UGC Gold Season 20 – Week 2 Playoffs

November 28th, 2016

UGC Gold Highlander Season 20

Week 2 Playoffs: ashville

by whymeo

Time for the second week of playoffs. Both matches last week ended with the results most people expected, with Ayylmao falling to The Slammin’ Jammers and The Wittmen losing to Dedoris. This week we’ll have The Slammin’ Jammers vs. Dedoris in winner’s finals and Ayylmao vs. The Wittmen will take place in the first round of losers bracket. 


The Slammin’ Jammers vs. Dedoris

My prediction: 4-1 JAM

I wish I could paint a picture of an intense, close match here, but I simply don’t think that is what is going to happen. The Slammin’ Jammers have dominated Gold this season and are especially proficient at koth maps. If andrew (sniper, JAM) and JJslim (scout, JAM) outplay their counterparts on Door then The Jammers should have this game in the bag. Indeed, last time andrew and zoey (sniper, DOOR) last met on this map andrew came out on top of the sniper battle. Not only would zoey have to buck this trend for Door to have a shot at winning this match, but triiiple (scout, DOOR) would have to outplay JJslim and other players like Unicorn Wizard (DOOR) would have to at least keep up with their counterparts on The Jammers.

In short, it’s the same story with any match against The Jammers. The flank and pick classes of the enemy team need to outdo The Jammers’ flank and pick classes if they wish to win. The Jammers’ combo could be probably kept up with by all the combos in playoffs if the rest of their team was able to keep up with The Jammers. However, asking your flank and pick classes to keep up with andrew, Scruff McGruff, mirrorman, and JJslim is no easy task. And I simply don’t think Door’s flank and pick classes are going to be able to do it in this match, especially on this map.


The Wittmen vs. Ayylmao

My prediction: 4-2 rk!

This match has a lot more potential to be close than The Jammers and Dedoris. Like that previous match up these two teams have met in a match before, however unlike Door and The Jammers they have not previously faced off on ashville; The Wittmen previously beat Ayylmao 2-0 on pl_millstone. As I have been saying throughout the season, The Wittmen’s strongest strength is their coordination. Thus, I would say that they likely have an advantage on payload maps compared to koth maps.

Despite that, I still think that The Wittmen will walk away with a win here. It may be a lot closer than the last time these two teams faced off, but The Wittmen are simply the better team. The Wittmen now have gert on sniper, who will do a lot to counter rockmonkey (sniper, ayylmao). As long as gert is able to keep up with rockmonkey, that leaves Ayylmao’s biggest dm asset that they might have over The Wittmen being LAB8 (scout, ayylmao), but I think dotsy (scout, rk!) should be able to at least keep up with him. With The Wittmen looking even stronger than they did before, I think they should be able to win this match and secure at least a third place spot this season.

If my prediction turns out to be true (haha how often has that happened this season), I’d like to congratulate Ayylmao on a good season even if they do lose this one. They’ve done quite a lot better than I expected at every turn, going as far as to beat Shooting Blanks in an exciting 4-3 match to make their way to playoffs. Likewise, I had pegged Shooting Blanks as a likely third place team during the pre-season, but The Wittmen proved me wrong quite spectacularly this season. Really, whoever wins or loses this match I think both these teams have had wonderful seasons and I look forward to seeing their players (or maybe even the teams themselves?) in future seasons.


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