Plat Highlander: Week 4 Top 10 and Matchup Discussions

February 7th, 2017

by whymeo

1. Dunning-Kruger Effect
As things stand right now, I don’t feel very confident making a prediction on who is better between dK and mM. I largely am putting dK in first as they’re the safer bet because of their vast Plat experience. DK’s biggest weakness this season continues to look like Josh (scout, dK), who is still occasionally putting up lackluster numbers on scout. However, he has reached a point where he is mostly only underperforming on scout against mM in scrims. If he is able to buck that trend once it comes to a matches against mM then dK will be the favorites to win, as players like bo4r, feint and odb are more than capable of contesting their counterparts on mM.

2. Memento Mori
Memento Mori have by far the strongest pick class combo in plat this season, with barycenter on sniper and Deaft on spy. In addition to their extremely strong pick classes, with syath and etney making up the flank and exile and eerie on the combo, mM really doesn’t have any weak points on their roster. It’s largely a question of whether or not dK’s superior experience will be able to carry them in their games against mM, as right now mM is looking a little bit stronger dm wise.

3. Snail Time
With Snail Time essentially being “new bote”, they seem likely to be doomed to another third place finish. That is if they’re even able to beat The Slammin’ Jammers, of course. I personally expect Snail Time to overcome The Jammers and any other contenders for third this season however. In regards to The Jammers, they have the advantage on every class but sniper and scout and although those are indeed important classes, Snail Time’s large Plat experience should be able to keep them afloat in any future games against The Jammers. We’ll know soon enough anyway, as Snail Time and The Jammers are scheduled to play this upcoming week.

4. The Slammin’ Jammers
The Slammin’ Jammers made what was likely the best pickup of any Plat team this season, putting pellovley on scout. He has proven invaluable for the team, creating a lot of room for the team with his extremely aggressive playstyle (as well as racking up a lot of frags in the process). In addition to pellovley, The Jammers star player continues to be their sniper, andrew, who has quickly earned a name for himself as one of the best snipers in Plat this season. Spu would probably round off the top three for this team, but really everyone on The Jammers is competent and good at their role. I’m expecting a respectable 4th place finish out of these guys, but who knows, they might surprise me.

5. Cat1
Some recent off-classing shenanigans from this team might result in some people underestimating them, but their roster still looks extremely intimidating. Percy ranks among the best snipers and scouts this season and will undoubtedly do a lot of work for her team on either class. I’d also rank Campy and daffodil in the top five in Plat for their class, and sully and cloudshade make a respectable pick class combo (although maybe not quite in the top 5). Overall, I think the biggest threat to this team is their apparent lack of scrims. Still, if they play future matches more seriously I think they may really surprise people.

6. Chill Penguins
American is toxic and is destroying our morale by constant shittalking, please help.

7. Kit Redus and the Deathly Hallows
Mcm seems to have struggled a lot this season already, receiving a 4-0 loss at the hands of The Jammers. On top of that, they’ve either died or been close to dying multiple times, which does not bode well for the team’s morale. They’re still capable of being a top 5 team, but they need to pickup their performance if they’re going to make it there. All the longtime mcm players are certainly more than capable of performing at that level, so let’s see a comeback guys!

8. Door
Door has some good individual talent on their roster, but they still seem a bit shaky as a team. They’re also hurt by two of their best players being their sniper and spy, in a season with a remarkable number of good snipers and spies. Caboose still looks like an extremely strong heavy however, and will be one of the main things keeping Door a top 8 team. Door is probably the team in this top 10 that I least expect to perform differently from how I rank them, either in a bad or good way. Return to previous form from space ghost’s coffee could prove me wrong, but beyond that I see these guys remaining right outside of top-Plat for the remainder of the season.

9. Ayylmao
Ayylmao has a lot of up-and-comers in both highlander and 6’s, like LAB8, rockmonkey and happy bob. I definitely think these guys have the ability to keep improving if they stick together, but this season they’ll probably fall a little short of making playoffs. They do have a very strong roster and have been performing well so far though, so maybe they’ll prove me wrong. On top of that, scheduling means that their first 4 matches are all against non-top 8 teams. If they get lucky and have one more match against a non-top 8 team, they actually have a really good chance of making playoffs. Plat scheduling is silly.

10. Shooting Blanks
Shooting Blanks barely lost to Ayylmao in a 4-3 on viaduct, which likely closes off hope early of getting a top 8 finish. Still, they’re a respectable team with many players that have been climbing the divs for a while now in highlander. They’re certainly a welcome addition to Plat this season that may give some teams with more established players a run for their money.

Some matchups that I didn’t discuss in the top 10:

Swiftinc. vs. Ayylmao
My prediction: 4-2 Ayylmao
This is an important match for both these teams, as either team that wins this one has a decent shot of making playoffs, especially if scheduling silliness ends up helping them. Swiftinc has been performing better than most people would have guessed, largely thanks to kootykat’s impressive sniping. If she is able to outplay zoey, there’s potential for an upset here on a sniper-heavy map like lakeside. Still, Ayylmao’s overall stronger roster is likely to get them the win here.

ngc vs. Door
My prediction: 4-0 Door
Jeez, ngc really can’t catch a break this season, can they? Their schedule hasn’t been particularly kind to them and on top of that players keep leaving their roster. However, there is a possibility that they may be getting some 6’s talent added to their roster. If this happens, the increased dm level of ngc may make a big difference in this match and future matches for the team. That’s if that actually happens, however. If it doesn’t, I expect an easy 4-0 for Door.


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