ESEA-Open Season 25 Week 4 Top 16 Rankings

June 30th, 2017

by whymeo

We’re halfway through the regular season, and we’ve already had a number of exciting matches in ESEA-Open. Sparkle Gang clashed with other former high-IM teams dug1 and mind over mongo and came out on top. Popo and pals also have faced off against dug1 and grabbed a win in a close match, and power surge came within one round of upsetting popo and pals in a 4-3 on viaduct.

There’s certainly already been a lot going in Open this season and we’re just getting to the second half of the regular season. With teams’ records beginning to more closely resemble their skill as the season goes on (although not perfectly, with such a wide-skill gap and large number of teams in Open), we’ll be seeing more and more matches between high-Open teams. There’s certain to be many more good games before playoffs and perhaps an upset or two. Until then, however, here’s my mid-season top 16 rankings:

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ESEA-Open Season 25 Pre-Season Top 16 Rankings

Well it finally happened. As you’ve probably already heard, the ESEA-Intermediate division for Team Fortress 2 is dead. As a result, the Open and IM divisions have been merged into one Open division, with most IM teams moving to Open (as well as two moving up to invite to save that division and a few dying as a result of the merge). This will make Open have a much wider skill gap than it previously did, and as a result likely make it harder for newer teams to grow and improve, and eventually become future top teams.

It’s not entirely bad news though. The result of the combined Open and IM makes for a division with quite a few skilled teams. There’s also an increased potential for upsets, making the season all the more exciting. It should be a fun season to follow for everyone involved, I’m sure. Anyway, let’s get onto the top 16 rankings:


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