to The Slammin’ Jammers teamplay or simply a reflection of galaxy swim team’s poor coordination due to being a slapped together roster that never scrimmed, it’s hard to say. It hardly matters though, indeed The Slammin’ Jammers were shoe-ins for playoffs whether they lost this one or not. The only notable thing to take away from this match is that JJslim (scout, JAM) has fallen off significantly from his previous performances, which could prove to cause some trouble for The Jammers in playoffs. Mirrorman (soldier, JAM), scruff mcgruff (spy, JAM) and andrew (sniper, JAM) look as strong as ever however, so even if JJslim doesn’t keep up his performance teams will have to work hard to beat The Jammers in playoffs.


2.Dedoris (DOOR) [–]

[triiiple/Unicorn Wizard?/zuchima/syath/zuchima/kainoa/alto/zoey/zagron]

Last match logs:

To no one’s particular surprise, Door made quick work of The New Generation Crew last week. Roster-wise, it appears that Door has decided to move syath to demo while putting triiiple on scout, as well as possibly putting unicorn wizard on soldier. All in all I think these changes probably more or less result in a roster of roughly even skill of their previous, as although syath and unicorn wizard are improvements over spec deck and trapster, triiiple probably won’t be able to put up the same numbers syath was on scout. We’ll soon see how their new roster fares though, as playoffs are right around the corner.


3. The Wittmen (rk!) []

[dotsy/plan/qusk/hiway/randy/gus/cider/water cat/proto]

Last match logs:

Similar to their match against Shooting Blanks, The Wittmen went close to even frag-wise in their match against Ayylmao last week but still won the game in a fairly comfortable 2-0. The Wittmen simply knew how to play as team better than their other playoff hopeful Gold teams, and as a result they’ve joined the ranks of The Jammers and Door as confirmed playoffs teams.

I should also note that hiway (demo, rk!) and water cat (sniper, rk!) outdid my expectations and kept up with lucky (demo, Ayylmao) and rockmonkey (sniper, Ayylmao). If they keep on performing like this, it’s certainly a good sign for playoffs.


4. Nine Angry Men (9am) [+1]

[catgroove/spaghetti/Hunter/rightjustify/eerie/Bacon Stripper/teddy/Willmatic/Lunean]

Last match logs: and
Nine Angry Men beat DAT in a fairly painless 2-0 last week. The frag count still shows a heavy reliance on eerie (heavy, 9am) and rightjustify (demo, 9am) from 9am, with 38.5% of their frags for the match coming from just those two. They already proved incapable to win against Door, which I think was directly related to their heavy reliance on eerie and rightjustify. They have a chance to redeem themselves against The Wittmen, but I think it will probably once again just come down if eerie and rightjustify can carry hard enough.


5. galaxy swim team (gst) [+1]

[rowpieces/trippa/spring rolls/safrix/teapot/Jimmyhat/tiptoes/phlps/pomf]

Last match logs:

I’ve put galaxy swim team at #5, simply to put them as high as I can while still having their placement reflect that they cannot make playoffs. The roster they ended the season with was honestly good enough to get 1st place. They easily out fragged The Jammers in their match last week, despite having almost no practice as a team. Still, rowpieces made the changes to his roster too late, and galaxy swim team is not able to make playoffs due to their loss. I hope he is able to keep some of the roster together for next season however, as they would honestly probably be a pretty capable mid-Plat team for next season’s (likely) combined Gold and Plat.


6. Shooting Blanks (sb!) [-2]

[benn/Gabe/ŁΛMBDλ/ash/Chris/notacleverman/uber/Fallen Lord/Rimbus Reynolds]

Last match logs: N/A (shooting blanks received a forfeit win in their match against DOES IT)

Shooting Blank has had a rough season. They’ve had continued roster issues throughout the season and as a result of their losses, they’re now in the position of hoping Nine Angry Men loses to The Wittmen so they’re able to make playoffs — if they’re even able to beat Ayylmao that is.


7. Ayylmao (˙͜>˙) []

[LAB8/Juno/Ein/Lucky/pazer/Yui/Happy Bob/Rockmonkey/shido]

Last match logs:

Ayylmao lost to The Wittmen 2-0 last week, and the door to playoffs is almost completely shut for them. Not only would they have to beat Shooting Blanks, but 9am would have to lose to The Wittmen as well. Even if they don’t make playoffs however, they had a pretty good run. Things certainly went better for them than I personally expected, with players like LAB8, Lucky and rockmonkey proving quite competent on their classes. This week is probably the end for Ayylmao, but I doubt it’s the end for their players.


8. The New Generation Crew (ngc) [–]

[Duke/m0nsta/gingi/Hedgehog Hero/DZCreeper/PapiYisus/Snake/Markers/iXton]

Last match logs:

The New Generation Crew probably has the most promising talent of any Gold team this season that won’t be making playoffs. Hedgehog Hero has become somewhat of a meme, partially due to his somewhat silly name, but undeniably he only caught people’s attention because of his solid demo play. M0nsta also is a fairly new face to the highlander scene, but has impressed quite consistently on soldier. Finally duke, who has been around the longest, has been a fairly consistent scout for ngc. Whether ngc disbands or stays together, I think a lot of its players will continue to have success in highlander.


9. Disingenuous Assertions (DAT) [-]


Last match logs: and

DAT had a respectable season, especially considering their continued roster issues and the fact that most of their players were playing in Gold for the first time. It’s looking like they’ll finish the season off with a 3-5 record — a bittersweet ending for what will likely be the last season of highlander for some of DAT’S players.


10. Tune Squad (TS) [-]

[Sleeping/sithreis/sous chef/Niko Jims/dobb/??/KS/sinned/sharpshot]

Last match logs: and

Tune Squad played in Gold only because the admins moved them into it. It’s admirable of them that they finished off the season despite not wanting to be in Gold, even if they did have to forfeit some games along the way. In the end, it was just some old-school players having some fun and I’m glad they’re still around the scene, whether they’re taking it very seriously or not.


11. Harambe’s Heroes (HH) [-]

[D3STRUCTION DELICIOUS/Rokkitfrog/Swifty/Boo/Butt3r/Missa/Toady/anjirocool/phorofor]

Last match logs: and

Harambe’s Heroes were just in it for the fun. I’m glad they were willing to play and  help keep Gold’s numbers up. Hopefully their players continue on in the tf2 scene.

Week 8 Matchups

Disingenuous Assertions vs. The Slammin’ Jammers

My prediction: 4-0 JAM

This should prove an easy final match of the regular season for The Jammers. DAT is a fine team, but they simply have little chance of standing up to the powerhouse that The Jammers have been. Look to see a lot of frags from The Jammer’s pick classes of andrew (sniper, JAM) and Scruff McGruff (spy, JAM).


Tune Squad vs. Dedoris

My prediction: 4-0 DOOR

Another match that is unlikely to be close at all. Kind of a disappointing way to end the season, but that’s just the way the matches worked out. Tune Squad just hasn’t been taking this season very seriously, so I highly doubt they even have any potential to take a round off of Door. If they do, I will be very surprised.


The Wittmen vs. Nine Angry Men

My prediction: 4-1 9AM

One of the two very important matches this week, it will determine whether if Nine Angry Men make playoffs or not. I’m going to stubbornly bet against The Wittmen, despite having done that multiple times this season and turned out to be wrong. Still, it’s hard to picture rightjustify (demo, 9am) not being able to carry extremely hard on viaduct. Eerie (heavy, 9am) and catgroove (scout, 9am) will contribute as well. Really, as long as willmatic (sniper, 9am) can keep up with water cat (sniper, rk!) 9am should have this one in the bag easily. Their dm should simply prove way too ahead of The Wittmen on a map like viaduct.


Ayylmao vs. Shooting Blanks

My prediction: 4-3 sb

If my prediction about Nine Angry Men beating The Wittmen proves wrong, then this will be the match to determine the fourth team in playoffs. This should be a really close one, with both teams having solid players on similar spots. Fallen lord (sniper, sb!) is a more than capable sniper, but so is rockmonkey (sniper, Ayylmao). Lucky (demo, Ayylmao) has proven himself to be a very strong demo, but ash (demo, sb!) is quite capable himself. LAB8 (scout, Ayylmao) is a good scout, but then so is benn (scout, sb!). In short, these rosters are quite strong and it’s a hard one to call. I think Shooting Blanks will likely narrowly edge out a victory here, but it could easily go either way.


The New Generation Crew vs. Harambe’s Heroes

My prediction: 4-0 ngc

Per usual, Harambe’s Heroes are unlikely to win this matchup. They just haven’t been trying this season. The New Generation Crew should be able to walk away from this match with a 4-4 record.

Galaxy swim team received a bye win for their last match.

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