UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Grand Finals Preview

Lower Bracket Finals Review

It was a pretty awesome match between The Kids and Bv (for the most part) last Monday, but the more exciting thing is that it means we are only a day away from our S20 Grand Finals.

There was an error in the last article in regards to the third map pick between the two teams, which was Swiftwater rather than Upward. It turns out the map wasn’t necessary anyway so no harm done, right?

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UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Playoffs Week 3 Preview and Week 2 Review

Playoffs Week 2


Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Even you filthy Canadians and the one back in October. Get real.

Another week down and our first team bows out of playoffs. With two more weeks remaining we’ll find out who will be crowned champion of Season 20. We’ll only have one match to look forward to on Monday (which means that no matches get skipped when casting) and then the first of potentially two BO3s for Grand Finals, starting on December 5th.

Let’s talk about last week.

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UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Playoffs Week 2 Preview and Week 1 Review

Playoffs Week 2

So we’ve reached Week 2 of 4 in the UGC Plat Playoffs. For all other divisions, they’ll be welcoming in Week 1, set to find their way into placement medals or disappointment. For Platinum, 4 teams still remain, but 2 are in the hot seat with an elimination match coming up on Monday.

It’s important to note that this coming Thursday will not host the Lower Bracket Finals due to Thanksgiving, instead it will take place the following morning between two of the remaining 3 teams.

Let’s talk about last week.

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UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Playoff Preview

Playoffs Preview

Rather than bothering to remind you that both Fast Forward and #mcm got trounced last week or writing up Power Rankings, like they haven’t been the same for weeks, I’d rather spend some more time talking about our playoff picture.

That’s right, the rest of the league may not be done, but to accommodate the round robin, there were only 7 weeks for Platinum, so the division skips out on Product despite being forced to play Millstone last week. I recently learned from the top tier source for all UGC information that this means Product cannot be played during playoffs. This is quite upsetting because despite being overplayed on TF2C, it’s actually one of the most dynamic and exciting maps in TF2, mainly because it’s ability to be engaging and fun in any game mode, which I’ve stated a dozen times before.

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UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Week 4 Review and Week 5 Preview

Week 4 Review

Ashville ended up playing out much like every week this season. Three 4-0s and a 4-1. As the weeks go along in the season, we’re still holding out for those “special games” wherein we might actually see two competitive teams play, I don’t know, competitively? The season also takes an unfortunate turn at the ends of this week, but I’ll get into that later.

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UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview

Week 2 Review

It wasn’t a pretty week for UGC’s top divisions. All but 3 matches in Platinum and Gold ended 4-0, one of which was in Plat.

It seemed like it could be a pretty fun week looking at the schedule, with matches between the #1-#3 teams and #2-#4 (in terms of Power Rankings) but, clearly the skill disparity is a bit too large between each of these teams.

Lakeside proved to be unforgiving for the teams at a disadvantage, and will definitely hurt their pride.

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UGC Platinum HL Season 20 Power Rankings and Week 1 Matchups

Welcome to Season 20. I’ll be your host, VoxDei.

I had a lot of questions regarding when this article would be released. Well, now that there are 8 teams in Plat, it seems that now is the time. (Not to mention the team death and move up that happened literal minutes before the publish button was hit)

For the uninitiated, let’s do a quick wrap-up of last season and the off-season happenings.

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