Week 7: Tough To Process

After a weeklong Granary induced hiatus, I return. You know, despite no one mentioning or caring about its absence. A week of mid-terms and papers made it extremely easy to justify this break while I plotted such wonderful things for the power rankings. Things which may or may not exist, depending on who you ask. Last week on Metalworks we only saw one match that had a surprising finish, where Chubby Ducks managed to conquer Snailed It. Metalworks is one of the most reviled maps in the rotation, which is unfair because Granary should have that illustrious award. The hierarchy of IM has been set in stone with the past week with the victory of Dog1 over El Classico pretty much guaranteeing that Dog1 would end this season 16-0.

The eighth seed is the most up in the air spot, Welcome To Base World made an attempt to surge their way up to 8th but now see a giant barrier in front of them. Their last three games are against El Classico, Dog1, and Flipper Skippers. I do not foresee them coming out of this extended week with any wins and it may ruin their chances to make the playoffs, despite having 9 wins already. Sparkle Gang has a chance to play a similar role to the one that they played last season where they can ruin another team’s playoff chances, but have slim to no chance to actually make the playoffs themselves. If they can slip up Don’t Slip, then Don’t Slip may not make the playoffs because they will not beat Young Hunters Social Club

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Week 6: Another One. Another One.

Week 6

We have finally been freed from the Blandlands, a week that didn’t necessarily bring any surprises to the table. For the most part, the higher seeded teams took care of business and put down any detractors and contenders. Dog1 is proving to have a dominance that has not effectively been seen since Getawhale Fanclub (now EVL with a few key additions) and are doing it with a roster that is arguably much worse than that team. Meanwhile Netflix n’ Chill showed an astonishing amount of strength with their slightly adjusted roster, but suffer from similar weaknesses to Dog1.
Now we move from one map which I hate with an unnecessary fervor to another one in Granary, aka the demoman deathtrap. It is a mid point that is about sixty-five percent blind-spots and height. There are a few interesting match-ups as the Young Hunters will have to continue their kumite through the top teams in IM. The marque match-up of this week actually comes in the form of Snailed It vs. Netflix n’ Chill on granary. This game should be one of the best of the season.

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Week 5: A Trek to the Worst Lands

Week 5

So the sun sets on week 4 and we move on to the most brown map in a Valve game since dust2. In a week I considered nicknaming “Change Places” due to the sheer quantity of roster changes. We have a corporate takeover of flipper skippers, numerous players moving to greener pastures, and a few put out to pasture. These sudden, drastic roster changes have made this week far more exciting then it could have been and so Badlands week may be a strong one for spectators. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the map, but I’m in the minority (again) so I’ll stay away from railing against it.

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Week 4: My “Excuse” Week

Week 4: The sun rises on a new week

We take off our hats and press X to pay respects to two entities; first we must mourn the loss of Salty Spitoon to roster hijack rules, and we must again mourn Trippa’s sanity as he has lost to Mustardoverlord again. Some say that still now, from countries away you can hear him proclaim, “I didn’t lose, I played great what are you talking about”. He thought he escaped the stages of grief, but he is spinning his wheels in denial. The other major game played this past week was Snailed It vs. Dog1 where Dog1 managed to inch out the victory with the smallest of margins.

Coming up this week is Sunshine, one of the most “polarizing” maps in the rotation. There seem to be few people who feel indifferent to the map, the majority fall under a camp of blind hate to a map that is honestly one of the better in the rotation. This and probably next week’s writeup will be the most disappointing of the season (despite me saying that last week). I am going to try out something different and make individual articles for important games that happen in the next week and this past week. Give me about two weeks to figure out how I want that to function (and to finish mid-terms and 4 papers). Let’s a go.

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Week 3: The “Shrug” Week

Viaduct passed almost entirely without incident, an entirely pedestrian event. A Very Merry Toothmas brought another top team to the very brink before losing it in the end; very much resembling the classic Yomie curse of only losing to highly ranked team in the final moments of games but giving said teams a heart attack in the process.

Speaking of process, that is not the map coming up next. Next up to bat is actually that map with the vaguely impenetrable last and one of the strangest area names of the entire map pool in nipple, Gullywash. After a week lacking close matchups, Gullywash looks to make it up to use by jamming it full of great matchups. Many of the teams that will appear on this power rankings will end up playing each other or even Ziggurat who are just outside sitting at rank 8.5. Without further ado, lets begin this power rankings which will look remarkably similar to last week.

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ESEA IM 6s- Week 2: Overreaction Week

The first week of ESEA IM has passed and the usual client issues caused a few reschedules, along with the config changes to allow explosive movement before the round stars. Last week’s games went in fairly unexpected directions at the end, but almost all of the games were very good and close. Because of the way turned out, I had to make the strangest batch of changes possible in order to fit teams around. It will iron itself out later in the season and should make more sense as the teams on this list player each other, but for now I’ve made dramatic changes. For the sake of qualifying it, let’s call this week the over-reaction week.

Next up to bat is everyone’s favorite CP interlude, koth_viaduct_pro. There are a few centerpiece matches this week as Dog1 continues to play contenders for the IM throne. I expect this season’s viaduct to be the least coordinated in a few seasons because of how early it falls in the rotation this time around, most teams have not had the time to iron out their synergy and tactics. This week may devolve in disconnected fights where DM wins the day.

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ESEA-O 6’s – S21 Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

January 27th, 2016

ESEA-O 6v6 S21

Week 1 Top 16 Rankings

by whymeo

The season is finally upon us and open looks as uncertain ever, with one exception – sandbagging teams are going to going to take it all. I’ve compiled a list of my personal top 16 teams from open and sorted them into four separate tiers. Interestingly, this season of open features a lot of highlander players on top teams, some teams on this list such as im sorry, the decent dudes and big dirty squad feature 3 or more hl players on their roster! A lot of these highlander players joined open after the call for more players in open was put out by KevinIsPwn, so we should all be thankful to them for answering the call to keep competitive tf2 alive. It’s really encouraging to see highlander players becoming interested in playing 6’s at a more competitive level. Expect to see a lot of upset longstanding open players, as they lose to teams full of some of highlanders best playing ESEA 6’s for the first time.

Whether the highlander teams live up to my expectations or not though, this should be an interesting season of open with plenty of talent new and old. Hopefully you find this list helpful when figuring out which teams to keep an eye on this season of open. Now, onto the rankings:

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ESEA IM 6s- S21 Week 1


Now that the move-up teams have been officially announced, it opens up the opportunity to create this season’s preliminary power ranking. The fact that Bird Noises have been pushed up to invite lends a level of parity that should make the IM playoffs that much more exciting. Even if Titanium White and The Bugs were also in IM, I did not envision either team really giving Bird Noises a run for their money. The biggest weak points of Bird Noises would have been mostly buttressed by the addition of several time invite medic Indust, as long as his hidden team murdering ability didn’t take hold.

Unfortunately I am not actually playing 6s this season and so I won’t have the benefit of actually playing the teams themselves to get a strong idea of how they function, but I’ll have more time to watch demos instead so hopefully it will all balance out. In this upcoming season, based off the rosters I can find it seems as if there is a massive drop-up in the strength of the teams past the top 4. Even among the top four, the top 2 could be considered a step ahead of the competition in IM assuming the players play up to their ability and find some team cohesion. Because there seems to be such a clog at the bottom of IM that I will need to see in matches I have elected to make this into a top 8. Without further ado let’s make some long-form inflammatory, scarcely researched comments that will sustain Morton’s next quarter.

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Power Ranking Week 8: Viaduct

Hello and welcome to what will inevitably by worst written and most rushed power rankings for the entire season, I’ve got little time and a lot of work to do so this will be extremely short. I’ll try to make up for it with detailed analysis of the playoff matchups.

The brownest map since Dust2 has finished and was relatively benign in terms of marquee matchups. Most of the teams simply took care of thier business and are getting ready to move on to the next week. Viaduct week is absolutely stacked this week in what I’m going to just call revenge week for the sake of catchy names. Sadly this week would have been the one I would like to make the most amount of ridiculous pre-week predictions butttttt I’m not. Sorry. Maybe.

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Power Rankings Week 7: Badlands


Welcome to the Badlands, where the Oregon trail and untold riches await. But also an exceedingly brown map that is almost as synonymous with competitive 6s as pain is with Highlander. Because of ESEA delays, almost all of the games important to the power rankings on Gullywash were forced into Metalworks week. Then this was followed up my Metalworks gifting the select chosen teams to only play one game on what is almost the most disliked map in the rotation. Finally the factor which lead me to delay power rankings into this point is the fact that a couple of the Metalworks games were pushed into this week. So clearly, I am entirely blameless for the delay in the power rankings and made my decision through logic and doing what is best for the community. Praise me.

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